Person:Ralph Lafferty (1)

Ralph Lafferty
d.Bef. June 1792 Bath County, Virginia
m. Bef. 1718
  1. Ralph Lafferty1718 - Bef 1792
  2. Mary Ann LaffertyABT 1720 - AFT 1776
m. 1742
  1. Steele LaffertyBET 1742 AND 1764 - 1780
  2. Agnes Lafferty1743 - BEF 1815
  3. Sarah Lafferty1745 - 1809
  4. Martha Lafferty1747 -
  5. William Lafferty1749 - BEF 1818
  6. Ralph Lafferty1753 -
  7. James Lafferty1755 -
  • HRalph Lafferty1718 - Bef 1792
  • WJane Hicklinabt 1722 - Abt 1795
m. 20 Nov 1764
  1. Rebecca Lafferty1766 - 1817
Facts and Events
Name Ralph Lafferty
Alt Name Ralph Laverty
Gender Male
Birth? 1718 Kilcoskan, Dublin, Ireland
Alt Birth? 1721 Dublin, Ireland
Marriage 1742 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Stuart
Marriage 20 Nov 1764 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Hicklin
Alt Death? 1786 Stuart's Creek, Bath County, Virginia
Death? Bef. June 1792 Bath County, Virginia

Ralph Lafferty was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 380.--15th June, 1770. Ralph Laferty and Jane to William Laverty, £25, 224 acres; corner Adam Dickinson, on Cowpasture River.

Will of Ralph Lafferty

From "Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1842, by Jean Randolph Bruns:

  • pg. 12. Will of Ralph Laverty (X) dated Feb. 17, 1790.
Beq: 1/3 of personal estate, bay hores with small star in forehead, saddle, spotted cream heifer 3 yrs. old, 2 sheep to wife Jeane (upon her death or remarriage to oldest son of John Hamilton of Rockbridge [his grandson Ralph 6 months]).
six sheep to daughter Rebecca Hamilton
remainder to daughters, Agnes Haddin, Sarah Clark and Martha Meek
5 shillings to son William (to be paid from wife's share)
all real estate to Rebecca Hamilton, including 300 acres on the Cowpasture River at mouth of Stuart Creek and 45 acres (to go to her son Ralph at her death)
one large Bible to Sarah Clark
Wit: William Connell, Henry Scott, Nathan Crawford and Robert Stuart.
Probated June, 1792 court.
Exec: wife Jane and son-in-law John Hamilton

Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1773 (A). - Ralph Laverty vs. John Estill.--Debt. Writ dated 1770. Contract of rental between plaintiff and defendant, dated 1765. Ralph rented to John land belonging to Ralph's stepdaughter, which belonged to Robert Graham, deceased. Ralph married Robert's widow(?).
  • Page 23.--18th September, 1787. Ralph Laverty's power of attorney to his son-in-law, Mr. John Hamilton, to collect accounts and pay bills.

Information on Ralph Lafferty/Laverty

WDC GenWeb - Descendants of Ralph Laverty

  • Ralph Laverty b. 1721 Dublin, Ireland, d. 1786 Stuarts Creek, Bath Co VA
    buried Windy Cove Church Cem, Staunton VA
    Came to America with his sister and settled by Millbro Springs, in the
    Cow Pastures near Staunton VA, may have spelled their name O'Laferty
 m. Elizabeth Stewart d. 1761 VA
    sister to James Stewart, who married Ralph Laverty's sister in Ireland

Children of Ralph Laverty and Elizbeth Stewart:

1. Willam Laverty d. bef Apr 22 1818 Monroe Co WV

    m. Nancy Jamison Jun 9 1792 Greenbrier Co WV
    *  Alexander Laverty
    *  Clara Laverty
    *  James Laverty
    *  Mary Laverty
    *  Nancy Laverty
    *  Rebecca Laverty
       m. Alexander Massey Jun 1 1809 Monroe Co WV
          b. 1783 VA, d. aft 1860 Lawrence Co OH
       Descendants of Rebecca Laverty and Alexander Massey
    *  Robert Laverty
    *  William Laverty Jr
    *  Ralph Laverty Jr b. 1791 Greenbrier Co WV
       m. Sarah Farmbrough Mar 17 1818, b. 1781 VA
       *  Alexander Laverty b. 1825 VA
             1880 living in Raleigh Co WV
          m. Edith Wells Oct 15 1848 Fayette Co WV
             b. Feb 1830 VA, d. aft 1900 Raleigh Co WV
          *  Adaline Laverty b. 1849 VA
          *  Hiram Laverty b. Mar 1851 Raleigh Co WV
             m. Virginia Frances Lemon b. Apr 1851 Montgomery Co VA
                [d/o Silas Lemon and Sarah Lemon]
             *  Epperson Laverty
             *  Leander B Laverty b. Mar 8 1872 Raleigh Co WV
             *  Silas A Laverty b. Jan 13 1874 Raleigh Co WV
             *  Henry J Laverty b. May 1877
             *  Alfred Laverty b. Nov 1879
             *  Jabez C Laverty b. Oct 1888
             *  Ida J Laverty b. Aug 1892
          *  Nancy J R Laverty b. Oct 4 1856 Raleigh Co WV
             m. Carr Allen Jr
          *  Mary Catherine Laverty b. Oct 9 1858 Raleigh Co WV
          *  Martha Laverty b. 1862 Raleigh Co WV
             m. William C Price
             *  Robert Laverty b. May 1884 Boone Co WV
          *  Sarah Laverty b. 1865 Raleigh Co WV
          *  William Laverty b. Nov 9 1865 Raleigh Co WV
          *  Penina E Laverty b. Nov 16 1866 Raleigh Co WV
          *  Lucressa A V Laverty b. 1868 Raleigh Co WV
             m. John Adkins
          *  Sina R Laverty b. Aug 14 1872 Raleigh Co WV
          *  Roseabelle Laverty b. 1873
          *  Leroy Laverty b. 1880
          *  Josephine Laverty b. 1880
          *  Eliza C Laverty b. 1880
    *  Jane Laverty
       m. Mathew Farley Feb 15 1820 Monroe Co WV
          His family moved to Henry Co IN 1830/40
    *  Sarah Jane Laverty b. abt 1798
          One source says William Massey was the father of Sarah's
          children and they were not married
       p. William Massey b. 1795 VA, d. Apr 2 1879 Raleigh Co WV
       Descendants of Sarah Laverty and William Massey
    *  Elizabeth Jane Laverty b. 1800 VA
       m. John "Crap" Allen Jr b. 1818 VA, d. bef 1861 Wyoming Co WV
          [s/o John Allen Sr and Nancy _]
       *  Drusilla Allen b. 1825 Wyoming Co WV, d. bef 1900 Wyoming Co
             Her father would have been 7 years old when she was born,
             so she may be a sister not a daughter
          m. Mr Lafferty
          *  James A Lafferty b. 1845 Wyoming Co WV
             m. Mary Ann b. 1845 Wyoming Co
             *  Sis Lafferty b. 1871 Wyoming Co WV
             *  Eliza Lafferty b. 1872 Wyoming Co WV
             *  Garretson Lafferty b. 1875 Wyoming Co WV
          *  Elizabeth Lafferty b. 1849 Wyoming Co WV
          *  Alexander Laverty b. 1852 Wyoming Co WV
             m. Launa _ b. 1860 VA
             *  Sarah L Laverty b. 1878
             *  William F Laverty b. Sep 1879 Raleigh Co WV
          *  Goodall Lafferty
             b. May 1855 Wyoming Co WV
             d. Oct 13 1927 Tipple/Tripple, Wyoming Co
             m. Mary _ b. Oct 1859 VA
             *  Lacy Lafferty
             *  Etsie Lafferty
             *  Jack Lafferty
             *  Perry Lafferty b. Dec 1882 Wyoming Co WV
             *  John J Laffertty b. Aug 1884 Wyoming Co WV
             *  William Lafferty b. May 1887 Wyoming Co WV
             *  James M Lafferty
                b. Dec 1889 Wyoming Co WV
                d. Jun 29 1956 Indian Mills, Raleigh Co WV
                m. Ella _
                *  Roscoe Lafferty
                *  Sadie Lafferty
                   m. Mr Wright
                *  Gracie Lafferty
                   m. Mr Pifle
                *  Virginia Lafferty
                   m. Mr Daniels
             *  Ollie Lafferty b. Nov 1890 Wyoming Co WV, d. never married
             *  Rosey A Lafferty b. Jan 1892 Wyoming Co WV
                m. Mr Rollins
             *  Martin L Lafferty b. Feb 1895 Wyoming Co WV
             *  Rice Lafferty b. Oct 1897 Wyoming Co WV
          *  Frances Lafferty b. 1862 Wyoming Co WV
          *  Henley Lafferty b. 1865 Wyoming Co WV
       *  Reney Allen b. 1827 Wyoming Co WV
       *  Julian Allen b. 1837
       *  Lany Allen b. 1838
       *  Jackson Allen b. 1839 Wyoming Co WV
          m. Emily Laverty b. 1839 Raleigh Co WV
       *  Perry Allen b. 1840
       *  Larkin Allen b. 1841
       *  Caroline Allen b. 1842
       *  Henley Allen b. 1843
       *  Mary Ann Allen b. 1844
       *  Ruhama Allen b. 1846
       *  Roselina Allen b. 1848
    *  Steel Laverty b. 1803 VA, d. aft 1870 Raleigh Co WV
       m. Eleanor Ellison Aug 5 1855 Raleigh Co
          b. Dec 23 1812 Indian Creek, Monroe Co WV
          d. Jan 28 1890 Giles Co VA
          Eleanor m.1st Fielding Phipps
       *  Henry Riffe Laverty b. Oct 1851 VA, d. Feb 29 1912
             Henry is son of Eleanor and her first husband Fielding
             Phipps, Henry went by surname Laverty in census records
          m. Betty Cam Snuffer Jul 27 1873
          *  Howard Edward Laverty b. Apr 27 1874
          *  John Owen Laverty b. Aug 1877
          *  Julia Alice Laverty b. Mar 1880
          *  Louverna Laverty b. 1898 Kanawha Co WV
          2nd wife of Henry Riffe Laverty:
          m. Elizabeth Nelson b. Sep 1846 VA
       *  Howard Laverty b. 1852
          1880 living with 1/2 brother Henry in Boone Co WV
    *  Martha P Laverty b. 1805 VA, d. 1881 Raleigh Co WV
       m. William Massey Feb 24 1822 Kanawha Co WV
          b. 1795 VA, d. Apr 2 1879 Raleigh Co WV
       Descendants of Martha Laverty and William Massey

2. Steel Laverty d. 1780 Summers Co WV killed by Indians 3. Agnes Laverty d. bef 1815 Franklin Co KY

       Agnes has 400 acres on Eagle Creek entered by Walton that
       formely belonged to John Haddon in 1797. She had this land
       until 1813, and by 1814 has disposed of all but 15 acres
    m. William Haddon d. bef 1796 Woodford Co KY
    *  Susanna Haddon
       m. James Wilson Dec 6 1805 Franklin Co VA
    *  Margaret Haddon
       m. James Wymore Jan 21 1801 Franklin Co VA

4. Martha Laverty 5. Ralph Laverty

    m. Sarah Farmborough

6. James Laverty 7. Sarah Laverty b. 1745 VA, d. 1809 Monroe Co WV

    m. Alexander Clark bef 1763
    *  Rebecca Clark
       m. Samuel Cantley
       *  Alexander Cantley
          m. Mary Scott
          *  George Cantley Sr
             m. Drucilla Clay
             *  George Cantley Jr
                m. Mary Massey
                *  Laura Cantley
                   m. Jas Wm. "Willie" Acord
                   *  Orville "Darl" Acord
                      m. Margaret Persinger
                      *  Nancy Darl'ene Acord
                         m. Terry Greathouse

8. Rebecca Elizabeth Laverty

    b. 1760 Augusta Co VA
    d. Sep 5 1811 Kessler Cross Lanes, Nicholas Co WV
       buried in the Military Cem on Bill Walkers
       property, Route 2, Kessler Cross Lanes
    m. John Hamilton b. 1753 PA, d. Sep 1818 Kessler Cross Lanes
    Descendants of Rebecca Laverty and John Hamilton

2nd wife of Ralph Laverty b. 1721:

 m. Jane Hickline Nov 20 1764 Augusta Co VA, b. 1722
    Jane m.1st Robert Graham


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