Person:Robert Campbell (71)

Robert Campbell
d.aft. 25 December 1809
m. BEF 1740
  1. Sarah CampbellABT 1740 -
  2. Hugh CampbellABT 1741 -
  3. Jane Campbell1743 -
  4. Robert Campbell1745 -
  5. Robert Campbell1745 - aft 1809
  6. William Campbell1747 -
  7. Esther CampbellABT 1749 - ABT 1813
  8. Martha CampbellABT 1752 -
  9. Charles Campbell1753 -
m. 13 June 1766
  1. James Campbellabt 1767 -
  2. Sarah 'Sally' Campbellabt 1769 -
  3. Hugh Campbellabt 1771 - 1828
  4. Wilson Campbellabt 1773 -
  5. Jane Campbellabt 1776 -
  6. Elizabeth Campbellabt 1778 - aft 1855
  7. William Campbellabt 1780 -
  8. Stephen Campbellabt 1782 -
  9. John Campbellabt 1786 -
  10. Robert Campbellabt 1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Campbell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 14 July 1745 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 13 June 1766 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Donaghe
Death? aft. 25 December 1809 [Robert and wife mentioned in codicil of father-in-law Hugh Donaghe]

Robert Campbell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 325.--25th June, 1805. Hugh Donaghe's will--To wife, Anne; son William W. Donaghe, infant; daughter, Elisabeth Campbell, wife to Robert Campbell; to son, John; grandson, Hugh Donaghe, son to son James, deceased, and sisters of said grandson Hugh; to children, Sarah and James. Executors, Archibald Stuart and son, Jno. Donaghe. 26th February, 1807. Codicil--Wife Anne is dead, their children were three, viz: William W., Sarah, and James. Robert Campbell and family have conducted themselves improperly towards testator. Teste: Eleanor Stuart, Mary P. Hall. Proved, 25th December, 1809. Executors qualify.

Chalkley's Chronicles

  • Vol. 2 - Robert Campbell and wife Elizabeth vs. Hugh Donaghe--O. S. 54; N. S. 18. Robert and Elizabeth married in 1770, Elizabeth being daughter of Hugh Donaghe. Robert owned 400 acres in Augusta, on which they lived 14 years after marriage, but then moved to Tennessee, where they lived 13 years, when they were induced to return to Augusta upon the promise of defendant to give them £500. They returned to Augusta in 1796. Hugh answers that the marriage was against his consent. Hugh Campbell, aged 33 years, son of Robert, deposes. Hugh had a brother James. Margaret, wife of John Donaghe, deposes. James Campbell, aged 30, son of Robert, deposes. John Campbell, aged 24 or 25, son of Robert.
  • Vol. 2 - Walker vs. Reyburn's executors--O. S. 241; N. S. 65--John Walker of Augusta County, in 1798, bought land from Robert Reyburn of Kentucky, son of John Reyburn of Augusta. Robert Campbell set up claim and is dead, leaving heirs, viz: Hugh Campbell, James, John, Robert, William, Wilson, Stephen, Sally Campbell, Jane, wife of William Stephenson; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Rochester. Robert Reyburn is also dead, leaving, viz: John, William, Robert, James, Polly, Betsy, Susan, Rebecca and Sally Reyburn.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 215 - William Miller vs. Rochester--O. S. 283; N. S. 100--Samuel Rochester removed from Virginia, but was entitled in right of his wife, daughter of ---- CAMPBELL and granddaughter of Hugh Donaghe, to a legacy of £50 under Hugh's will.
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