Person:Roger North (6)

Roger North
b.est. 1745 prob. Ireland
d.17 October 1776 prob. Virginia
m. 23 August 1735
  1. Roger Northest 1745 - 1776
m. 1767
  1. Philip North1767 -
Facts and Events
Name Roger North
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1745 prob. Ireland
Marriage 1767 Irelandto Catherine Davis
Death? 17 October 1776 prob. Virginia

Roger North was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of Roger North

  • Vol. 1 - JANUARY 20, 1777. - (147) Admn. of estate of Roger North committed to his widow, Catherine North.
  • Page 334.--29th August, 1777. List of those indebted to the estate of Roger North--Molly Mathews, Michael Diveyer, John Pans, Taylor, Edward Brayton, Mary Dillon, Wm. Collen, Carolina; Rev. Adam Smith, Margaret Mountfield, Hannah Sires, Robt. Jameson, Prince Edward; Andrew Cowen, Holstein; John Adkins, going to Carolina; William Loveley, Sally McGraw, servant to Dr. Watkins; James Bowyer (Taylor), John Anderson, Long Glead, Holstein; Joseph Love, Montgomery; Geo. Berry (son to Francis), James Anderson, son of John, M. River; John Henderson, son to David, So. River, dead; John Brown, son to Widow, N. Mtn.; David Steel (tailor), Wm. Jordan, So. River; Wm. Scott (taylor), John Welsh (tailor), Amos Perkins (blacksmith), Michael McEntosh, James Cooper, Forks of James; Mary Blackwood, married to McCrosky; _____ Crawford, brother to Patrick; Wm. Russell, Buchanan's Mill; Charles Philips, Adam Cribb, Eleanor Craig, M. River; Eleanor Dunn at Elijah McClenachans, Robert Patterson, No. Mountain; Nelly Keenan, James Berry, son to Francis, Holst.; John Woods, M. River; Andrew Anderson, son to John; Andrew Jenkins; Major Scott (dead), Mark Hatton, Andrew Campbell, son to John, So. River; Andrew Wilson, reedmaker; James Anderson, M. River; James Kelly (mason), John Cypher, James Brown (dead), John Votaw, Wm. McNab, No. Mountain; Joseph Right, M. River; James Armstrong, Holstein; Wm. Long, Warm Springs; Jean Rush, Evan Griffith, son of Abel, M. River; James Bott, Alex. Reed, Rockfish; Miss Betsey Hughes, Greenbrier; Henry Black, Dutchman; Hugh Divier. No. River; John Smith, son of Daniel, dead; Gasper Carner, Black's Gap; Daniel Meek, Calfpasture; Mary Cawfield, Jacob Kile, No. Mountain; Wm. Rogers. B. M.; John Campbell, No. River; James Edmonson, taylor; Chas. Syms, attorney at law; Nath. Bell Magruder, James Long, Mid. River; Richard Aldeman, Jno. Ehrhard, laberer; James McManis, Amherst; Jno. Todd, attorney at law; Thos. Bird, labourer; Abraham Savage, Thos. Jones, at the Office; Jacob Meckghew, Pr. Edward; Jno. Heany, Miss Jenny Lewis, Thomas' daughter, Jno. Hughson, Mason.
  • Page 342.--29th August, 1777. Persons to whom Roger North's estate is indebted--Joseph Kinkead, Holstein; John Young, N. M., son to Hugh; Wm. Hutchison, son to George, Greenbrier.
  • Page 344.--Above estate settled by Catherine North, administratrix 1776, November 7, paid James Clarke for freedom dues; 1777, May 29, paid Alex. Brownlee, 11 months' storekeeping; August 28, paid Mr. Curry for teaching (schooling) Phill.; September 30, paid Michael Bowyer for do; 1777, by cash from Capt. Hays for soldiers; September 2, by cash from Wm. Rush, son to John; by cash from Jno. Jonett.
  • Page 319.--2d September, 1779. Catherine Park certifies the following list to contain all personal estate of Roger North, except debts due on bonds, bills, notes, &c: Sold 18th November, 1777, to, viz: Capt. Smith, Daniel Miller, David Keal, Mary Hayard, John Barkly, Robert Aistrop, Miss Hanley, Mary Coffee, Mary Rackham, John Jasper, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. North.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1779. - Edward Parks and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine North, administratrix of Roger North, deceased, vs. James Campbell.--Writ, 22d Nov., 1779.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1783. (85) Philip North, orphan of Roger North, chose Sampson Mathews his guardian.
  • Page 537.--20th September, 1786. Roger North's estate settled--1783, cash paid Burns for repairing 2 swords broke by Philip North in Staunton; 1783, cash paid for 1 book (Cicero); 1783, cash paid Dr. Tindall for cleaning his teeth and powder; 1784, cash paid for 2 books--Horace and Cicero; 1786, cash paid for a lawn apron to Miss Timberlake; 1786, cash paid Blair and Timberlake for board and tuition; 1785, cash paid for an Algebra; 1785, cash paid Stephen May for teaching Philip to dance; 1785, cash paid Mr. Wilson for tuition; 1786, cash paid A. M. Onesney for teaching P. N., French. Above is guardian's settlement of accounts of Philip North.
  • Page 541.--Dr. the estate of Roger North in account with Sampson Mathews, husband of the administratrix of the deceased--1782, paid Mr. McClure for schooling; 1782, by cash received of Nelly Fleming.

Records of Roger North in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 343.--20th March, 1776. James Armstrong and Mary to Michael Comber. Teste: Roger North, Valentine Hamm, Thomas Rhoads.
  • Page 432.--22d May, 1782. Enos Atwater and Annahellena to Moses Early, William Crawford, John Beach, one-half acre in Staunton whereon Enos now lives, formerly occupied by Wm. Gilham and Thomas Smith, fronting the house and lot of the late Rodger North, deceased, conveyed to Enos by Gilham.
  • Page 209.--23d April, 1785. Moses Easley, Crawford Black & Co., by Wm. Crawford, to Henry Miller, mortgage, lot whereon Peter Heiskell now lives, formerly occupied by Enos Atwater, by William Gilham and Thomas Smith, fronting the house of the late Roger North, deceased, and also 80 acres, as described in deed, Gibson to Atwater. Teste: Charles Cameron, Benj. Roberts, Geo. Mayberry.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1786 (M to P). - Sampson Mathews and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine Parks, late Catherine North, administratrix of Roger North, deceased, and Philip North, eldest son and heir of Roger North, deceased, vs. Owen Owens and Samuel Lewis.--Writ, 10th December, 1783.

Information on Roger North

4a Roger North (named in his father's will but not his mother's). A Roger North m Catherine Davies 1767 (ML) and it seems he is this Roger. The Records of Augusta County, Virginia (USA) record a tombstone in Staunton, Virginia, which reads 'Roger North died Oct 17 1776 born city of Dublin. Arrived in this colony 1771. A fond father, an affectionate husband, and the sincerest friend.' Records indicate that the family possesses a Georgian Silver cup that he brought over with the North crest. Records note he married Catherine Davis Law, neice and ward of Bishop Law (the first bishop of Clonfert and then Killala and then Elphin, d Dublin 1810). Roger's son Philip North b Ireland 14 Nov 1767, m 19 March 1792 Margaret Abney of Augusta Co, Virginia. Their only son John A North b 15 Dec 1794 m July 1819 Charlotte Blair. His grandaughter Martha Caldwell (alive in 1927) lived in Lewisburg, West Virginia and had old family letters in which it was indicated that Philip had revisited England and Ireland three times to collect money from the North and Law estates (SP emails 30 Apr 2008 and 25 Mar 2009, drawing on a Caleb Brewster note); that would fit with Philip North d 1772 and his wife Eleanor Connor d 1776 being Roger of Virginia's parents. Roger's absence from Eleanor's will (as the Virginia Roger was still alive when the will was made) might be explained if he had settled money matters with the family following the death of his father Philip in 1772. That the Virginia Roger named his son Philip also points, though not strongly, to Philip being Roger's father. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800 (three volumes; Genealogical Pub Co, 1980) records (SP email 28 Mar 2009): August 1793: North vs Mathews. Catherine Mathews, wife of Sampson Matthews was first widow of Roger North, then widow of Edward Park. Roger North died in the fall of 1776 leaving a will which Catherine could not find and she took out administration. Philip was the only surviving heir to Roger North. She married Edward Park in the fall of 1777 and Edward died Dec (or July) of 1780. Catherine took out administration on Edward’s estate in Henraco County. Roger owned a tan yard. Affidavit by Catherine 1793. Catherine married Sampson Mathews in June 1783. August 20 1783: Philip, orphan of Roger North, chooses Sampson Mathews as guardian.