Person:Peter Coger (1)

John Peter Coger
b.17 September 1753 Pennsylvania
d.3 September 1841 Braxton County, Virginia
m. abt. 1737
  1. Michael Coger1740 -
  2. Henry Koger1742 -
  3. John Coger1744/45 - 1835
  4. Jacob Koger, Junior1746-1755 - 1797
  5. John Peter Coger1753 - 1841
  6. Nicholas Koger1755 - 1824
  7. Joseph Coger1759 -
m. 3 September 1781
  1. William Coger1782 -
  2. Jacob Cogerabt 1783 -
  3. Thomas Cogerabt 1788 -
  4. Peter Coger, Jr.abt 1790 -
  5. Benjamin Cogerabt 1793 -
  6. Sarah Cogerbef 1803 -
  7. Phebe CogerABT 1807 -
  8. Daniel Coger1810 -
Facts and Events
Name John Peter Coger
Alt Name John Peter Koger
Gender Male
Birth[1][6] 17 September 1753 Pennsylvania
Marriage 3 September 1781 Rockingham County, Virginiato Mary McElwain
Alt Death? abt. 1835
Death[1] 3 September 1841 Braxton County, Virginia

John Peter Coger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 1, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Coger, Peter - entered service 1777 in Rockingham County, Virginia; born 1753 in Pennsylvania, moved to Virginia when infant where reared in Augusta County & Rockingham County; resided in Franklin County, Virginia, after Revolutinoary War; moved in 1824 to Elk River, Randolph County, Virginia, thence to Lewis County, Virginia where granted Pension in 1832; resided in 1837 in Kanasha County, Virginia; brother Joseph entered service with soldier in 1778; query letter in file in 1937 from descendant Mrs. Emma Cogar, Hyattsville, Maryland. R595.

Advisory on Parentage of Peter Coger

Some sources claim that Peter Coger may have been a son of Jacob Coger's brother, Nicholas Coger, who died in 1743, whose estate records are listed in both Orange and Augusta County, Virginia, but since Peter Coger's birthdate as listed in 1753, in his letters proving his military service for a goverment pension, which appears to rule him out as a son of Nicholas.

Information on Peter Coger

Jacob’s son, Peter Coger, born in 1753, served at Point Pleasant, and fought in the battles of Vincennes and Yorktown.
His son William Coger, born in 1782, served in the War of 1812.
Peter Coger was born about 1753, and was raised in Rockingham County, Virginia. He served as a soldier in the Revolution, and his story is preserved in three letters which he dictated, late in his life, to obtain a government pension for his service.

[Source: THE COGAR FAMILY, A Few Genealogical Notes Incorporating “ONE FAMILY’S EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY”, by Sarah Coger;]

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  5.   Braxton Historical Society (West Virginia). Journal of the Braxton Historical Society. (Exchange, West Virginia: Braxton Historical Society, 1973-), June 1992.

    Peter Cogar 1753-1841?
    m. Mary Mackelvain on 9/3/1781. Moved to Franklin Co., Va
    and purchased 97-1/2 acres. also 160 ac on Blackwater R. in
    Franklin Co. 4/3/1797. 100 ac of land in Franklin Co. from
    Henry Kingerly.
    1824 he moved to Elk RIve in Randolph Co., then to Lewis
    now either Braxton or Webster co. In 1841 he was reciving his
    soldiers pension in Lewis Co., living with Adam Starcher,
    maybe his son-in-law.
    Children listed:
    William b. abt 1782 m. Betty Kingary
    Jacob b. abt 1783 m. Margaret Mollahan
    Thomas b. abt 1788 m. Mary Eva Spillman
    Peter Jr. b. abt 1790 m Mary ?
    Benjamin b. abt 1793 m. Mary Hosey
    John b abt 1797 m. Sarah Jane Sands
    Catherine m. John Ashward.
    William Coger lived to be 108, Jacob Coger lived to be
    106, Mary Coger lived to be 104.

  6. John Peter Cogar
    b. 1753, Rockingham Co VA [then Augusta County]

    Revolutionary War Service
    "Acquainted with Tunis McElwain from the days of their youth"

    Peter married Mary "Polly" McElwain, sister of Tunis McElwain, in Rockingham County VA September 3, 1781.

    Daughter Sarah married Henry Mace, son of Isaac Mace, in 1820.

    Daughter Phoebe, b. 1812 [other sources say abt. 1807], married Adam Starcher 1828, Philip Starcher's son

    Living with son-in-law Adam Starcher in 1833.

    Son Daniel Cogar, b. 1810, married Hannah Starcher 1841, Philip Starcher's niece
  7.   Letter of Miss Emma Cogar, Dec 31,1937
  8.   A Dec 31, 1937 letter of a Miss Emma Coger to US government {probably War Department] requesting pension papers for either Peter or Jacob Coger or both. It appears both may have served in the Illinois Regtunder the command of a Captain Jeremiah Ragan then under Abraham Rowman at which point both men served with Geneal Geoge RogersClark in his campain against the Indians.
  9.   Peter Coger, Number S.1048, Virginia, Volunater July 1777, Drafted 1781, recieved pension up until 1837,