Person:Robert Burns (27)

Maj. Robert Burns
d.4 October 1782 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 1743
  1. James Burns1744 -
  2. John Burns1745 -
  3. Joseph Burns1746 -
  4. Isaac Burns1747 -
  5. Maj. Robert Burns1748 - 1782
  6. Mary Burns1749 - 1786
  7. Terrance Burns1750 - 1815
  8. Dennis Burns1751 -
  9. Rev. Jeremiah Burns1752 - 1824
  10. William Burns1753 -
  11. Thomas Burns1755 -
  12. Richard Burns1757 -
m. est. 1768
  1. Mary Magdalena Burns1768 - 1826
  2. Henry BurnsEst 1770-1780 -
  3. Thomas Burnsbef 1777 -
  4. Margaret Cunningham Burns1782 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Maj. Robert Burns
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1748 Frederick County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1768 to Isabella Cunningham
Death[1] 4 October 1782 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Burns was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Robert Burns

  • Page 254.--2d September, 1782. Robert Burns' will (of Staunton)--To wife, Isabella; to daughter, Margaret Cunningham Burns, 4,000 acres in Kentucky; to daughter, Mary Burns; to step-daughter, Sarah Lockhart; to son, Thomas Burns, 5 shillings; to son. Henry Burns, 5 shillings. Executrix, wife Isabella. Teste: R. Madison, Will Steel. Proved, 15th October, 1782, by the witnesses. Isabella qualifies.
  • Page 264.--28th October, 1782. Robert Burns' estate appraised by Robt. McClenachan, Daniel Kidd, Petter Hanger.
  • Page 449.--11th January, 1783. Robert Burns' estate sold at vendue.
  • Page 451.-(undated, immediately follows record above) - Dr. the estate of Major Robert Burns--Paid Major John Belfield. Contra: 1781, September, received Thos. Clark's account (artificer), Richard Hedd's tavern account, Capt. Gaurley's account; 1782, August, received from Capt. Richard Singleton; by one lot known by name of Bessy Bell and Mary Gray containing 560 acres; 1776, by James Burns of Cumberland, County Juniatta; 1771, May, by John Walter Gibbs, Chas. Tours, price bond lost at the battle of Long Island for £250 hard dollars at 8/0; 1780, by General Thompson's account; 1783, April, paid John Brunt's wages; 1783, October, by cash received of William Gilham.

Records of Robert Burns in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - 1785---Page 1, orphans bound by order: (November), Elizabeth Boyle to Isabella Burnes, aged 14 years; (December). (Note: Robert Burns' wife Isabella took in 14 year-old orphan Elizabeth Boyle a few years after Robert's death).
  • Page 69.--17th April, 1788. James Culbertson's will--(Sets out transactions with Maj. Robt. Burns and Isabella Burns in 1782 and since showing indebtedness to him); also that out of his 4,000 acres to which he is entitled as Captain in the Virginia Line, he has sold 1,000 acres to Hugh Donaho, lying near Mouth of Miami; also Thomas Johnston, of Louisa, is to have 800 acres; Richard Bruce, of Albemarle, owes him £4 balance for a watch, &c., after deducting £3.0.0 allowed him to pay his brother, George Bruce. His accounts for services as Commissary and Quarter Master and Forage Master to Polaski's Legion (vouchers in hands of Capt. Geo. Rice (Brice) have not been paid. Also for services as issuing Commissary for the Prisoners stationed at Staunton of Burgoyne's Army (also in hands of Capt. Geo. Brice) also unsettled. Capt. Wm. Long owes £60 for money lent and other transactions in 1776. Robert Draffors (ons), of Charlottesville; Geo. Divers, of Albemarle: Wm. Holliday, of Winchester; Col. Thomas Rell and Mrs. Brice's claim for washing which she has charged to Robert Gamble to be paid. Then all debts to be paid (after deducting his reasonable wages as storekeeper for Gamble; John North). John Parris to be allowed 500 acres military lands for making clothes. Estate to be divided between brothers and sisters, viz: Robert Culbertson, Molly, Anne, and Margaret. Executors, brother Robert Culbertson, of Sherman's Valley, Penna.; Thomas Bell, Anthony Mustoe, Robert Gamble. Teste: Alex. St. Clair, Hugh McDowell, John Boys. Proved, 17th June, 1788. Anthony Mustoe qualifies.
  • Page 504.-(undated, abt. 1787) - House in Staunton now occupied by William Shives, 12th January, 1787, the lot occupied by Isabella Burns. Page 507.--Ditto occupied by John Bosang.
  • Page 190.--21st April, 1789. Wm. Killpatrick and Jennet to Reuben George, tract on the last branch of Bullpasture called Harper's Run. Teste Joseph Bell, Wm. Bell, Jr., Isabella Burnes.
  • MARCH 21, 1791. - (432) Mathews vs. Isabella Burns, executrix of Robert Burns, James Curry, and Mary, his wife, Asher Waterman, and Sarah, his wife, and Margaret Cunningham Burns, infant--Chancery.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER AND NOVEMBER, 1791. - Richard Mathews vs. Isabella Burns.--Robert Burns died in October after a lingering illness.
  • Vol. 2 - Richard Mathews vs. Robert Burns Exs.--O. S. 1; N. S. 4--From Augusta. Robert Burns died 1782. "He was an honest man." Answer says Robert was bred to the sea, was unlettered & kept no regular accounts. 20th August, 1782 was 6 weeks before Robert's death. Robert carried about in his pocket a piece of parchment which was a written recommendation from a society of which he was a member. Robert's youngest child at Robert's death was 3 weeks & one day old. He died 4th October. Answer denies that Hessian Peter, alias Peter Hune, alias Peter Hayne, is a man of fair character. Charles Cameron testifies that Mrs. Burn's reputation is that she is unjust.

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