Person:Robert Reed (23)

Robert Reed, Sr., of Middle River
b.Abt. 1720 Ulster, Ireland
d.February 1794 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HRobert Reed, Sr., of Middle RiverAbt 1720 - 1794
  • WBarbara StephensonBef 1729 - 1800
m. abt. 1746
  1. Alexander Reed1748 - 1816
  2. Jean Reedest 1750 -
  3. Robert Reed, Jr.est 1760 - 1835
  4. Elizabeth Reedest 1774 -
  5. Thomas Reedest 1775 - 1801
  6. John Reedest 1778 -
  7. Deborah Reedbef 1785 - 1818
  8. Isabella Reedbef 1785 - est 1821-1829
  9. Agnes Reedbef 1785 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Reed, Sr., of Middle River
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1720 Ulster, Ireland
Marriage abt. 1746 Pennsylvaniato Barbara Stephenson
Death? February 1794 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Reed was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 495.--17th July, 1766. Alexander Blair and Jean ( ) to Robert Reed, £78, 144 acres on Middle River Shanando, crossing the bald hill. Delivered: Robert Reed, March, 1766.
  • Page 185.--10 acres, part of 89 acres patented to Robert Reed, 16th March 1771. Teste: Patrick Hamilton, Alexander Waddell, Wm. Poage, Robert Reed and Barbara (mark), Patrick Hamilton and Agness (signed Ann).
  • Page 474.-(abt. July/August 1773)-Patent to Robert Reed, adjoining William Oldham. Mortgage.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 508.--18th May, 1768. Robert Reed and Barbara to John Poage, £84, 170 acres on Linvel's Run, a small branch of Middle River of Shanandore patented to Robert 30th August, 1763; corner James Allen's land. Teste: Geo. Moffett, William Lusk, John Young.
  • Page 64.--21st March, 1775. Robert Reed and Barbara to Alexander Reed, their son, tract on Middle River where Robert lives.
  • Page 221.--140 acres conveyed to Alexander Reed by Robert Reed, Sr., 21st March. 1775.

Will of Robert Reed

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 95.--26th January, 1792. Robert Reed's will--To son, Alexander, $1; to daughter, Jean Hall, $1; to the 3 boys, the land they bought from. Jno. Poage, i. e., Robert, John, Thomas; to son, Robert; to son, John, land adjoining Andrew Jameson; to son, Thomas, to keep his mother and the rest of the girls; to daughter, Elizabeth. Executors, sons Robert and John. Teste: Samuel Somervil, John Walker, Wm. Johnson. Proved, 18th February, 1794, by all the witnesses.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 426.--__ _____, 1769. William ( ) Hamilton and Margret ( ) to their son Patrick Hamilton, £10, 100 acres patented to William Hamilton, 29th May, 1760, on Middle River of Shanandore, corner Robert Reed's land. Delivered: Patrick Hamilton, 15th August, 1771.
  • Page 369.--20th August, 1771. Patrick Hamilton and Agness (signed Ann) to William Oldham, £20, 90 acres on Middle River of Shanandore, joining George Lewis, corner to that small piece of said tract laid off for said Lewis; corner Robert Reed. Delivered: Alexander Reed, August, 1779.
  • Page 207 - George Lewis, 106 acres, Middle River. Adjoining Robert Read, John Patterson, William Oldham, William Hamilton. December 9, 1772. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 75].
  • Page 478.--1st March, 1785. Thomas Stevenson's will--To son-in-law, George Poage, 1 shilling; to grandson, George Poage, 1 shilling; to grandson, John Poage; to Agness Reed; to Joseph Hannah; to Deborah Reed; to Isabel Reed; to Alex. Reed; what money Henry King owes to be given to the poor if got from him; 20 shillings to pale in the church yard; to Robert Reed, Jr. Executors, Alex. Reed and David Gibson. Teste: John Campbell, Thomas Willson, Jno. Dixon. Proved, 16th August, 1785, by Wilson and Dixon. Executors qualify. (Note: will lists several children of Robert Reed, Sr.).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1792--July 23, James Gardner, Jr., and Elizabeth Reed, daughter of Ro. Reed (consent); witnesses, Jno. Gardiner, Alex. Reed; surety, Jacob Kinney.

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    Robert Reed Senior

    The elder Robert Reed was born in the mid 1720s, probably in Pennsylvania. He was married in about 1746, and again probably in Pennsylvania. His first child was born in late 1747 or early 1748. All I know about his wife is that her first name was Barbara; this being obtained from his will and early deeds in Augusta County
    Virginia. I believe that Barbara was a Stephenson. There was a will of a Thomas Stephenson in 1785 that named all the children of Robert and Barbara as heirs.
    The first references in Virginia that I have are in 1760 when he was listed in records of Processioning, which was the running of property lines, and his name was in the 1762 and 1764 Fee Books of Augusta County. The 1762 Book listed Robert Reed of Stone Meeting House and also Robert Reed of Staunton. He may have owned two parcels, or there may have been two, father and son. Robert Reed `Senior' may have actually been Junior.' This is the only reference to two Robert Reeds.
    The early records indicate he was living in the area of Stone Meeting house, which is north of Staunton, Virginia on present day Route 11 near Fort Defiance, Virginia. The area is in rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley of northern Virginia.
    The first deed record I find is on July 17, 1766. Alexander and Jean Blair sold Robert Reed 144 acres on Middle River by the Bald Hill crossing. The next deed record that I find is on May 18, 1768. In this deed, Robert Reed and wife Barbara sold 170 acres on Linnel's Run, a small branch of the Middle River of Shenandoah, wh
    ich had been patented to Robert Reed on August 30, 1763. This is the first indication of the name of Robert's wife. In 1785, a Thomas Stephenson left a will dated March 1 and proved August 16. In this will he mentions all the children of Robert Reed. Obviously there is a relationship here, and my feeling is that Barbara was a Stephenson. A descendant on the Stephenson line is sure she is a daughter
    of Thomas Stephenson.
    On March 20, 1772, Robert and Barbara sold 10 acres on Middle River. This was a part of 89 acres patented to Robert Reed on March 16, 1771.
    On March 21, 1775, Robert and Barbara Reed sold a tract of land on Middle River to their son Alexander. It was mentioned that this was land on which Robert and Barbara were then living. Later in 1775, Robert and Barbara sold Alexander another 140 acre tract on Middle River.
    Robert Reed remained in this area of Augusta County until his death in early 1794. He wrote his will on January 26, 1792, and he died sometime prior to February 18, 1794 when the will was filed in Will Book 8, page 95. A transcript of this will is included in the Addendum of this history. Barbara was still alive at the time. She died sometime before 1811.
    Robert and Barbara Reed had at least eight children.