Person:Nicholas Koger (2)

Nicholas Koger
d.BEF 25 AUG 1743 Orange County, Virginia
m. 23 APR 1709
  1. Anna KogerABT 1709 -
  2. Jacob Koger, Sr.1710 - 1783
  3. Nicholas Koger1711/12 - BEF 1743
  4. Michael Koger1713 -
m. 15 AUG 1735
  1. John 'Hans' Coger1736 -
  2. Michael Coger1739/40 -
  3. Jacob Coger1741 -
  4. Anna Catharina Coger1743 -
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Koger
Alt Name Nicholas Coger
Gender Male
Birth? 30 JAN 1711/12 Schresheim, Baden, Germany
Marriage 15 AUG 1735 Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Maria Elisabeth Wilhite
Death? BEF 25 AUG 1743 Orange County, Virginia

Nicholas Coger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of Nicholas Coger

  • Pages 281-82. Bond of Jacob Koger, Adam Miller and Wm. Carpenter unto Robt. Slaughter, Gent., justice. for £200. 25 Aug. 1743. Jacob Koger is exor. of Nicholas Koger, dec. [Indexed in will book as Coger]. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 52-53].
  • Pages 292-93. Nicholas Koger. Inventory. 30 Sept. 1743. Total valuation £103.13.11. (signed) Richd. Mauldin, Wm. Burk, Mathew Flesher. Jacob Kogar, admr. 25 Nov. 1743. Returned into Court. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 55].
  • Pages 177-78. Nicholas Coger. Estate account. 1743-. Payments made to widow Eliza Coger (her part), Richard Maulden, Christian Eyster, Matthias Selser (for Melecar Ingle), Adam Miller, Jonathan Gibson, Henry Thomas, Isaac Roudabus, Michael Evert, John Swoak, John Tritulute, John Christouf Court, Christin Lefful, Tobias Fry, Christof Beser, George Martin, Jacob Weller, John Selser, Geo. Taylor (clerk's fees), and for travel twice to Pennsylvania. Signed by Jacob Coger. 24 May 1753. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 39].
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1755. - 497) Michael Coager, orphan of Nicholas Coager, Adam Miller appointed guardian.
  • Page 123.--19th November, 1755. Adam Miller's bond as guardian to Michael Cogar, orphan of Nicholas Cogar, with sureties William Oller (Owler, Wilhelm Ohlner), Henry Miller.

Information on Nicholas Coger

One branch of the Cogar clan in Virginia and West Virginia states that without question we descend from Hans Nicholas Koger, who was killed by Indians as he was building a log house on the “Lower Page Bottoms,” in Orange County, Virginia, in the mid-Eighteenth Century, leaving several orphan children to be raised by others.

In the Church Book of John Casper Stoever, of the “Codorus Creek Church,” are listed the births of the children of Jacob Koger’s brother Nicholaus, Called Hans Nicholaus in the book:

John (Hans) Koger, b. September 3, 1736
Ann Elizabeth Koger, b. December 2, 1738
John Michael Koger, b. March 10, 1740
John Jacob Koger, b. September 4, 1741
Anna Catharina Koger b. May 17, 1743

[Source: THE COGAR FAMILY, A Few Genealogical Notes Incorporating “ONE FAMILY’S EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY”, by Sarah Coger;]