Person:Nicholas Carpenter (1)

Nicholas Carpenter
m. Abt. 1712
  1. Nicholas CarpenterAbt 1712 - 1756
  2. Solomon CarpenterAbt 1714 - 1783
  3. Joseph Carpenter, Jr.Abt 1720 - Bef 1792
  4. Hannah CarpenterAbt 1722 -
  5. Frances Elizabeth 'Dames' CarpenterAbt 1724 -
  6. William CarpenterAbt 1727 - 1763
m. Bef. 1732
  1. Frances CarpenterAbt 1745 - Abt 1789
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1712 prob. Long Island, New York
Marriage Bef. 1732 to Catherine Unknown
Death? Abt. 13-14 Sept. 1756 Killed by Indians at Jackson River, Augusta County, Virginia

Nicholas Carpenter was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

According to records in Chalkley's, listed below, Nicholas Carpenter acquired land on Jackson's River, prior to his death in 1756. Later in 1782, 950 acres of his property was granted by the widow of Nicholas to Michael Bowyer, who had married their daughter, Frances Carpenter.

Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, VA

According to records in Augusta County, Nicholas Carpenter was killed in the Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, Virginia Based upon these records, it appears that several family members of Nicholas were taken prisoner and his daughter Frances is said to have escaped with her young daughter, Frances Bowyer.

Records of Nicholas Carpenter in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - 1756-- Delinquents List - In ye lower end of Augusta County: John Brown, Christian Clemon, Evan Evans, Constable; Rubin Harrison, Constable; Andrew Hislep. John Love, Jacob Lingle, Barnet Mathews, Valentine Mackey. Darby Sullivan, Dan'l Sullivan, Wm. Smith, Jas. Sterns, Anthony Bogart, Thos. Craford, Jno. Davies, Jno. Fowler, Geo. Fulls, Denis Henry, Nicholas Harbolt, Rich'd Neely, Jacob Peeter, John Rechart, Ranl. McDonell, Constable; Andrew Smith, Adam Weese, Jacob and John Yount, James Haris, Wm. Fleming, Jno. Hutchins, Sr.; Jno. Noble, Thos. Meems, Constable; Wm. Burnet, Jno. Barber, Patt Carigan, David Evins, Denis McAniney, Nicholas Nutt, Mark Stalet, deceased; Mich'l Watson, James Hollas, Thos. McClenachan, Jno. Neeley, Jno. Pott, Wm. Acres, Wm. Hughes, Mathias Youkam, Nicholas Clause, David Crochan, Peeter Harmon, Wm. Hopwood, Windle Evert, Mathias Lerth, Mich'l March, Jno. Morrey, Dan'l Ramey, no distress; Patt Sullivan, Jno. Sleter, Fred'k Stoneberry, Robt. Scott, Jno. Blar, David Carlock, Manus Deker, Pat Fitzpatrick, Jno. Fulton, Jno. Havine, Judy Mason, Martin Peeter, James Ramsey, James McGill, John Sheats, Jno. Theobald Magaham, Joseph and Geo. Weese, Chas. Sinclar, James Bogan, Jos. Hall, Jno. Heague, Chas. Wilson, Jas. Barton, not found; Geo. Bartley, Nicholas Carpenter, Thos. Dove, Jr.; Andrew Earnest, Thos Mullen, Mich'l Penny, Jno. Sope, Jas., Walter and Hugh Crockett; Wm., Geo. and Thos. Harbeson; Jas., Jno., Thos., Wm. Montgomery.
  • Vol. 2 - A Register of the persons who have been either killed, wounded or taken prisoner by the enemy in Augusta County, as also of such as have made their escape. - 1756, September 13th-14th, Nicholas Carpenter, at Jackson River, killed; _____ Fry, at Jackson River, killed; Steven Sowel, at Jackson River, killed; James Mais, at Jackson River, killed; James Montgomery, at Jackson River, killed; Nicholas Nut, at Jackson River, killed; John Bird, at Jackson River, killed; George Kinkead, at Jackson River, killed; Mrs. Boyl, at Jackson River, killed; 3 Parsinger children, at Jackson River, killed; Joseph Swobe, at Jackson River, wounded; _____Willson, at Jackson River, wounded; 5 children belonging to Charles Boyl, at Jackson River, prisoners; David Galloway, at Jackson River, prisoner escaped; Mrs. McConell, at Jackson River, prisoner escaped; Joseph Carpenter, at Jackson River, prisoner escaped; Mrs. Bird and 6 children, at Jackson River, prisoners; Mrs. Kinkead and 3 children, at Jackson River, prisoners; Mrs. Parsinger and 2 children, at Jackson River, prisoners; 5 Carpenter children, at Jackson River, prisoners; Saml. Brown, a boy, at Jackson River, prisoners; _____ Swobe, a boy, at Jackson River, prisoners; John Robinson, at Vonse, killed; John Walker, at Vonse, prisoner.
  • Page 432.--22d March, 1782. Catharine ( ) Carpenter, relict of Nicholas Carpenter, to Michael Bowyer, release of dower in 950 acres in Greenbrier County.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 22, 1782. - (371) Assignment of dower by Catherine Carpenter, relict of Nicholas Carpenter, to Michael Bowyer--ordered recorded.