Person:Oliver Alexander (2)

Oliver Alexander
b.26 September 1740 prob. Pennsylvania
m. bef. 1740
  1. Ebenezer AlexanderEst 1740 to 1748 - Bef 1824
  2. Joseph AlexanderBet 1740 & 1750 - Bef 1789
  3. Oliver Alexander1740 - Aft 1812
  4. James Alexander1740 - Aft 1799
  5. Jane AlexanderAbt 1742 -
  6. William AlexanderAbt 1749 - 1838
  7. Sarah AlexanderAbt 1750 -
  • HOliver Alexander1740 - Aft 1812
  • WMargaret Paul1740 - 1812
m. bef. 1768
  1. Ebenezer Alexander1768 - 1835
  2. John AlexanderAbt 1769 - Bef 1829
  3. Margaret Paul Alexander1771 - 1847
  4. Susan Alexander1772 - 1815
  5. Abigail Alexander1774 -
  6. Adam Rankin Alexander1781 - 1848
  7. Mary AlexanderAbt 1783 - Abt 1795
  • HOliver Alexander1740 - Aft 1812
  • WMary Craig
Facts and Events
Name Oliver Alexander
Gender Male
Birth[2] 26 September 1740 prob. Pennsylvania[twin]
Marriage bef. 1768 to Margaret Paul
Death? aft. 1812 Maury County, Tennessee

Oliver Alexander was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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NOT to be confused with Oliver Alexander (b. 1730 in Ireland), son of James Alexander and Elizabeth Ross. This Oliver Alexander has been identified by some researchers as his "distant cousin".

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 78.--18th March, 1772. Joseph Alexander and Abigail ( ) to James and Oliver Alexander, £60. Teste: William Livingston, Alexander Mountgomery.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 121.--16th March, 1773. Oliver Alexander and Margaret ( ), James Alexander and Martha ( ) to Robert Thomson, corner Francis Beatty's other tract, the great road. Teste: James ( ) Trotter, Jacob ( ) Patton. Borden's 92100.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 81.--18th March, 1772. Same (from Joseph Alexander and Abigail ( )) to Alexander Mountgomery. Teste: William Livingston, Oliver Alexander. (Note: Alexander Montgomery was the brother-in-law of Oliver Alexander).
  • Page 105.--20th March, 1772. Oliver Alexander, teste. (Note: the deed that Oliver Alexander witnessed may be of forther interest to researchers. Chalkley did not include the contents in his transcription).
  • Page 44.--3d July, 1787. James Gillespy and Sarah, of Sevier County, North Carolina, to Andrew Lecky, 143 acres on Elk Run in Beverley Manor, corner Thomas Hutcheson, deceased. Acknowledged in State of Franklni. Sevier County, 3d July, 1787, before Oliver Alexander and Thomas Gillespy, certified that they are justices by Samuel Wear, Clerk of Sevier County Court.

Records in Washington County, VA

  • Oliver Alexander served on jury in Washington Co., Virginia, May 18, 1781.
  • Nancy King's 'Places in Time', Vol. III which outlines original surveys in Washington Co Va. and then traces The property from 1770's until present.
  • Oliver Alexander's 190-acre survey was recorded in 1782, but he was already living here in 1780 when he received authorization to build a mill on Fifteen Mile Creek. He operated The mill for a few years, but by 1791 was living in Greens County, Tennessee. His land was sold in two tracts -- The upper 82 acres to Samuel Duff and The lower 108 acre mill tract to Adam Kerr."
  • The Washington County (VA) Surveyors Record 1781-1797; Page 37 - Samuel Montgomery...266 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on Holstein River...Beginning on Oliver Alexanders line...corner to Adam Hope...corner to William Duff...corner to John Berry & William Duff...June 16, 1782 - Samuel Montgomery, Robert Montgomery, Joseph Montgomery, Thomas Montgomery, Margaret Montgomery, Mary Montgomery, Susannah Montgomery & Abigal Montgomery, representatives for Michael Montgomery, decd, assignee of Thomas Gorman...400 extend on the south side of Holstein river...110 ac surveyed January 28, 1774...includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1771...August 24, 1781
  • Page 173 - David Dryden...330 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on Holstein River on the Fifteen Mile Creek...Beginning in a rocky gap...on Joel Drydens line...corner to Dryden & James Doren...corner on Oliver Alexanders land... on the west side of Fifteen Mile the mouth of Fifteen Mile Creek...June 15, 1782 - David Dryden, assignee of John Row...400 ac...on both sides of Holstein River...160 ac surveyed for David Dryden on February 1, 1774, actual settlement made in 1771...August 30, 1781
  • Page 248 - Oliver Alexander...190 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on both sides of the Fifteen Miler Creek...Beginning on the south side of the knobs corner to Adam Hopes land...on the east side of the creek...corner to Alex Dorans land...corner to David Drydens land...corner to Samuel Montgomerys land...June 16, 1782 - Oliver Alexander...200 ac...on 15 mile creek adjoining David Dryden, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 177_...September 1, 1781
  • Page 294 - Alexander Doren - 170 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on the waters of the Wolf Creek and of fifteen mile Creek north branches of Holstein River - beginning corner to David Dryden, Oliver Alexander & James Doren - by two roads - above Wolf Creek - at the foot of the knobbs - corner to Oliver Alexander - August 26, 1785...Alexander Doren, assignee of Joseph Alexander - 400 ac - actual settlement made in 1777 - on fifteen mile creek adjoining Adam Hope, James Philips, James Doren & Oliver Alexander, includes improvements - August 14, 1781
  • 1782 Washington County, Virginia Tax List; Captain James Montgomery's Precinct: Olipher (Oliver) Alexander, William Alexander.

Records in Tennessee

  • Petition Sundry Inhabitants South of French Broad North Carolina General Assembly Session Records Nov-Dec 1789: John Alexander, Ebenezer Alexander, Oliver Alexander.
  • Blount County was established by an act of the Territorial Assembly, passed July 11, 1795. The court of pleas and quarter sessions was organized on the second Monday in September, 1795, at the house of Abraham WEAVER. The justices present were William WALLACE, William LOWRY, James SCOTT, Oliver ALEXANDER, David CRAIG and George EWING. [Source: Goodspeed's History of Blount County, Tennessee].
  • 1801 - Oliver Alexander listed in Blount County, Tennessee with 300 acres, 1 black Poles, Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895. [] [Note: a Benjamin Alexander, listed with 1 Free Pole is listed immediately after Oliver Alexander]
  1.   .

    Most Rankin family researchers have Adam Rankin and his second wife, Mary Steele, as the parents of four children: James Rankin, William Rankin, Jeremiah Rankin, and Esther Rankin. As noted earlier, two grandsons of Mary Steele Alexander Rankin were Oliver Alexander and Jeremiah Alexander. It would appear that Jeremiah Alexander was named after his half uncle, Jeremiah Rankin. Also, it is known that the youngest son of Oliver Alexander was named Adam Rankin Alexander. Adam Rankin Alexander (1781-1848) resided in west Tennessee and was twice elected to the United States Congress, before being defeated by Davy Crockett.

  2. .

    Oliver Alexander, born Limavady, came to America before his father died in Ireland in 1786 and he was a beneficiary of his father's will. He originally emigrated to Pennsylvania and might have died in Virginia. He was not the Oliver Alexander who married Mary Craig and later Margaret Paul Alexander-8339 and Alexander-4476 although both Oliver Alexanders might have been living in the same places about the same times. Y DNA evidence should rule him out as Marker 390 shows a relationship to William Alexander descended from the seven brothers and two sisters which is not his ancestry. However, the two Oliver Alexanders are distant cousins. His parents are James Alexander and Elizabeth Ross.

  4.   Tennessee, Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895.

    Blount County, Tennessee - 1801


    Alexander, Oliver74 300 acres, 1 Black Poll
    Alexander, Benjamin, 1 Free Poll
    Alexander, John75, 150 acrers, 1 Free Poll, 2 black Poles

    74 One of the first justices of the peace, 1795; wood ranger, 1796, stray master, of Blount County. Minutes, September 14, 1795, June 12, 1796, September 12, 1797.
    75 Commissioned lieutenant in calvalry regiment, Hamilton District, 1796; captain, 1796, Blount County. Moore, Commissions, 4.