Person:Richard Meador (6)

Richard Meador
d.Bef 15 May 1716 Essex County, Virginia
m. Bet Jul 1677 and Feb 1678
  1. Richard MeadorAbt 1678 - Bef 1716
  2. Thomas Meador1680 - 1758
  3. Rachel MeadorAbt 1683 -
  4. Elizabeth MeadorAbt 1685 - Bef 1749
  5. Hope Meador1690 - Bef 1721
  6. Esther Meador1691 - Bef 1721
  7. John MeadorBef 1694 - 1720
  • HRichard MeadorAbt 1678 - Bef 1716
  • WAnn Moss1678 -
m. Bef Jul 1698
  1. William MeadorBef 1706/07 - Abt 1759
  2. Richard MeadorBet 1710 & 1715 - 1775
  3. Addra Meador1712 - 1757
  4. Francis Meadows1717 - Bef 1792
Facts and Events
Name Richard Meador
Alt Name Richard Meadors
Alt Name Richard Meadows
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1678 Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
Other[2][4] 16 Dec 1683 Old Rappahannock County, Virginianamed in Deed of Gift by Abraham Coombe
Property[2][3] 10 Dec 1694 Essex County, Virginiareceived land in a deed of gift from his father
Marriage Bef Jul 1698 Virginia, United Statesto Ann Moss
Other[2] Jul 1698 Essex County, Virginiawith wife Ann, made bond for faithful administration of her father's estate
Other Abt 1699  Speculative child?: Esther Meadows (2)  
with Ann Moss
Other[2] 1702 Essex County, Virginiawith wife Ann, sold 100 acres she inherited from her father
Other Bet 1710 and 1715 Essex, Virginia, United States  Speculative child?: Joel Meador (7)  
with Ann Moss
Will[2] 12 Dec 1715 Essex County, VirginiaWill signed
Property[2] 1728, 1734 Essex County, Virginiason William sold land originally granted to Richard's grandfather Thomas
Death? Bef 15 May 1716 Essex County, Virginia
Probate[1][2] 15 May 1716 Essex County, VirginiaWill entered into probate
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    Richard Meador, son of John Meador (3) and Elizabeth White, b. 1678-9, VA; m. Ann Moss (dau. of John Moss);Richard Meador's will was probated May 1716. His widow Ann Moss Meadows married James Bradbury.

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    Richard was of legal age, able to make a legal deed, in 1702. He was therefore born by or before 1681.
    In deeds dated 1728 and 1734, William Meador sold part of the 450 acre tract originally granted to Thomas Meador, Orphan, 1664, through son John, his son Richard, to William.
    Elizabeth White Meador died before the end of 1694. On 10 December 1695, John Meador, anticipating a second marriage, made a deed of gift dividing the bulk of his land among his children: Richard, Thomas, John Jr., and Hope, Rachel, Elizabeth and Esther.
    Terms of Richard's Will [Essex Co. Deeds & Wills Book 14, p. 526]: Plantation where he lived to his wife Ann; eldest son William to inherit the plantation after the death of his mother; youngest son Richard to have the remaining 100 acres of his great-grandfather White's lands on the North side of Hoskins Creek, after the deaths of Esther (Meador) and her husband, William Bourne. If Richard should die, then the 100 acres should go to his youngest sister Addra.

  3. Land Grants - John and Thomas Meador, June Bork, 18 Feb 2001, in RootsWeb Archiver
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    1694 Dec 10 - Essex Co, VA - Deeds & Wills (1692-5), p.332
    Know all men by these presents that I, John Meador Senior widower, in ye
    county of Essex in ye Parish of South Farnham, for ye love I bear to my
    children that I had by my wife Elizabeth [White] Meador deceased, I doe
    hereby give them such parsell of land that I shall set downe severall by
    themselves. . . . .
    my son Richard Meador and my son John Meador . . . .
    my son Thomas Meador . . . .
    to my son Hope Meador. . . .
    my daughter Rachell Meador. . . .
    my daughter Elizabeth Meader. . . . & my daughter Esther Meader. . . .
    The land given unto my sons and daughters never to be sold nor disposed of but to ramaine from heir to heir as long as there can be one of
    ye Meaders found alive, . . . .
    Witness my hand and seale this tenth day of
    December, 1694.. /s/ John Meader (Seale)..
    Wit: Mary (X) Gorbell, Joseph (F) Calloway

  4. Abraham Coombe was apparently the father of Joanne Coombe who married John Meador, son of Ambrose Meador