Person:Richard White (27)

Richard White
Facts and Events
Name Richard White
Gender Male
Birth[1] England
Property[1] 12 Dec 1654 Lancaster County, Virginiareceived grant of 500 acres "opposite Nanzemond Towne"
Property[1] 1658 Virginiareceived headlight grant for 7 people
Property[1] 1658 Virginiashared a grant for 100 with two others
Property[1] 1664 Virginiareceived grant of 3000 acres on north side of Hoskins Creek
Property[1] Bet 1665 and 1666 Old Rappahannock County, Virginiagranted 1500 acres; sold to Robert Taliaferro
Property[1] Feb 1678 Old Rappahannock County, Virginiadeed property to son-in-law John Meador
Occupation[1] Cooper
Death[1] Aft 3 Mar 1690 Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
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    - 12 Dec 1654 - granted 500 acres in Lancaster County "opposite Nanzemond Towne", an Indian village
    - 1658 - received headlight grants for himself, wife Addra, son Thomas, and four others
    - 1658 - shared with Evan Davis and Samuel Mann a grant for 1000 acres
    - 1664 - received a grant for 3000 acres on the north side of Hoskins Creek, opposite the land of John Meador on the south side of the River -- became his home plantation
    - 1665 - granted 1500 acres of land on south side of the Rappahannock River by Gov. Berkeley
    - 1666 - sold 1500 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock River to Robert Taliaferro
    - Feb 1678 - deeded plantation to John and Elizabeth (White) Meador "out of kindness and affection" for the care and maintenance of himself and his wife for the remainder of their lives
    - 3 Mar 1690 - witnessed a deed
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