Person:Robert Patterson (38)

Robert Patterson
b.est. 1728/29
m. est. 1727
  1. John Pattersonest 1727/28 -
  2. Robert Pattersonest 1728/29 - 1799
  3. Martha Patterson1734 - 1767
  4. Sarah Patterson1736 -
  5. Mathew Pattersonabt 1736 -
  6. Isabella Patterson1738 - 1806
m. BET 1750 AND 1752
  1. William Patterson1753 - 1841
  2. Robert Patterson1755 -
  3. Ann PattersonBET 1757 AND 1769 -
  4. Elizabeth PattersonBET 1757 AND 1769 -
  5. Catherine PattersonABT 1760 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Patterson
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1727
Birth? est. 1728/29
Marriage BET 1750 AND 1752 to Elizabeth King
Death? 1799 Hawkins County, Tennessee

Robert Patterson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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From Chalkley's:

  • Page 459.--91 acres patented to Robert King 1st August, 1745; devised by Robert's will 23d August, 1749, to 3 daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth and Catherine. Sarah died without issue; Elizabeth has married Robert Patterson and Catherine has married James Blair (grantor here). (Note: this proves the identity of Elizabeth, Robert Patterson's wife, as Elizabeth King, daughter of Robert King).


Robert Patterson B. 1727 Died: 1799 in Hawkins County, Tn. Spouse: Elizabeth King b. 1731 Dumfieshire, Ireland immigrated with her family to Augusta County, Va. d.o.d. unknown. Children: William Patterson b. 21 October 1753 Agusta County, Va. Died: 1849 in Anderson County, Tn. Robert 1755, Catherine Patterson-English ca.1760, Elizabeth(betsy), and Ann Patterson.

William Patterson b.21 October 1753 Augusta County,Va. died; 1849 Anderson County, Tn. married Nancy English b. ca. 1754 Hawkins County, Tn. died: 1841 Anderson County, Tn. children: Robert E.1777, Mary, John W. ca. 1795, Sally, Jennie, Emillia(milly) 1801, Betsy, William Jr. 1779, Matthew 1796, and English 1805. William's son Robert E. fought in the war of 1812 and his other son John W. immigrated to Boone, Missouri and fought in the Mexican/ American war in Texas.

Robert (B2) Patterson was the son of Nathaniel and Isabella Erwin Patterson. He was born 1727 and died in 1791. For many years this Robert’s birth year was mistakenly attributed to Robert (A) Patterson. Robert (B2) Patterson’s family is well documented by Johnston and other genealogists, such as Shirley McCoy, thus this writer will not go into further details on him at this time, other than to mention that this Robert married Elizabeth King ca. 1750 - 1752 and was the father of a William Patterson who was born 10-21-1753 in Augusta Co., VA.