Person:Robert Ferrill (3)

Robert Ferrill
Facts and Events
Name Robert Ferrill
Gender Male
Birth? 1750-1760
Death? Poss. Cumberland County, Kentucky

Robert Ferrill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Robert Ferrill

There is a different (and somewhat younger) Robert Ferrill mentioned in Augusta County records that married Hannah (surname unknown) and migrated to Monongalia County, Virginia and later Marion County (now West Virginis). Some researchers have confused these two with each other.

Records of Robert Ferrill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 23, 1786. - (329) William Hughes, John Caldwell, James Porterfield, Joseph Ray-- returned no inhabitants. Robert Ferrill--returned no inhabitant.
  • Vol. 2 - Irvin vs. Campbell--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Spa. in Washington County, 8th May, 1804. Orator, John Irvin. Defendants are, viz: James Campbell and James Keys, executors of Jacob Campbell, deceased, Jane Campbell, his widow, and George, Jacob, James (Jr.), Robert Campbell, sons of James Campbell. Bill states orator married a daughter of Jacob Campbell and had by her several children. In 1792 Jacob gave orator a bond to give slaves to orator's children. Jacob died testate. Will dated 28th December, 1794, and devised one slave to George Campbell, son of James Campbell, after decease of Jacob's wife, Jane, who was grandmother to George; and to Jacob Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to James Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to Robert Campbell, son of said James, another slave. Jacob's daughter married orator between 1773 and 1777, and died in 1793 (January). James Campbell had moved Irvin from Augusta. Jacob had another son-in-law named Kennedy. James Campbell answers, says he is Jacob's son-in-law. Witnesses, Robert Ferril, Sr., and Mary, his wife; Robert Ferril, Jr., and James McKean of Kentucky, Robert Campbell of Tennessee, William Irvin of Tennessee. The bond was given the week before John Irvin moved to Kentucky. James McKee deposes in Washington County, John Irvin's son-in-law. Jane Campbell, aged 90, deposes in Washington County, 3d May, 1805, widow of Jacob Campbell. Jacob was very much dissatisfied with Irvin as a son-in-law, but some time after Jacob moved to this country, he returned to Augusta where Irvin lived, and brought them out with him. Irvin lived with Jacob about six months, when he went to Tennessee, where he lived some years, and his wife died. Jacob and Jane moved from Augusta in 1779, to Washington, and they have always lived on the same land. James Campbell, executor of Jacob, was Jacob's son-in-law . Jane and Jacob when they moved from Augusta were about 65 years old. Robert Ferril, Jr., deposes 1st January, 1806, at house of Robert Ferril, Sr., in Cumberland County, Kentucky. (Note: this definitely appears to be this Robert Ferrill).

Possible record in Augusta County? (if so, would make Robert older than estimate)

  • Page 478.--19th August, 1771. Same to Francis Patton; corner William Reid, Robert Terrol.