Person:Robert Jordan (30)

m. 24 Jun 1800
  1. Capt. Israel Jordan1801 - Abt 1848
  2. Henry Jordan1802 - 1821
  3. Bethiah Wadlin Jordan1804 - 1846
  4. Ezekiel Jordan1805 - 1828
  5. Joshua Jordan1807 - 1873
  6. Alfred M. Jordan1809 - 1881
  7. William H. Jordan1811 - 1887
  8. Robert Keating Jordan1814 -
  9. Edwin Jordan1816 - 1852
  10. Capt. John Adams Jordan1819 - 1886
  11. Thomas Jefferson Jordan1819 - 1894
  12. Henry I. Jordan1822 - 1898
  13. Ellen Hannah Jordan1825 - 1915
  14. Elvira Keating Jordan1825 - 1890
Facts and Events
Name Robert Keating Jordan
Gender Male
Birth? 15 Jan 1814 South Thomaston, Knox, Maine
Death? San Francisco, San Francisco, California

BIRTH: Jereny Jordan has another birth date of 1813 per hand written note by his father, Robert Jordan [1464].

BIOGRAPHY: The 1850 census for Spencer Twp., Hamilton Co., OH lists him as age 36, Lumber Merchant, value of real estate $7500. Data for his four marriages is as listed in "The Family Jordan" [F-J] book with some corrections and differs in some respects from that shown in "Jordan Memorial" [J-M] as follows: Marriage #1: In "J-M" wife is listed as Annie-Marie, while in "F-J" as Annis Marie Stearns, and middle name should be Maria according to email of 24 Jul 2003 from Susanne Burt Danubio. Marriage #2: Wife is Mary Ann Clock. Only 2 children listed in "J-M"; David Esdell Jordan & Charles William Jordan, incorrectly shown being born in Monroeville, CA, no birth dates shown, while "F-J" lists a 3rd child, shown as born after the death of Mary Ann. Unable to place this child elsewhere. Therefore, Della May Jordan is now listed under Robert's third marriage, i.e., to Chloe Chidester. Marriage #3: In "J-M" wife is incorrectly listed as Almira Chidioter while "F-J" has it correctly spelled as Chloe Chidester and 1st child is listed incorrectly as Elmore Chidioter Jordan - mis-spelled middled name. Marriage #4: In "J-M" this marriage not listed, while Almira Chidester is listed in "F-J". Marriage #5: No listing in either "J-M" or "F-J". All data in record from email of 24 Jul 2003 from Susanne Burt Danubio. In 1859 came to California, settling in Shasta county, while later he resided near Oakland, where he engaged in agricultural pursuits according to History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II, The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905, Edited by Leigh H. Irvine.

DEATH: Resided in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.

Jordan_Mem._I.D.: 1520

Family_Jordan_No.: 2269