Person:Robert Reed (19)

Robert Reed
d.Oct 1787
m. est 1743-1746
  1. John ReedEst 1743-1752 - Bet 1785 - 1786
  2. Robert ReedBef 1746 - 1787
m. Bef. 18 Aug 1767
Facts and Events
Name Robert Reed
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1746 Belligay, Donegal, Ireland
Marriage Bef. 18 Aug 1767 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Cunningham
Death? Oct 1787

Robert Reed was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 464.--18th August, 1767. William Fleming and Anne (Anna) to Robert Reed, tavernkeeper, of Staunton, £200, two tracts, A containing 300 acres purchased by William of Israel Christian, 24th September, 1763, Beverley's Mill Place line; also B containing 440 acres purchased by William of Robert Beverley, 23d May, 1765, Israel Christian's line, corner David Stuart and John Miller; corner John Henderson. Delivered to Mrs. Reid, 5th June, 1781.

Records of Robert Reed in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 43.--Account of the sale of the estate of Robert Reed--Paid Tobias Markle; received judgment vs. Hugh Tafney; John Selham's bill of £3. run away and never been heard of.

Information on Robert Reed

From Chalkley's:

SEPTEMBER, 1799 (M to G).

Reed vs. Reed--Robert Reed, Collin Reed, Hugh Ballentine and Frances, his wife, heirs-at-law of Robert Reed, deceased, demise, 1788, lot No. 7, in Staunton, and 74 acres in Augusta. Ejectment vs. Mrs. Margaret Reed; she had married George Mathews, who is admitted defendant. Tried in District Court, April 3-4, 1792.

(Note: the marriage of Robert Reed to Margaret Cunningham is proven by information in this preceding paragraph. The "Lot No. 7", listed above was acquired by John Cunningham, father of Margaret on 27 Feb. 1749 from William Beverley. It undoubtedly was willed by John Cunningham to his daughter and is subsequently listed in this suit involving the heirs of Robert Reed)

Special verdict, viz: Patent to Beverley, 118,491 acres. Beverley, on 13th June, 1750, executed power attorney to Lewis & Madison, who executed deeds, 27th May, 1751, to James Miller for 300 acres, part of the patent. Miller conveyed to Israel Christian, 25th March, 1754. Christian conveyed to William Fleming, 23d September, 1763. Beverley conveyed, 23d May, 1765, to William Fleming, 560 acres. Fleming conveyed, 18th August, 1767, to Robert Reed, late of Staunton, 740 acres. Margaret was wife of Robert; married before above conveyance. Robert died, October, 1787, intestate, and without issue, leaving Margaret, his widow, who has retained possession. Robert was the son of John Reed, of the Kingdom of Ireland. He had one full brother named John Reed, and two sisters of the half blood, one of whom intermarried with William Reed, by whom she had several children; the other with William Buchanan, by whom she had several children, of whose death no evidence has been offered. William Buchanan, son of William, aforesaid, by his wife, Margaret, a half sister of Robert Reed, deceased, was in this commonwealth at commencement of this suit. The father and mother of said William Reed were alive in Ireland in June, 1786. John Reed, brother of said Robert, had issue, Robert, John Collin, Frances, Christiana, Barbara and James. Frances intermarried with Hugh Ballentine. Robert Reed, Hugh Ballentine and Frances removed from Ireland to Virginia, 1784, and Collin, two years afterwards. Robert Reed was enrolled in the militia prior to death of Robert Reed, deceased, and attended muster as militiaman, but probably was never naturalized until 21st November, 1787, and Hugh until 28th November, 1787. Collin has never been naturalized. Robert, Collin, Hugh and Frances were in America prior to death of Robert, and were recognized as children of his brother, John, of Ireland. John died 1785 or 1786, a citizen of Great Britain. John Robertson, patentee with Beverley, survived all the other patentees. Act passed 14th December, 1789, entitled an act for vesting real estate of Robert Reed, deceased, in Margaret Reed and her heirs. James Donnally's deposition in Greenbrier, 26th April, 1790, was: Intimately acquainted with John and Robert, then of Belligay, of Kingdom of Ireland, and County of Donegal. Robert came to Staunton. Robert and John were accounted full brothers in Ireland. John and Robert had two brothers and two sisters of half blood. John lived with a woman named Frances reputed to be his wife, and they had a son, Robert. Robert Reed, Collin Reed, Hugh and Frances Ballentine were born prior to 1770.


Reed vs. Reed--Robert Reed, deceased, wrote to his brother, John, in Ireland, saying he was possessed of considerable estate, and asking John to send in some of his children to heir it, and it was in consequence that the plaintiff came to America. William Buchanan, son of William Buchanan of Ireland, died since 1790 intestate and without issue. Robert's mother died before Robert. Beverley conveyed lot 7 in 1749 to John Cunningham. Cunningham conveyed to John Davis, 1758; Davis to Reed, 1763. Certificate of Robert Reed's naturalization in Augusta County Court, 6th December, 1787. Hugh Ballentine, of Greenbrier, in 1798. Deposition of James Donnerley: Was acquainted with Robert Reed before he left Ireland; also his father, John Reed. Robert's mother was dead before deponent left Ireland, in 1761, and John had married again. Hugh owned land in Greenbrier and was about to build, but was prevented by the Indians in 1786, and he was considered a good citizen of Virginia. Taken 24th April, 1798, in Lewisburg, at house of John Mathews. Copy of act to vest the real estate of Robert Reed in Margaret passed 14th December, 1789. Hugh Ballentine took oath of a citizen, 28th November, 1787. Reed vs. Reed--Summons to Montgomery County for James Allen and Mathew Lindsey, 28th February, 1799. Summons to Kanawha for Andrew and James Donnelly, 8th August, 1791