Person:Nicholas Reader (1)

Nicholas Reader
b.abt. 1764
m. August 1793
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Reader
Alt Name Nicholas Rader
Alt Name Nicholas Redder
Alt Name Nicholas Reeder
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1764 [age 16 at Battle of Buford's Defeat in 1780]
Marriage Bond 29 July 1793 Augusta County, Virginia[signed by Thomas Leggett, witnessed by William Breckenridge]
to Elizabeth Lindal
Marriage August 1793 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Lindal
Death? 1 May 1833 Augusta County, Virginia[died on visit to Augusta County]

Nicholas Reader was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond: 1792--November 19, Thomas Ruket and Christiana McMullen; surety, Nicholas Reader.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1801 (M to Z). - Mary Wilds, infant, by Valentine Wilds, next friend, vs. William Cochran.--30th November, 1798. Margaret Craig is about to remove out of the State, 29th August, 1800. Spa. to Rockbridge for Nicholas Reader and wife, Elizabeth.

Military Service

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 4, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Redder, Nicholas - entered service in Virginia regiment; granted Pension soon after Revolutionary War for disability from 13 separate wounds at Battle of Buford's Defeat; Pension age not given in Montgomery County, Virginia, 1832; died 5/1/1833 while on visit to Augusta County, Virginia; married 8/1793 to Elizabeth Lindal (Marriage Bond 7/29/1793, signed by Thomas Leggett, witnessed by William Breckenridge) in Augusta County, Virginia, per certification by that County Court Clerk Jefferson Kinney & County Justice of the Peace John P. Breckenridge in 1840; widow granted Pension abt. age 67 in Montgomery County, Virginia, 1840 per County Justice of the Peace Joseph L. Edie & Clerk of court Rice D. Montague; Daniel Peterman made affidavit there then that he knew soldier & wife for many years per County Justice of the Peace John Grills; soldier & wife had "many" children: James P. Preston made affidavit there then per County Justice of the Peace Charles Black; widow resided there in 1843 abt. age 70 per witness Robert Gardner; widow resided there in 1848 abt. age 74 per County Justice of the Peace Paul L. Woodward. F-W3458, R2012.

  1.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of Nicholas Reeder (Redder) W3458 Elizabeth Redder VA
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris. Revised 12 Mar 2015.

    [The first four items below are from digitalcollection of the Library of Virginia
    V6XIUG-03985?func=search&pds_handle=GUEST, search “Reeder, Nicholas petition.”]

    To the Honorable the General Assembly of Virginia
    The petition of Nicholas Reeder humbly sheweth That your petitioner having enlisted as a private in the service of his country, at the age of Sixteen, continued to discharge his duty untill Blufords defeat at Waxsaws [sic: defeat of Col. Abraham Buford by Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton at the Battle of Waxhaws SC, 29 May 1780], in which engagement he was, and of the very few that escaped with life, from the carnage of that day happens to be one; tho not not without sharing more than his proportion of its horrors.
    He was cut down fighting by the side of his unfortunate Capt. [Adam] Wallace when he attempted to safe[?], and was left on the ground under thirteen wounds received in different parts of his body, among which one in his right arm from a broadsword and one through his body from the thurst of a bayonet, have ever disabled him from the pursuit of hard labour. Your petitioner humbly begs leave to declare, that for near twenty years past he has been anually afflicted with a discharge of blood through his mouth, at some time loosing not less than a gallon at an attack in consequence of the wound through his body.
    Your petitioner farther begs leave to state to your Honorable body that he has a wife and four children who are dependant on his daily labour for their subsistance, and that he has never receivd from the Government that has cost him so much in assisting to establish, the smallest stipend. Your petitioner heretofore has struggled through the poverty and distress that his condition unavoidably reduced him to, with patience, under the expectation that when age and increase of infirmity should compell this demand, to be placed on the list of Pentioners, it would readily be extended to him. Your Petitioner under a full assureance that his prayer is reasonable relies with confidence on your justice and in duty bound will pray
    [Written on the petition in different handwriting: “Dec’r. 29 1807/ Claim rejected.”]
    This is to Certify that Nicholas Reader private is a prisoner of War [signed] B Tarleton
    May 30th 1780/ Waxsaws
    Maryland. Washington County.
    By the Commissioners of the Tax for 1786
    Ordered that Nicholas Reader (as an Object) be releas’d from paying any Taxes, and that the Assessors take Notice hereof and not Demand security of him.
    July the 1st 1786 By Order, Wm Clarke C
    To the Legislature of Virginia [10 Dec 1810]
    The petition of Nicholas Reeder Humbly sheweth that having enlisted in the Company of Capt Adam Wallace during the Revolutionary War he continued to serve his Country untill Blufords Defeat.
    That on that day he rec’d. thirteen different wounds which disabled him from further duty as a soldier.
    That he has untill very lately been enabled to earn a subsistance, but that he has now grown old and from his rapidly increasing debility and infirmity (produced by his wounds) he finds he can no longer support himself. He relys upon the Bounty & justice of his Country to make such provision for him as his necessities may require and in duty bound shall ever pray
    Nicholas Reeder
    [Written on the petition in different handwriting: “Reasonable Decr 26th 1810./ bill drawn Jan’y. 7th 1811"]
    [The following two items are from pension records in the Library of Virginia. Some of the online images are fragmentary or illegible. The file contains other powers of attorney executed approximately every year while Reeder was living in Rockingham, Wythe, and Montgomery counties, the last of which is dated 2 Feb 1833.]
    Know all men by these presents that I Nicholas Reeder of the County of Montgomery & state of Virginia [two illegible words] good causes and considerations me hereunto moving have ordained authorized constituted and appointed and by these presents do make ordain authorise constitute and appoint James Craig of the County and state aforesaid my true and lawful for me and in my name and for my use to ask demand and receive the [illegible word] of ninety dollars granted to me by the legislature of Virginia and [illegible word] receipt thereof to make [several illegible words] and in my name. And I do hereby ratify allow and confirm all and whatsoever my said attorney shall in my name lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the premises by virtue of these presents in witness whereof I hereunto affix my name and seal this 3rd day of November 1812.
    (Signed) Nicholas [his X mark] Rader
    Der sir plese to send my money by mager Goodson and you will oblidge sir your frend november 20 1814
    State of Virginia, Montgomery county Sc
    On this 2nd day of March 1840 personally appeared before the county court of Montgomery, being a Court of record now in session, Elizabeth Reeder a resident of said county aged about 67 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled “An act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows”
    That she is the widow of Nicholas Reeder, who was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, but the precise time that he entered the service, or who his officers were, or when he was discharged, she is unable to say, but would refer to the facts filed in the war department, or elsewhere in Washington city, in support of a claim to a pension and which pension was allowed to said Reeder in his lifetime [see endnote] it is probable that she has often heard her late husband relate the particulars of his services, but she cannot now recollect much about it, and therefore would refer to the facts above alluded to, as being more accurate. he bore as many as twelve or thirteen wounds; She further declares that she was married to the said Nicholas Reeder on the [blank] day of August 1793. the particular day of the month she cannot remember, but it was about the first. That her husband the aforesaid Nicholas Reeder died on the 1st day of May 1833, That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but the marriage took place previous to the 1st day of January 1794 viz. at the time above stated. she has made application to the clerk of Augusta county (where she was married) who has furnished her with a copy of the marriage bond, and states that he can find no certificate of the marriage, returned by the minister She thinks however that the fact of her having lived with the said Nicholas Reeder from the day of their marriage until shortly before his death, as his wife, in connection with the fact of his having obtained a license for his intermarriage with her, ought to be regarded as conclusive evidence of this marriage. A short time before the death of her said husband, he went to the county of Augusta in this state on a visit where he died.
    (Signed) Elizabeth [her X mark] Reeder
    Virginia Montgomery County Sct
    This day [12 May 1840] James P Preston personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in and for said County and being first duly sworn states that many years ago the precise date he cannot now recollect a man by the name of Nicholas Reader, or Rader, became a tenant of his, and lived on his s’d Prestons land many years with his family and wife Elizabeth Reader or Rader; That they resided on his s’d Prestons land some ten or twelve years until their family some of them were nearly grown; during that period they lived together as man and wife and was so reputed and never doubted, though s’d affiant cannot swear that they were lawfully married yet he does not doubt the fact. During the period of their residence on s’d Prestons plantation, Elizabeth Reader of Rader seemed to sustain the relation of wife and became the mother of several children which were bred and supported by the said Nicholas and Elizabeth Reader or Rader. While the s’d Reader or Rader lived on s’d plantation this affiant was elected to the Legislature of Virg’a. and procured the said Reader or Rader a pension for revolutionary services and wounds received at the battle of Guilford [sic] where he was parolled by Tarlton as a paper proved on which his pension was granted by the Legislature. Not long after Nicholas Rader or Reader obtained his pension he his wife & family removed from said Prestons plantation & he understood died in Rockingham County Va. [signed] James P. Preston
    NOTE: On 11 March 1840 Elizabeth Reeder amended her declaration by stating that her husband’s pension was not from the United States, but by an act of the legislature of Virginia dated 19 Jan 1811. A pension from the United States for $40 per year was, however, issued in the name of Nicholas Redder on 28 Nov 1843, payable to Elizabeth Redder in addition to the pension she received under her own name.
    The file includes a copy of the marriage bond referred to in the declaration, signed by Nicholas Redder and Thomas Leggett by their marks on 29 July 1793. On 30 Sep 1848 Elizabeth Redder was said to be about 74.

  2.   United States. Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files. (Washington D.C.).

    Name: Nicholas Reeder
    Application State: Virginia
    Applicant Designation: Widow's Pension Application File
    Second Applicant Name: Elizabeth Reeder
    Archive Publication Number: M804
    Archive Roll Number: 2019
    Total Pages in Packet: 1