Person:Paul Dieter (2)

Paul Dieter
b.Abt. 1732 Prob. Pennsylvania
m. 19 DEC 1720
  1. Johann Michael Dieter1722 -
  2. Maria Christina Dieter1726 - 1726
  3. Johann George 'Old George' Dieter, of South Branch, Potomac River1730 - Abt 1798
  4. Paul DieterAbt 1732 - 1784
  5. Maria Barbara Dieterbet 1733 - 1814
  6. Philip DieterBET 1735 AND 1736 - 1815
  7. Susannah Dieter1738 -
  8. Rosina DieterBET 1739 AND 1743 - Abt 1804
m. 1761
  1. George Teter1762 - abt 1857
  2. Mary TeterBET 1768 AND 1769 -
  3. Abraham Teter1768 - 1815
  4. Hannah Teter1773 -
  5. Barbara TeterABT 1775 -
  6. John TeterABT 1778 -
  7. Sarah TeterABT 1780 -
  8. Solomon TeterABT 1783 -
  9. Rebecca TeterABT 1784 -
Facts and Events
Name Paul Dieter
Alt Name Paul Teter
Alt Name Paul Teeter
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1732 Prob. Pennsylvania
Marriage 1761 Pendleton, West Virginiato Rebecca Henckel
Death? 1784 Rockingham County, Virginia

Paul Dieter (Teter) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • Page 124 - Land Survey, Paul Teeter, 53 acres, Fork of the Potomac. Oct. 29, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 45].
  • Page 235 - Land Survey, Paul Teeter, 43 acres, South Branch of Potomac. Oct. 28, 1773. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 83].

Records of Paul Dieter (Teter) in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 17, 1768. - (518) Witness: Paul Teter.

Information on Paul Dieter (Teter)

On March 17, 1768, Paul Teter made oath in the Augusta Court that he had attended for 5 days as a witness for "Jesse Hancle" in the latter's suit for slander against Alexander Painter. For this service it was ordered by the Court that he be paid 125 pounds of tobaccos, (the common currency of the time). From Augusta County Court Order book No. 11, page 518.

On April 19, 1773, when a new road was ordered to be made from Tygart's valley to the Mouth of Seneca, Paul Teter was appointed overseer of the work on the road from the top of the Allegheny mountains to the mouth of "Sinecar". (same Order Book 15, page 457) On January 18, 1775 his name appears in a list of those who made claims which appear to have been a result of the Dumore War in 1774 (Morton's History of Pendleton County, page 392; also the Augusta County Order Book No. 16, page 42)

On August 20, 1777, in a list of Tithables taken in the various companies of militia, "Captain Paul Teter's company" is mentioned (Augusta County Order book #16, page 222). Evidently, therefore, Paul Teter was a Captain in the Revolutionary War. (Virginia Militia in Revolutionary War. - J. T. McAllister, page 184).

Paul Teter's name also appears among those in Rockingham County who preferred claims for furnishing supplies to the army during the Revolutionary war. At a Court on Sept. 28, 1782, the claim of Paul Teter, of date August 8, 1778 for "24 Diets" (for soldiers) at 6 pence each was allowed; also the later claim dated August 3, 1782, for "Pasturage for 36 head of horses 1 night at 3 pence each". (Rockingham County Order Book 1, page 183). At the court on October 29, 1782, two further claims of his were also allowed: that dated June 5, 1782, for 15 horses and pasture, 1 night at 6 pence each; and that dated July 29, 1782, for 36 head of horses at 6 pence each in pasture. (Same, Book l, page 198). (also see Morton, pages 393, 394).

In the Personal Tax lists for Rockingham County in 1782 he is noted as having 11 horses and 16 head of cattle (a rather large amount for that period).

He appears again in the list for 1784 with 13 horses and 16 cattle. (These Personal Tax lists, which will often be referred to in these notes are a long series of Manuscript volumes in the Virginia State Library at Richmond, covering all the counties of the state from about 1782 to 1850. They form, of course, immensely valuable source material for the study of history and genealogy). In the "Property Books" (which show the list of those taxed for land, as distinct from the Personal tax lists), Paul Teter appears on the list for Rockingham County in 1782, as having 96 acres of land, of an assessed value of 25 pounds. (Although this is about 10 acres less than the amount of land owned by his brother Philip Teter, the value of Paul's land is over three times that of Philip's, showing of course either more fertile land or the presence of more or better improvements on it.)

Paul Teter died some time in the year 1784, after the date of taking the property tax (usually done early in the year) since his name appears on that list, but before the taking of the second Personal tax list for that year (published in the volume for Virginia in the series of the 1st U. S. Census), where his name does not appear but instead his widow Rebecca is given as head of the family.