Person:Robert McCullough (5)

Robert McCullough
b.abt. 1759
d.21 August 1805 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Bef. 1743
  1. Thomas McCullough1743 -
  2. Robert McCulloughabt 1759 - 1805
m. abt. 28 January 1789
  1. Jane McCullough1790 - 1842
  2. Margaret McCulloughabt 1797 - 1815
  3. Susan McCullough
Facts and Events
Name Robert McCullough
Alt Name Robert McCullock
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1759
Marriage abt. 28 January 1789 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane 'Jenny' Sneders
Burial? August 1805 Trinity Churchyard Cemetery, Augusta County, Virginia
Death? 21 August 1805 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert McCullough was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 163.--28th April, 1788. William Crawford, Moses Eastey, surviving partners of themselves and John Beach, deceased, who were joint tenants, to Robert McCulloch, now of the town of Staunton, part of lot 13 in Staunton, opposite George Wilson's lot, now Philip North's.
  • Vol. 26, Page 163: April 28, 1788, William Crawford to Robert McCulloch, of Staunton, Augusta Co., a half acre lot in Staunton, and a plot of 25 acres.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 26, Page 277: July 18, 1788. Robert McCullough. merchant, of Augusta Co. to Robert McDowell, for £200, a lot in Staunton, part of 25 acres conveyed to him by Wm. Crawford, April 28, 1788.
  • Vol. 32, page 493 : Nov. 26, 1804, Robert McCullough and Jane, his wife, to James Bell, for £, six acres. N. B.

Estate Records

  • Vol. 2 - ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS - 24th September, 1805--Jane McCullough, Alex. St. Clair, administrators of Robt. McCullock.
  • Vol. 2 - Smith vs. Wilson--O. S. 259; N. S. 91--Bill, 1817. Complainants are Silas H. Smith and Jane, his wife, of Staunton. Jane is daughter of Robert McCullock, late of Staunton, deceased, intestate, leaving children, viz: Jane (Smith), Susan, Ann B., Robert, Margaret, and a widow. Susan has married William Wilson of Rockbridge; Ann B. is unmarried and of age, Robert is infant; Margaret is dead, unmarried and intestate. Partition of Robert McCollock's estate.


Trinity Churchyard Cemetery, Augusta County, VA
McCULLOCK, Robt. In Memory of Robt. McCullock, who departed this life on the 21 day of August A.D. 1805 in the 46th year of his age.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 14.--Teste: Robert McCullough. (Note: undated, appears to be sometime bet. 1782-1785).
  • Page 352.--__ _____, 1786. William Long, of Greenbrier, by John Atkinson, his attorney, to Alexander St. Clair. John was appointed attorney to sell all the lands which William held as heir of his father, William Long, deceased. Lease of lot 2 in Staunton, corner Alex.'s store, for 66 years right to re-enter is in Beverley. Teste: James Buchanan, Robert McCollough, Samuel Merritt.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 24, 1787. - (248) Robert Douthat, Robert McCullough, Robert Stuart, Hugh McDowell, Wm. McDowell, Robert McDowell, Robert Aistrop, Charles Markle, John McKibbon and Robert Gamble, merchants, granted licenses for retailing goods agreeable to the Act of Assembly "Imposing New Taxes."
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 18, 1787. - (442) Officers recommended: Robert Douthat, Captain; Wm. Chambers, Lieutenant; Robert McCullough, Ensign.
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT, 1788-- page 71, Robert McCullough, merchant.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 16, 1788. - (506) Robert Douthat, Captain; Wm. Chambers, Lieutenant, and Robert McCullough, Ensign, of the First Regiment qualified.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1789--January 28, Robert McCullough and Jenny Sneders; surety, John Hall.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1789--October 2, Robert Cooper and Martha Steel; surety, Robert McCullough.
  • Page 403.--9th January, 1790. Organization of Staunton Fire Company. W. Bowyer, Michael Bowyer, Alex. St. Clair, Ro. Gamble, James Lyle, Jr., Robert Stuart, Daniel Donovan, A. Stuart, Wm. Abney, R. Douthat, W. Chambers, Jno. and Samuel Boys, P. Heiskell, Jacob Peck, Ro. McDowell, Michael Garber, Michael Sifort, Jacob Geiger, Adam Bickle, James Megongal, A. Waterman, Robert McCullough, J. Holmes for Robert Astrop, Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Michael Garber, Jr., A. Mustoe, Alex. Humphreys, Geo. Harden, Jno. Fleiger, Sol. Wolfort, Jno. Price, Hugh McDowell, Wm. Forbes, Jno. ( ) Moore, Margt. Reed, Wm. Sharyer, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Gunn, Wm. McDowell, North and Mathews, Alex. Nelson, Jr., Jno. Bosang, Chr. Grove, James McLoughlin, Jno. ( ) Gates, Smith Thompson, Francis Huff, Michael Cawley, Christian Mummer, Nicholas Faulkler, Samuel Merrit, Daniel Kidd, Jno. Tennant, Geo. Weifford, Isaac Ong, Charles Hedrick, Joshua Parry, Henry, Spering, Anthony ( ) Ingleton, Jno. Backenst, James Kenner.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 21, 1791. - (60) James McCullough choses Robert McCullough his guardian.
  • Page 16.--3d March, 1792. John Bosang's estate appraised by A. McClenachan, Michael Fackler, Robert McDowell, Robt. McCullock.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 18, 1792. - (212-213) Rachel, widow of William Crawford, deceased, releases dower in land conveyed by William's partners to Robert McCullock.
  • Page 339.--17th July, 1798. Subscribers form themselves into a fire company--James Edmonson, Wm. Breckinridge, J. Bowyer, Michael Garber, Sr.; Peter Elliott, Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Robt. McCullock, Geo. Grant McIntosh, John McCausland, Vincent Tapp, Abraham Teebo, Jacob Leas, Philip Hopkins, David Griener, John Moore, John Fackler, Alex. St. Clair, H. Paul, Jacob Swoope, Samuel Clarke, W. Herren, W. Chambers, Geo. Mitchell, Thos. Barry, David Parry, Joseph Cowan, Hamp Keyes, Cornelius Baldwin, Smith Thompson, John Backenstoe, Jno. Wayt, Jno. Johnston, Robt. McDowell, Jno. Wise, James McGongal, Joseph Points, Ro. B. St. Clair, Andrew Haveouf, Jno. McDowell, Jacob Kinney.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1800. - Robert McCulloch vs. Thomas Mynes.--6th May, 1800. No inhabitants.