Person:Robert Anderson (99)

Robert Anderson
m. abt. 1759
  1. Col. William Anderson1764 - 1838
  2. James Andersonbef 1768 -
  3. Margaret Anderson1774 - Bef 1820
Facts and Events
Name Robert Anderson
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1733 County Donegal, Ireland
Marriage abt. 1759 to Margaret Neely
Death? 22 July 1825 Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia

Robert Anderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Botetourt County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Botetourt County, VA Records

  • Robert Anderson, 20 June 1772, Botetourt County, 650 acres, bothsides Catawbo Creek a branch of James River; patents 40/735
  • Robert Anderson, 19 July 1787, Botetourt County, 70 acres, Catoco Creek branch of James River adj Wm. Snodgrass & John Rightsman; grants 13/ 272
  • Robert Anderson, 13 April 1797, Botetourt County, 3,000 acres co-patent with Uriah Humphrey; grants 37/219
  • Robert Anderson, 5 September 1799, Botetourt County, 500 acres co-patent with Zachariah Stanley; grants 41/456
  • Robert Anderson, 5 September 1799, Botetourt County, 300 acres James River adj heirs of John Henderson, John Pitzer on road leading to Cowpasture River; grants 42/604
  • Robert Anderson, 5 September 1799, Botetourt County, 130 acres Catawbo Creek branch of James River adj Andw Wilson & Heirs of David Mitchell; grants 42/605
  • Robert Anderson, 5 September 1799, Botetourt County, 400 acres Dry Run branch of Jacksons River adj Christian, Conrod Fudek, George Chambers; grants 42/607
  • Robert Anderson, 16 September 1799, Botetourt County, 35 acres Looneys Creek branch of James RIver adj Geo Warner, Hugh McNeal decd & James Creary; grants 41/404
  • Robert Anderson, 23 September 1799, Botetourt County, 1,000 acres co-patent Zachariah Stanley; grants 41/419
  • Robert Anderson, 12 October 1799, Botetourt County, 150 acres co-patent John Depwe Glad Creek of Roanoke RIver adj James Ripley Frederick Black; grants 41/485
  • Robert Anderson, 15 August 1800, Botetourt County, 500 acres co-patent Michael Book; grants 47/92
  • Robert Anderson, 26 March 1801, Botetourt County, 850 acres Sinking Creek branch of New RIver, Craigs Creek branch of James RIver; grants 48/225
  • Robert Anderson, 27 March 1801, Botetourt County, 40 acres Catawbo Creek branch of James River adj Jacob Pters, Price, Preenk; grants 48/222
  • Robert Anderson, 12 May 1801, Botetourt County, 250 acres Sinking Creek branch of New River adj James Trenor & Nathan Ekins; grants 49/147
  • Robert Anderson, 6 August 1801, Botetourt County, 1,000 acres co-patent Zachariah Stanley; grants 49/393
  • Robert Anderson, 12 April 1805, Botetourt County, 580 acres Catawbo Creek branch of James River; grants 54/132
  • Robert Anderson, 27 August 1806, Botetourt County, 100 acres Dunlaps Creek branch of Jacksons River adj Sampson Sawyers and Samuel Brown; grants 56/116
  • Robert Anderson, 20 April 1809, Botetourt County, 38 acres Catawbo Creek branch of James River; grants 58/15
  • Robert Anderson, 11 August 1801, Botetourt County, 100 acres co-patent Mary Caldwell Bourdons run branch of Catawbo Creek; grants49/ 468

Biography of Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson was born in Ireland about 1733. He died in VA 7/22/1825. He emigrated to PA in 1755, moved to Delaware where he met and married Margaret Neely. They moved to VA in 1769 and settled in Augusta Co. which later became known as Botetourt the next year. He had as many as three children: Col. William Anderson (born 6/2/1764, died 9/13/1839), Francis Thomas Anderson who married Mary Anne Alexander, and Catherine Anderson who married Arthur Glasgow. Col. Anderson spent time in the Revolutionary War, then settled at "Walnut Hill," near Fincastle which was the county seat for Botetourt. He was also a colonel of a VA regiment in the War of 1812. He married Anne Thomas from Maryland. William was a self-taught engineer and surveyor and was later responsible for the building of the turnpike that is now U.S. 220 and U.S. 60 from Fincastle to Covington and beyond. He is buried along with other members of his family at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Fincastle. They had several children, one of which was in our direct lineage, Joseph Reid Anderson (born 2/16/1813, died 9\7\1892). He established the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, VA, in 1836, which was the main supplier of ammo, etc., to the South in the Civil War. He was a very prominent citizen of the Richmond area. He was married to Sara (Sallie) Archer, whose father was Dr. Robert Archer, an army surgeon. They had several children, some of which died at fairly young ages. Archer Anderson was also in the military and, I think, became pretty famous. He had a son named after him, Joseph Reid, Jr., and our family member was John Francis Thomas Anderson. We cannot find out much about him, so we don't know exactly how he fits into things. John F. T. Anderson (born 2/9/1858, died 9/27/1931) married Elizabeth Campbell Cullen, who was the granddaughter of Dr. John Cullen, who was one of the founders of what is now Medical College of VA, here in Richmond. The only child we know of that they had (of course, they could have had more) was Sally Reid Anderson who married William Jerome Miller. He was from NY, and they were the parents of my husband's mother. A lot of the Anderson family, starting with Joseph Reid, is buried here in Richmond at the Hollywood Cemetery.

Source: e-mail of Sylvia Gibbes in 1998,