Person:Robert Dunlap (14)

Robert Dunlap
b.Bef. 1722
m. Abt. 1710
  1. Margaret DunlapAbt 1710 - Aft 1792
  2. Alexander DunlapABT 1714 - Bef 1744
  3. Samuel Dunlap1715 - 1791
  4. Elizabeth DunlapBef 1719 - bef 1801
  5. Robert DunlapBef 1722 -
  6. John Dunlapabt 1728/30 - aft 1775
  • HRobert DunlapBef 1722 -
  • W.  Elizabeth (add)
m. Bef. 1757
Facts and Events
Name Robert Dunlap
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1722
Marriage Bef. 1757 to Elizabeth (add)

Robert Dunlap was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Parentage of Robert Dunlap

Robert Dunlap is a probable son of Alexander Dunlap and probable sibling of Samuel Dunlap, who acquired land very nearby Robert the same year (1742) in the Borden Tract in early Augusta County, Virginia. Additional research is necessary to prove this relationship.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert Dunlap's land (Borden Tract NE, 188 acres, 1742) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: land of Samuel Dunlap (probable sibling of Robert Dunlap) is located just to the east of this tract).

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 118-22. 25-26 June 1742. Benjamin Borden of Orange County, Gent., to Robt. Dunlap of same, yeoman. Lease and release; for ₤5.13.3 current money. 188 acres 3 rood 16 pole, part of 92,100 acrs by pattin (patent) 6 Nov. 1739... corner to Wm. McCandless.. John Lowrey's land... (signed) Benja. Borden. Wit: Samll. Dunlap, James Eakin, Wm. Lockridge. 26 Aug. 1742. Acknowledged by Benjamin Borden, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 73].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 432.--3d March, 1757. Ro. Dunlap and Elizabeth to John Wardlaw, £20, 188 acres, 3 rods and 16 perch, cor. Wm. McCanlis; cor. Jno. Lowrey. Delivered: James McDowell, August, 1758.

Processioning List of 1748

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Page 16.--12th April, 1748: John Montgomery and Francis McCown: 18th January, processioned for Patrick Hays; 12th January, processioned for Samuel Dunlap, Pat Hays present; 12th January, processioned for Wm. Lockridge, Samuel Dunlap present; 18th January, processioned for James Archer, Richard Cousor present; 18th January, processioned for Wm. Mc Canless, Robt. Dunlapp present; Jno. Lowry, Robt. Dunlapp present; Robt. Dunlapp, Robert Lowry present; 14th January, processioned for Samuel Anderson, Wm. McCanless present; Geo. Henderson, Ro. Lowry present; Wm. Mitchell, Jas. Moore present; 15th January, processioned for Wm. Cowdon, Robert Bags present; Francis McCown, John Downy present; James Moore, Alexander Walker present; James Robinson, Jas. Walker present; 15th January, processioned for Alex. Walker, Jno. Walker present; 27th January, processioned for John Walker, James Walker present; processioned for James Walker, James Robinson present; processioned for Samuel McCutchen; processioned for James Shields; processioned for John Shields; processioned for Nathan Lusk; 28th January, processioned for Thomas Berry; processioned for Wm. Berry; processioned for James Trimble; processioned for James Martin; processioned for Joseph Coulton; processioned for Robert Coulton.

Records of Robert Dunlap in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List of 1742: Capt. John Buchanan's List: John Buchanan, Captain; Will Evins, Lieutenant; Josef Catton, Ensign; John Mitchell, Sergeant; Joseph Kanada, James Cooke, Charles Donocho, Solo Moffett, Jas. Sunderlin, Will Sayers, John Dyche, Rob. Catton, Charles Gamble, Sam Walker, Alex. Walker, John Walker, Joseph Walker, Cha. Hays, And. Martin, John Edmoston, Jas. Robinson, Ths. Duchart, Will Quinn, Thomas Williams, Jab Anderson, Joh Anderson, James Anderson, Isaac Anderson, And. Hays, John McCroserce, Will Buchanan, Rich. Courser, Sam Dunlap, Will Lonchrage, Rob. Dunlap, Jams Ecken, Will McCantes, John Moor, Will Moor, David Moor, Alex. Moor, And. Moor, Will Mitchel, Nathn. Evins, John Stephenson, James Eken, Jas. Greenlee, John Paul, Mat. Lyle, Joh. Gray, Ths. McSpedan, Joh. Mathews, Will Armstrong, Rob. Huddon, Will Hall, Sam. Gray, Isaac Taylor, Michael O'Docherty, Sam McClewer, Edw. Boyle, Will Humphrey, Nathn. McClewer, John Philip Weaver.
  • Vol. 1 - November 19, 1746. - (129) Grand Jury--Nathan Patterson, Ro. Dunlap, John Holmes, and others--grand jurors.
  • Page 177.--22d August, 1749. Wm. Cowden's appraisement by John Huston, Robert Dunlapp, Joseph Kennedy.
  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT. - 1750 - Petition for road from Joseph Kennedy's Mill to John Huston's, and from John Huston's to the great road from Timber Grove to Woods Gap: James Hill, Joseph Kenedy, John Wilson, James Eakin, John Handly, William Wardlaw, William Lockridge, John Edenston, William McConnell, Walter Eakin, Robert Stewart, Robert Dunlap, Andrew Duncan, John Huston, Samuel Huston, Robert Alexander, Patrick Hays, John Mountgomery, Andrew Steel, John Stewart.
  • Page 390.--19th August, 1752. Richard Cousart and Martha to Jno. Cunningham and Robert Weir, 333 acres. In Borden's tract; corner James Eckins, Samuel Dunlap's line; corner Wm. McCanless, Robert Dunlap's line. Teste: Samuel Huston, James Eakin, Andrew Lockridge.
  • Page 146.--13th March, 1753. Borden, etc., to Wm. McCandless, 37 acres of 92100. Robert Dunlap's line; said McCandless's old corner. Teste: Archibald Reoack, Wm. Reoarck, Robert Henry, Ro. Lowry.
  • Page 415.--14th August. 1753. Samuel Dunlop to Thomas Beard, 389-1/2 acres in Borden's tract. Cor. John Huston and Robert Wier. Teste: Jno. Edmiston, Robert Dunlap, Thomas Mitchell.
  • Page 410.--13th March. 1757. Borden's executors to Jno. Lowrey (delivered Wm. Bowyer, August, 1758), £3, 170 acres, part of 92100, said Lowrey's cor. Steel's old line; Steel's new survey; cor. survey made for Robert Henry; cor. Ro. Lowrey; cor. Wm. McCanless, Ro. Dunlop's line.
  • Page 364.--18th June, 1763. John Cunningham and Robert Weir to Hugh Weir, £100, 333 acres in Borden's tract; corner James Eckins, Samuel Dunlap's line; corner William McCanless, Robert Dunlap's land. Teste: John Neill, Robert Reed, Samuel ( ) Loge, John Mountgomerey, Samuel and Mathew Huston. (Note: this refers to Robert Dunlap's land, even though Dunlap had sold this land a few years prior).
  • Page 178.--21st March, 1769. Jane Grymes' bond (with Joseph Warhop, Robert Dunlap) as administratrix of David Grymes.
  • Page 351.--2d September, 1773. James Gay and Jane to John Gay, on Cromby's Run, a branch of the Cowpasture. Teste: John Dunlap, Robert Dunlap, James Elliott.