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Peter Whittinghill
m. 1775
  1. John WhittinghillABT 1776 - 1846
Facts and Events
Name Peter Whittinghill
Gender Male
Birth? 1752 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 1775 Virginiato Catherine Gabbert
Death? 1844 Warrick, Indiana

Peter Whittinghill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Peter Whittinghill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents, Augusta County Levy for 1779: Peter Whitinghill, gone. (listed among many others).

Information on Peter Whittinghill

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Peter Whittinghill

There are many family legends about how Peter Whittinghill arrived in America. Some say he was kidnapped off of a British ship, and made to be a sailor on an American ship sailing to America. Another story is he was a Hessian soldier transported t o this country from England. Upon his arrival, Peter joined the Colonists in there fight to be free from England. And yet another story is he was a stow-away on a British ship bound for America, and the Captain of the ship found him. Peter and the Captain became friends, and the Captain sponsored Peter when they arrived in Pennsylvania. It is believed that Peter was born cir. 1752. There is proof that Peter did marry Catherine Gabhart, of Augusta County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mapheas and Christina Gabhart. Around 1798, the Whittinghill's started their journey to Kentucky. They bought land in Mercer County, Kentucky on Jan. 26, 1798. The purchase price was 100 pounds of Kentucky money. (This is on file on page 411 of deed book 3, in Mercer Co.) The Peter Whittinghill family only appears in the 1810 Kentucky Census records. It states that Peter and Catherine were over 45 years of age. In the book, "The History of Warrick, Spencer, and Perry Counties, Indiana" it states that in 1825, Peter Whittinghill operated a small corn-cracker just west of Gentryville. The earliest deed record in Spencer Co. Indiana states that Peter owned land there, Deed book 2, page 189, recorded on June 15, 1832. He sold land to William Whittinghill on May 13, 1835, (deed book 3, pages 28 and 29. William Whittinghill was the son of Peter. Peter Whittinghill died in 1844 in Warrick Co. Indiana and was buried in the Samuel Gentry cemetery. (It may be note here that the cemetery still remains now but is called the Billy Gentry cemetery. No head-stone for Peter Whittinghill can be found. There is also definite proof that Peter Whittinghill served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He was court marshaled on Oct. 22, 1778 in Augusta Co. Virginia for not attending a "general- muster" on Sept. 4, 1778. He was returned to duty in his regiment under Capt. John Young.

Children of Peter and Catherine (Gabhart) Whittinghill
a. John b. 1776 d. 1846 m. Elizabeth Cooper
b. George b. 1778 d. 1813 m. Elizabeth Robertson
c. David b. 1780
d. William b. 1783
e. Sarah
f. Jane b. 1785 m. William Roberts
g. Mary Polly b. 1785
h. Elizabeth