Person:Elvira Jordan (2)

Elvira Keating Jordan
b.28 Nov 1825 Camden, Knox, Maine
m. 24 Jun 1800
  1. Capt. Israel Jordan1801 - Abt 1848
  2. Henry Jordan1802 - 1821
  3. Bethiah Wadlin Jordan1804 - 1846
  4. Ezekiel Jordan1805 - 1828
  5. Joshua Jordan1807 - 1873
  6. Alfred M. Jordan1809 - 1881
  7. William H. Jordan1811 - 1887
  8. Robert Keating Jordan1814 -
  9. Edwin Jordan1816 - 1852
  10. Capt. John Adams Jordan1819 - 1886
  11. Thomas Jefferson Jordan1819 - 1894
  12. Henry I. Jordan1822 - 1898
  13. Ellen Hannah Jordan1825 - 1915
  14. Elvira Keating Jordan1825 - 1890
Facts and Events
Name Elvira Keating Jordan
Gender Female
Birth? 28 Nov 1825 Camden, Knox, Maine
Death? 4 Mar 1890 Orion, Henry, Illinois
Burial? Rural Twp., Rock Island, Illinois

BIRTH: Per hand written notes by her father Robert Jordan [RIN-25], birth date is also shown as 28 Nov 1825, not 18 Nov 1825 as shown in Jordan Memorial. She is the twin sister of Ellen Hannah Jordan [RIN-263].

BIOGRAPHY: The 1840 Fed. Census for Adams Twp., Seneca Co., OH shows two females, 10-15 yrs old, probably Elvira and her twin sister Ellen. Listed as Elvira K. Miller in 1850 Fed. Census for Kankakee Twp., La Porte Co., IN, enumerated on 3 Dec 1850, age 25, b. ME. Listed as Elvira K. Miller in 1860 Fed. Census for New Durham Twp., La Porte Co., IN, enumerated on 5 Jul 1860, age 36, b. ME. Listed as Elviraco K. Miller in 1870 Fed. Census for Orion, Henry Co., IL, enumerated on 13 Aug 1870, age 44, b. ME, school teacher, living in home of Caleb Emmerson, a minister. Listed as Elvira K. Miller in 1880 Fed. Census for Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., CA, Dist. 238, enumerated on 15 Jun 1880, age 50, b. ME, widowed, teaching school, living w/large family, not related. Note: The listed age is off by 5 years, but this is in all probability the correct person. She resided in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. per "The Family Jordan". However, see her location per the 1880 Fed. Census image above. Elvira apparently raised the three boys from Tobias' prior marriage to Louisa J. Summers, since, Louisa died the same year of the birth of her last son, leaving Tobias with 3 infants to care for. Her Will was witnessed by John H. Lippincott and his wife Elizabeth Trego Blackfan on 26 Jan 1890, just over 1 month prior to her death.

DEATH: Although Jeremy Jordan earlier had death place as Oakland, CA, there is a gravestone marking in Beulah Rural Twp. Cem., Rock Island, IL that says: "Elvira K. Miller born at Camden, Me, 28 Nov 1825, Died at Orion, Ills 4 Mar 1890". The 7 Mar 1890 Orion Times said she died at home of brother Thomas Jefferson Jordan [RIN-261] in Orion.

BURIAL: Beulah Rural Twp. Cem. which is adjacent to a Presbyterian Church out in the country. Behind the main headstone is a small headstone marked "E.K.M.", for Elviria Keating Miller. Jeremy Jordan has photos of these headstones. The quite large headstone added per her Will instructions, includes inscriptions ot each end for her Mother Hannah Bridges (Keating) Jordan, [RIN-27] and her Nephew Myron Norton Jordan [RIN-299].

Jordan_Mem._I.D.: 1572

Family_Jordan_No.: 2275