Person:Robert Allen (71)

Robert Allen, of Augusta County, VA
  • HRobert Allen, of Augusta County, VAAbt 1710 - 1790
  • WJane Montaguebef 1721 - bef 1762
m. abt. 1738
  1. James AllenEst 1735-1740 -
  2. Robert Allen, Jr.1741 - 1788
  3. Ann Allenabt 1745 -
  4. John Allenabt 1748 - bef 1830
  5. Montague Allenabt 1760 - bef 1804
  • HRobert Allen, of Augusta County, VAAbt 1710 - 1790
  • WMartha UnknownEst 1720-1740 - aft 1790
m. bef. August 1762
  1. Benjamin Allenabt 1762 - aft 1830
  2. Elizabeth Allen1768 - 1823
Facts and Events
Name Robert Allen, of Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1710 prob. Scotland or Ireland
Marriage abt. 1738 to Jane Montague
Marriage bef. August 1762 to Martha Unknown
Death? 30 Apr 1790 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Allen was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Note: some researchers disagree on whether Robert Allen had one wife (Martha, named in his will), or two (a previous wife named Jane). Additional research and sources are needed. The placement of his children and birthdates are also in question. This problem may be related to the fact that there weretwo Robert Allens in the general area, Robert (25) in Frederick County and Robert (71 ) in Old Augusta. If the distinction between the two was not recognized, its possible that different genealogists have used documentation for one to established the wife and child list of the other.


Person:Robert Allen (25)
Person:Robert Allen (71)
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Not to be confused with Robert Allen of Frederick County, VA


Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 6.--17th March, 1758. John Young to Robert Allen, £100, 234 acres in Beverley Manor, on Back Creek; corner Hugh Young; John Trimble's corner; corner Wm. McFeeters, James Young's corner. Delivered: Hugh Young, August, 1762.
  • Page 335.--18th May, 1761. Thomas Lewis to James and Robert Allen, £80, 560 acres on West Fork of Jackson's River. (Note: the James Allen listed appears to be Robert's son).
  • Page 598.--19th June, 1764. William Teas to Robert Allen, bond conditioned upon making title to Robert for half of a tract of 200 acres joining land of said Allen and Teas, equally the property of both, but the patent issued in name of Teas. Teste: John Poage, James Hughes. Delivered: Robert Allen, March, 1765.
  • Page 600.--18th June, 1764. Charles Teas to Robert Allen, £250, 600 acres, part of 900 acres formerly belonging to Joseph Teas, deceased, and devised to Charles, on South River in Beverley Manor. Teste: Francis Alexander. Delivered: Robert Allen, Jr., March, 1765.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 12.--20th August, 1762. Robert ( ) Allen and Martha ( ) to John Moffet, £181, 234 acres in Beverley Manor; cor. Hugh Young; cor. Jno. Trimble; cor. Wm. McPheeters; cor. James Young, Back Creek. Delivered: Mr. Moffett, 15th April, 1786.
  • Page 362.--20th September, 1763. Robert Allen to John Young, £46, 280 acres on Back Creek, west fork of James River. Teste: Andrew Greer, Robert Shanklin. Delivered: John Young, 2d May, 1766.
  • Page 397.--21st September, 1763. Robert Allen to John Davis, £100, 280 acres on West Fork of James River called Back Creek; corner John Young's part of said tract. Delivered: Jno. Davis, 14th April, 1777. Page 399.--21st September, 1763. Robert Allen to John Davis, bond to secure title to above.
  • Page 504.--18th May, 1768. Robert ( ) Allen (and Martha) to John McClenachan, £30; two tracts--A, 34 acres, and B, 10 acres patented to Robert 14th February, 1761. Delivered: Alexander Sinclair, per order, 13th December, 1773.
  • Page 85.--17th October, 1769. Robert Allen, Sr., and Martha to Robert Allen, Jr., £100, 80 acres whereon Allen's mill now is on South River of Shanando, part of 600 acres as conveyed to him by Charles Teas and recorded in the secretary's office. Teste: George Eliott, John Stewart, William Teas. Delivered: Jane Allan, widow of Robert Allen, 6th October, 1790.


From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 328 - - 17th September, 1785. Robert Allen's will - - farmer - - To wife, Martha, and family; to son, James 1 schilling; to son, Robert, 1 shilling; to son, John, 1 shilling; to son, William, 1 shilling; to daughter, Mary Malarie, 1 shilling; to daughter, Ann Frazier, 1 chilling; to son, Mountecue Allen; to son, Benjamin Allen; to son, Thomas Allen; to daughter, Elizabeth Meek. Executors, wife Martha and Patrick Buchanan. Teste: James Bell, James Colter, Robert Allen and Jane Scott. Proved, 15th February, 1791, by Bell and Colter.


Augusta County, Virginia query:

posted by Robert M. Allen on Saturday, January 3, 1998 e-mail:

Interested in communicating with experienced genealogists researching the genealogy of Robert Allen (c1710-1789). He had the following sons by his first wife (name unknown): James, Robert (1741-1788), William and John. He has the following sons by his second wife, Martha ???: Monticue, Thomas and Benjamin. Robert Allen Jr. married Jean (aka Jane) Turk, daughter of Thomas Turk (c1718-809) and his first wife Margaret ???. Thomas Turk was the son of Robert Turk (c1690-1772) and his first wife Margaret ???. Thomas Turk's second wife was Mary Gleaves, daughter of Matthew Gleaves (c1715-1760) and Esther ???. William Gleaves (c1745-1820) was the son of Matthew and sister to Mary, married Elizabeth Turk (1753-1840), daughter of Thomas Turk and his first wife, full sister to Jean (aka Jane) Turk who married Robert Allen, Jr. I can be reached my mail at 2329 Constitution Drive, San Jose, CA 95124