Person:Robert Alcorn (6)

Robert Alcorn
d.September 1798 Madison County, Kentucky
m. est. 1726
  1. Victoria Alcornabt 1726 -
  2. Robert Alcorn1728 - 1798
  3. John Alcorn1734 - aft 1804
  4. James Alcornabt 1735 - 1781
  5. Catharine Alcorn
  6. Sarah Alcorn
Facts and Events
Name Robert Alcorn
Gender Male
Birth? 1728
Death? September 1798 Madison County, Kentucky

Robert Alcorn was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - 1749: We petitioners, being the frontier inhabitants of this colony, labor under great inconveniences for want of a road being opened from our settlement towards the landing, and there being (as we presume) a sufficient number of inhabitants to open one, we therefore humbly pray that your worship will be graciously pleased to take our case under your serious consideration and grant an order for a road to be opened from Zachariah Callhouns, on Reedy Creek, and thence to the Buffalo Lick and from thence the nearest and best way to Woods River, at the upper end of a small island below the mouth of the Little River, and thence towards the forks of Meadow Creek, and thence to the top of the dividing ridge between Woods River and the South Fork of Roanoke, and that John Vance and Alexander Sayers be appointed to mark and lay off said road from said Callhouns to Woods River, and that John Stroud and James Conley mark and lay off from thence to the aforesaid dividing ridge, etc. That John McFarland and Joseph Crockett be appointed overseers to open and clear said road from said Calhoun's to Woods River, with the subscribers and the adjacent inhabitants and that William Crispe and William Pellem be appointed overseers from Woods River to the aforesaid dividing ridge, etc., and we, your petitioners, shall pray. Hendery Battan, Jacob Goldman, Jacob Goldman, Frederick Cadock, John Scott, John Combe, Samuel Stonacie, Robert McFarland, John Stead, Mordecai Early, John Downing, Charles Sincler, Wiliam Sayers, William Hamilton, Robert V(N)orris, Samuel Mountgomery, Andrew Lynam, James Macee, James Heris, Robert Miller, John Miller, Robert Allcorn, William Miller, John McFarland, Joseph Crockett, Val. Wilcher, Humberstone Lyon, James Miller, Stephen Lyon, Thomas Barnes, James Willy, John Vance, Alexander Sayers, Jacob Cassall, John German.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 23, 1750. - (371) Road ordered from Ezekiel Calhoun's to Wood's River thence to Top of Ridge between Wood's River and the South Fork of Roanoke. John McFarland and Joseph Crockett to be surveyors of former, and Wm. Crisp and Wm. Pellam, of latter part, with tithables, and the following: Henry Batton, Mordecai Early, John McFarland, Jacob Goldman, John Downing, John Goldman, Charles Sinclair, Nathaniel Wilshire, Wm. Sayers, Jacob Goldman, Wm. Hamilton, Humbertson Lyon, Frederick Carlock, Robert Norris, James Miller, James Cave, Saml. Montgomerie, Steven Lyon, John Conley, Andrew Linam, James Willbey, Saml. Stanlick, James Maies, Robert McFarlin, James Harris, John Vance, John Stride, Robert Miller, Alexr. Sayers, John Miller, Jacob Castle, Robert Alcorn, John Forman, Wm. Miller.
  • Page 352.--30th August, 1750. Samuel Crockett's appraisement, by James Callhoon, John Noble, Wm. Sayers. Paid Robert Miller, Robert Alcoran, James Ryne. To William Mountgomery. Due by Peter Harman, Jno. Thompson, Jr., Joseph Crockett, Andrew Gaughagen.
  • Page 480.--16th January, 1753. John Noble's appraisement, by Robt. Norris, Saml. Montgomery, John Montgomery. Note of John McFarland, Joseph Crockett, Robert Allcorn, John Hatthorn, James and John Miller, James Callhoun, Nathaniel Welshar, Wm. Montgomery, Wm. Callhoun. To butter money, cash. Philip Snider's bond. Due John McFarland for 106 acres land at £5 per 100. Due to the remainder of land. William Callhoun, Widow Lukes.
  1.   James Alcorn and Mary Stines were not the parents of Robert Alcorn. For proof see James Alcorn (died 1781) at
  2.   James (died 1781) & John Alcorn were most likely brothers due to their close association with each other, their ages, and the fact that there were very few Alcorn’s in Virginia of their generation. Robert Alcorn was also probably their brother based on the following:

    1. Robert also seems to be of the same generation as James & John.

    2. Robert also lived in and owned properties in what is now Wythe Co., VA as did James & John:

    a) The Commissioner’s certificates indicate that Robert Alcorn settled on 300 acres on Reed Creek east of the present town of Wytheville in 1750, a tract later assigned to George Miller. [“Early Adventures On The Western Waters,” (1985), Vol. III, Part 2:573, by Mary B. Kegley.] Robert most likely assigned the 300 acres to someone else as he did not take out a Warrant for the land or have it surveyed. George Miller was granted a Land Grant dated 22 Mar 1785 for the 300 acres by Survey dated 29 Apr 1784, lying in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co., VA, on Locust [should be Lucas (now called Miller)] Creek, a branch of Reed Creek, the waters of New River -- by virtue of a Certificate in Right of Settlement given by the Commissioners for adjusting the Titles to unpatented lands in the District of Washington and Montgomery [Counties]. [VA Land Grant Book P:436-438.] Also see -- Land Grant dated 11 Mar 1835 granted to Joseph McGavock for 147 acres [VA Land Grant Book 84:599-600.] (The 147 acres was part of the above 300 acres (the eastern half) and included references to Macks Little Run crossing the western and southern boundaries of the 147 acre tract). Note that James Alcorn (Robert’s possible brother) was granted a 50 acre military warrant for service in the French & Indian War that was also on Macks Little Run. Furthermore, John Alcorn (Robert’s possible brother) bought 201 acres on Lucas Creek in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co., near Anchor & Hope, in 1778 from James Miller. [Montgomery Co., VA Deed Book A:179.] The 594 foot western boundary line of John Alcorn (son of James died 1781) 83 acre tract bordered the lower eastern boundary line of what was Robert Alcorn’s 300 acre tract above. Part of John's 83 acre tract (39 acres) was once a part of John Alcorn's 201 acre tract that he sold to John on 02 Sep 1782 (Montgomery Co., VA Deed Book A:285). The other part (44 acres) of John's 83 acres was sold to John on the same date by John Miller (Montgomery Co. Deed Book A:286).

    b) Deed from John Vance of Bedford Co., VA, to Robert Allcorn of Augusta Co., VA, on 19 May 1755 for 20 pounds -- 192 acres lying in Augusta (now Wythe) Co., VA on the north fork (Cove Creek) of Reed Creek. Witnesses: William Scott, George Wilson & Peter Scott. [Augusta Co., VA Deed Book 7:79-80.] Lyman Chalkley in his “Chronicles of the Scott_Irish Settlement in Virginia,” Vol. III:335 has Robert Allcorn’s last name as “Alleson” on the above deed, which is incorrect as the writing in the deed book is hard to decipher. Robert Alcorn of Camden District of South Carolina sold the above 192 acres for 40 pounds to John Adams of Montgomery Co., VA on 30 Sep 1782. Witnesses: John Miller, Jr., John Miller, Joseph Montgomery, Robert Miller, Jr., Robert Miller & Robert Adams. Deed recorded 05 Nov 1782. [Montgomery Co., VA Deed Book A:267-268.]

    3. According to “Robert Alcorn and his Descendants” compiled by Elsie Martin Alcorn and Lloyd C. Alcorn, Sr. & J. Malvern Alcorn and written by Lloyd C. Alcorn, Sr., Robert Alcorn moved from South Carolina to Madison Co., KY and died there in 1797. [For the source Goggle: “Robert Alcorn and his Descendants”]. So Robert Alcorn, his possible brother John Alcorn and Robert’s possible brother James’ widow Jane (now the wife of Charles Hutcherson) all moved to Madison Co., KY.