Person:Nicholas Sollas (1)

Nicholas Sollas
b.est. 1725-1735
m. abt. 1760
  1. James Sollasabt 1795 -
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Sollas
Alt Name Nicholas Solley
Alt Name Nicholas Sallas
Alt Name Nicholas Sollace
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1725-1735
Marriage abt. 1760 to Margaret Unknown

Nicholas Sollas was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 11.--18th February. 1761. Nicholas Salles' (Solley) bond (with George Skilleron) as administrator of Jno. Wall.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1767. - (211-212) The following produced certificates for hemp: Alexr. Gibson, Francis Brown, Thos. Paxton, Saml. Newberry, Saml. Henderson, Nichs. Sollace, Edward Sharp, Henry Larkin, Alexr. Walker, John White, John Black, James Trimble, Saml. Downey, Walter Cunningham, Moses Trimble, James McClung, John McClure, Halbert McClure, Joseph Long, David Campbell, James Walker, Joseph Lapsley, Israel Christian, Henry Lung, Jonan. Whitley, John McElwroth.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1767. - (351) Hemp certificates: Gabriel Alexander, Nicholas Solles, Israel Christian, James Henderson, David Robinson, John Buckanon, Robt. Steel, Wm. Wordlow, John Brown.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1769. - (77) Hemp certificates: Nicholas Sollas, Thomas Arnett.
  • Page 534.--17th August, 1772. John Lewis, Deputy Surveyor, enters 400 acres on North Side Middle River Shenandoah between the land James Carr purchased of Nicholas Sallas, and Beverley Manor up the River from Sallos; also 400 acres on South Side Middle River opposite the above.
  • Page 14.--12th November, 1772. George Skillern and Elizabeth, of Botetourt, to James Kerr, blacksmith, patent to John Kerr, 5th April, 1749 (1 acre, 1 R., 10 P., formerly conveyed by George to said James, 17th March, 1764. Teste: Nicholas Salles (Sollas, Sally, Sallas), John Cox, George Eliot. Delivered: James Cochran, 3d January, 1788.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 19, 1773. - (106) Margaret Sollas petitions that her husband, Nicholas Sollas, bound out their son, James Sollas, aged 13 years, to Henry Hall and ran away.-- James could be better educated if bound to Adam Wall (a son of Margaret by another husband) with whom Margaret now lives-- ordered.
Transcript: [p. 106] - On the Complaint of Margaret Sollas setting forth that her husband Nicholas Sollas has runaway and left her helpless by binding out James Sollas her son of the age of thirteen years to Henry Hall and that her said son could be more properly educated and raised if he was bound out to Adam Wall (another son of the said Margaret by a former husband) and with whom the said Margaret now lives and the said Henry agreeing to deliver up the said James and cancel the Indenture entered into with the said Nicholas provided he can be indemnified It is the opinion of the Court that the said James be taken away from the sd. Hall and bound by the Churchwardens to the said Adam Wall According to Law.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 22, 1773. - (128) Hemp certificate: Nicholas Sollas.--See page 106, supra.
  • Vol. 2 - A list of levys returned bad by John Smith for 1773-1774: William Amil, Hugh Brown, Geo. Wm. Downs, Wm. Erwin, Robert Herslit, Andrew Marchell, John Chism, Sam'l Erwin, twice returned; James Hockens, Mark Haden, George Jones, Thos. Mathews, Neal McMullen, Robert Campbell, twice returned; John Welch, James Brown, Conchy John, John McCoy, John Michel, David Martain, Nicklis Sallis, Robert Stephen, Dunchan McGrary, Campbell McColly, Francis Bowry, James Best, John Burger, James Scott, William Koles, Edward Nost, Michel McMaster, John Willay, Francis Brown, twice returned; John Crookshanks, James Dobbens, James Graham, Wm. McGill, twice returned; Chas. Conselven, Peter Counts, Abram Goodpaster, Anthony Foegale, John Reed, Cornelius Suliven, John Thomas, John Allison, twice returned; George Campbell, Thos. Dunbarr, John Erwin, Negro Moll, Wm. Wallace, Jno. Counrodright, Robert Ebison, Dabney Harris, Robert Love, James Demsay, Jno. Hunt, James Kerr, Wheilly Newby, James Porterfield, James Kenny, twice returned; Jno. Johnston, Jno. Rothwell, James Patterson, twice returned; Jacob Grass, Jr., twice returned.
  • Nicholas Sallis - soldier in Va. Regt. late war. Certificate signed by Andrew Lewis. (No date.) [Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776].
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 21, 1779. - (179) Proved--Nicholas Sallis served as a soldier in the 1st Virginia Regiment, and has received a certificate which was assigned to Sampson Mathews.
  • 21 December 1779 - Warrant for 50 acres issued to Col. Sampson Mathews, assignee of Nicholas Sallis, a soldier in the 1st Va. Rgmt. [Source: "Virginia's Colonial Soldiers", by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, pg. 280].

Records in Kentucky

Earliest Surveys in Kentucky
No. 808
Nicholas Sallis, Soldier, 1000 acres, Jan. 4, 1782
Edward Cary, Subaltern, 1000 acres, Jan. 4, 1782
John Madison, 1000 acres, Jan. 4, 1782
John McClenachen, 1000 acres, Jan. 4, 1782
by I. Hite, Jefferson Co., on Fern Creek, Ass'd to Sampson Matthews, Warrant No. 348.
[Citation: A Calendar of the Warrants for Land in Kentucky, by Phillip Fall Taylor, pg. 77].