Person:Robert Trimble (14)

Robert Trimble
b.est. 1690 Scotland
d.aft. 1747
  1. James "Plantationer" Trimble1710 - bef 1776
  2. John Trimble, Sr. of North MountainEst 1712-1717 - ABT 1789
  3. Moses TrimbleABT 1718 - 1783
  4. David TrimbleABT 1720 - bef 1799
Facts and Events
Name Robert Trimble
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1690 Scotland
Death? aft. 1747

Robert Trimble was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Robert Trimble in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MAY 21, 1747. - (200) Robert Trimble exempted from levy for infirmities. (Note: Robert Trimble was apparently very old in 1747).

Information on Robert Trimble

Robert TRIMBLE was born about 1695 in Scotland

This Trimble line is of Scotch-Irish descent, meaning the Scotch who were transplanted into Northern Ireland by King James as a force against the Celtic Irish.

Five brothers, James, Moses, David, John and Alexander Trimble came to America from Armagh, Ireland, somtime between 1740 and 1744. James and John settled in Augusta County. Page 178, "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia". Children were: Walter TRIMBLE, John TRIMBLE, Moses TRIMBLE, David TRIMBLE, James TRIMBLE.

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT1 TRIMBLE was born 1695 in Scotland. He married HANNAH UNKNOWN.


TURNBULL CLAN The Clan Turnbull is descended from a family of Roule, or Rule, so named from the town of Roule, lying on the left bank of the stream called Rule.

In 1300 William Rule was living there, he changed his name to "Turn e bull" by order of King Robert Bruce, whose life he saved from the attack of a wield bull, while jousting in the forest of Callander1

King Robert Bruce, was violently attacked, unhorsed and would have been killed, had not Rule jumped between the King and the enraged animal and seizing it by the horns, overthrew and killed it.

For this gallant deed King Robert Bruce in 1315 granted to William Rule, alias, TURN E BULL, that piece of land called Fulhophold Philyshough) as far into the forest as it was ploughed in past time. For which he and his heirs were to present to the King, one broad arrow at the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (August 15).

For which he and his heirs were to present to the King, one broad arrow at the feast of the Assumption TURNBULL= This is one of the many Scottish family names for which popular etymology of an early date has supplied a romantic origin.

Five brothers, James, Moses, John, David and Alexander Trimble, came to America from Armagh, Ireland, in 1740. James and John settled in Augusta county, Virginia. James Trimble was a surveyor. He married Sarah Kersey and lived near Lexington, Va. He had six sons and four daughters. Jane, the oldest daughter, married Wm. McClure; Agnes married David Steele, ancestor of the Rockbridge family of that name; Sarah married Samuel Steele and removed to Tennessee; Rachel married James Carothers, who also went west. John Trimble, the brother of James, the surveyor, settled in Augusta on Middle River, about two miles from Churchville, eight from Staunton and five from Buffalo Gap. He married Mary Moffett, widow of John Moffett. His death occurred in 1764, having been killed by the Indians at the time of the second Kerr Massacre, when his only son, James was captured by the Indians and afterwards rescued by his half-brother, Capt. Geo. Moffett. John Trimble's widow and his brother James qualified as administrators in 1764. On the eighteenth of March, 1768, George Moffett qualified in the county court as the guardian of James Trimble orphan of John Trimble.

Children of ROBERT TRIMBLE and UNKNOWN are: (birthdates are approximated)
2. i. DAVID2 TRIMBLE, b. 1720, Scotland; d. 1799, Bourdon Co, KY.
3. ii. JAMES TRIMBLE, b. 1710, Scotland /Ireland; d. 1776, Rockbridge Va.
4. iii. JOHN TRIMBLE, b. 1710, Armagh Ireland; d. September 13, 1764, Augusta County, VA.
5. iv. ALEXANDER TRIMBLE, b. 1720, Scotland; d. 1768.
v. MOSES TRIMBLE, b. 1729; d. 1783, Washington Co, VA..

[Source: (Note: this source claims tht Robert Trimble's wife was named Hannah based upon a land record in Augusta County, but after further review, the land record in quesion was referencing a different Robert Trimble's, son of Walter Trimble).


Mentioned in the Augusta County, VA records first on Nov. 18, 1741 as follows:

Deed Book 1, page 434-18th Nov, 1747. LII current money Virginia. Benj. Borden & C, to Moses Trimble (sold in testator's lifetime), 345-1/2 acres, part of 92,100 adjoining John Huston on the Timber Ridge; corner to Samuel Gray; corner to David Edminstonl corner to Daniel Lyle. Teste: Samuel Grayl corner to Daniel Lyle. Teste: Joseph Lapsley, Alexander Douglas, Abraham Brown. Acknowledge 18th Nov. 1747."

2. Moses was a witness to Houston's will. He later moved to Washington, Co., VA near Abingdon and his will is recorded there. This will was witnessed by William Russell, a brother-in-law of Patrick Henry. Usually a relative was witness to a will and a member of the court and a friend.

Moses Trimble's Will (Will Book No 2, page 83, May 20, 1783 Abingdon, VA).