Person:Nathan Gilliland (3)

Nathan Gilliland
b.abt. 1720 Ireland
d.aft. March 1773
  • HNathan Gillilandabt 1720 - aft 1773
  • WJane DonahueBEF 1725 - ABT 1790
m. ABT 1746
  1. Catherine GillilandABT 1746 -
  2. James Gilliland, Sr.1748/49 - 1844
  3. Elizabeth GillilandABT 1751 -
  4. Samuel Gilliland1754 - 1833
  5. William GillilandABT 1758 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name Nathan Gilliland
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1720 Ireland
Marriage ABT 1746 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Donahue
Death? aft. March 1773

Nathan Gilliland was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • p.301 [Deed Book] John Lynn, Jr., and Jean, to Nathan Gilliland, 383 1/2 acres. In Beverley Manor (Note: no date on this entry, but previous entry had date of 28 Nov 1751)

Processioning List of 1756 & 1760

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler’s lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 179.--1756: Processioned in Capt. Israel Christian's Company by John Henderson and Wm. Baskins, viz: For Rev. John Craig, for Daniel Denniston, for James Wallace, for David Bell, for Robert Poage, for John Anderson, for Andrew Russell, for John Hutcheson, for Patrick McCollum, for James Coyle, for Geo. Anderson, for Robert Patterson, for Mathew Armstrong, for William Lewis, for James Lesley, for Archibald Hamilton, for John Poage, for Mr. Shodder, for Wm. Bell, for Wm. Wallace, for Robert McClenachan, for Alex. Wright, for Samuel Wilson, for John Cunningham, for Alex. McNite, for John Black, for Nathan Gililand, for John Bigham, for John Coulter, for John Buchanan, for Elijah McClenachan, for Robert Breckinridge, for Wm. Baskins, for Widow Crawford, for Joans Henderson, for Andrew Scott, for John Henderson.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 281.--1760: Processioned by Jones Henderson, viz: For David and John Black, for Wm. McNab (son present), for Nathan Gilliland, for John Bigam, for Andrew Cowan (son present), for James Peerey, for Elijah McClenachan, for John Cowlter, for Andrew Scott (son present), for Samuel Caldwell.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1752. - (316) Patrick Martin and Alexr. Richey to be overseers of road from Young's Mill to Alexr. Richey's smith shop, thence to Buchanan's mills, with these hands: Adam Thompson, Geo. Peary, Ro. Young, James Peary, John Campbell, John Buchanan, James Moody, Andrew Cowan, James Callison, John Jameson, Walter Smiley, James McCorkle, Ro. McCorkle, Nathan Gilliland, Wm. McNabb.
  • Page 160.--9th February, 1763. William ( ) Ledgewood and Rebecca ( ) to Moses Williams, £27, 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek; John Begam's line; corner John Buchanan's land; Elijah McClenachan's land, formerly James McCorkle's; corner John Henderson; Nathan Gillilan's land, formerly John Lynn's. Teste: Abraham Biss. Delivered: Moses Williams, 5th August, 1783.
  • Page 306.--17th November, 1763. James Finley's bond (with Jno. Stewart, Jno. Allison, Nathan Gilliland, Wm. Kerr) as administrator of Robt. Finley.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 22, 1764. - (169) Thomas Bowyer, added to tithables. Michael Bowyer, servant Tom, and 226 acres, added to tithables. Wm. Henderson, one other, and 765 acres, added to tithables. James Henderson and 450 acres, added to tithables. Nathan Gilliland and 332 1/2 acres, added to tithables. John Buchanan, three others. and 489 acres, added to tithables. Wm. Crow, four others, added to tithables. Moses Williams, George Bigham. James Hugart, Francis Gardner, and John Askin, added to tithables.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1765. - (335) Wm. Elliott, provisions. John Finley, provisions. Mary Trimble, relict of John Trimble, for horse of John's impressed and provisions. Wm. Armstrong, provisions. Henry Criswell, horse impressed. Samuel Wilson, provisions and horse impressed. John Miller, provisions. David Doage, provisions. Ralph Laverty, provisions. Thos. Beard, provisions. John Trimble, provisions. Nathan Gilliland, carriage of "flower". John McClary, provisions.
  • Vol. 1 - 1765-1766. - Nathan Gilliland deposes, 22d August, 1765, that John Graham, in the Calfpasture, hired an orphan boy named Thomas May, eight years, again.
  • Page 485.--21st November, 1766. Settlement recorded of Robert Finley's estate, by James Finley--Paid Saml. Rippy, expenses travelling from Carlile, expenses traveling from Staunton to New London, from New London to Halifax; paid Jas. Bratton; paid Mr. Ravelet, Mr. Finney, Nathanl. Gilliland; paid Jno. Ramsey, Calfpasture; James Branan. Contra--1764, by Cash received of Wm. Carroll, Middle River; by cash received of Wm. McFeeters, Sr.
  • Page 240.--10th March, 1767. David Miller and Hannah to Israel Christian, merchant, £16, 120 acres on a branch of Buffalo, a branch of Roan Oak, Baptist McNabb's line Edward McDonald's line. Teste: Francis Smith, Wm. Christian, Wm. Preston, Robert Breckenridge, Ben. Hawkins, Wm. Fleming, Edward Carvin, Stephen Trigg, Nathan ( ) Gillilan, Wm. Christian. Delivered: Israel Christian, 9th February, 1773.
  • Page 291.--16th May, 1767. William Carvin, son and heir-at-law of William Carvin, to Edward Carvin, £100, 174 acres by patent to William, Sr., 1st April, 1748, on Roan Oak. Teste: William Christian, Stephen Trigg, Nathan ( ) Gillilen, Wm. Simpson. Delivered: Stephen May, October, 1775.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1773 - (99) Nathan Gilliland is about to remove out of County.

Information on Nathan Gilliland

Birth: BEF. 1725, Ireland
Death: AFT. 1773, Augusta Co., VA

Married Jane DONAHUE Date: BEF. 1749 Location: Augusta Co, VA?
Child 1: Catherine GILLILAND
Child 2: James GILLILAN
Child 3: Samuel GILLILAND
Child 4: William GILLILAND
Child 5: Elizabeth GILLILAND

Notes: It is not known what the birthdate is of Nathan Gilliland or his wife Jane( ? ) who their parents were, nor is it known just when they arrived in America. They even may have been born in this country .The parentagehas never been found for either, There were Gillilands' in

Pennsylvania as early as 1730 and Nathan may have belonged in one ofthesefamilies. Howeve r , no connection has ever been found so far.Jane'smaiden name is unknown, therefore we canno t try to locate her parent.They were both Scotch-Irish or Irish decendants, Ancestory can be a ssumedas there were Gillilands in Ireland and "Jean" as Jane's nameissometimes..spelle d i n records is an Irish name. It has been stated(page775t,The Abridged Compendium of Americ an Genealogyunder"Poffenbarger"that Nathan's father was "Samuel" but proof of thiswas not giv en in this same source and without proof we cannot say weknow. This article states his fathe r came to America from Scotland,settling first in Penn., and then to Virginia in 1740. Agai n , Iemphasize there was nothing in the wayOf proof given, it was Just astatement. One sour c e also says Jane's name(surname) was "Donahue" butagain with nothing as a source Of proof.W e also do not know the deathdate of either, but we can assume they died ineither Greenbriar c o untyW. Va. or that part which was formed into Bathcounty,Va., in 1790.

We can assume Nathan was born by 1720-25 and Jane as early as1725-27 aswe find a recor d o f a daughter Katherine Gilliland being baptised byRev. John Craig in the Tinkling Springs church records, 29 May 1746. Therecord does not say how old she was at this time. Whether this i s a firstchild or not is hot known. Tinkling Springs was located at Calf Pasture, Augusta county Va,( reference on baptism: Lyman Chalkey"Annuls OfAugusta Co. Va. in 3 Vols) Nothing mor e is known Of Katherine unless sheis the "Katherine Gilliland" shown in tax records Greenbria r County1782-85. We find a Rev. War pension application for James Gillgland -case # R 40 2 9 - his own- and # 29295, that of his son Georgeapplying onthe same services This applicati o n gives James Gilliland's birth as 16March 1749 in Augusta Co, Va. It says he removed to Gree nbriar county in1769.

He died in Pocahontas or Greenbriar Co. 14 Feb.1844. He married(1)LadiaArmstrong, date unknow n, She was born 17 Oct. 1755 in Va. and died 22July 1813 in Greenbriar Co. Jame's md:(2 ) Feb . 1819 Jane(Smith)Edminston ,a widow of Capt. James Edminston. All the Gillilandchildren wer e born of the first marriage, Jane had children but thenumber is unknown.

We find Nathan again in the Augusta Co.Va, records in 1751 when he bought 383 1/2 acres of land from John Lynn, Jr. this land being patented by Mr. Lynn in 1749 from the Beverely Patent . Again in Chalkey's "Annuls of Augusta Co. Va. we find Nathan Gilliland "paying tythes on an additional 332 1/2 acres on 22 Nov. 1764. Nathan Gilliland is mentioned severaltimes, but finally under date "l8 May 1783" we find "Nathan Gilliland isabout to move out of the county." This is probably when he left for Greenbriar county. This back country was partly settled many years earlier, some records saying as early as mid 1740's This was stillIndiancountry and there were many massacres by the Indians. In 1761 the entire settlement were wiped out in this area . Only two men lived through it,except for some women and children that were taken captive. T hese two menhad hid out and then went back "east" to tell of it. Then in about 1766-67 the then Governor Of Virginia made a ruling that if the settlers went back and resettled the land beyond the mountains they would not need topay any taxes for ten (10) years. This was extended do fifteen(l5) years o we do not begin to see tax records in this area until 1785.

Deeds in Greenbriar county W. Va. show the following:

---Dated 2 Dec. 1785-- from Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia, toNathanGilliland, 580 acre s adjoining William Poage, Charles Clendenenand William Boggs.

---Dated 23 April 1785--from Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia, toJames Gilliland, 205 acre s adjoining Robert Clendenen, William Elliott,and John Gilkeson.

---Dated 11 July 1787 - Beverly Randolph, Lieut. Gov. of Virginia,toSamuel Gilliland, assign ee of John Sincey who was assignee of James Armstrong, 560 acres adjoining Geo. Kincaid, James Snodgress, andArthurMcClure.

---Dated 3 Nov. 1788 - from Edmund Randolph, Governor of Virginia,toThomas Watkins and Samu e l Gilliland, 84 acres adjoining John McNeal on Sinking Springs.

More notes:

Description: This three volume set of chronicles are taken from theoriginal court records an d papers of Augusta County, Virginia from 1745to 1800. Augusta County was formed in 1745 an d prior to that time, it hadbecome the refuge and home to a strong body of Scotch- Irish immi grants.Search these records if you have ancestors of Scotch-Irish descent.Bibliography: Chalk ley, Lyman, Scotch-Irish Settlment in Virginia, volume1 (Records of Augusta County, Virginia , 1745-1800), Baltimore, MD 1912,Genealogical ishing Company

Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 1, p.53 Page (316) PatrickMartin and Alexr. Riche y to be overseers of road from Young's Mill toAlexr. Richey's smith shop, thence to Buchanan' s mills, with these hands:Adam Thompson, Geo. Peary, Ro. Young, James Peary, John Campbell, J ohnBuchanan, James Moody, Andrew Cowan, James Callison, John Jameson, WalterSmiley, James McC orkle, Ro. McCorkle, Nathan Gilliland, Wm. McNabb.

Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 1, p.116 Page (169) ThomasBowyer, added to tithable s. Michael Bowyer, servant Tom, and 226 acres,added to tithables. Wm. Henderson, one other, a nd 765 acres, added totithables. James Henderson and 450 acres, added to tithables. NathanGil liland and 332 1/2 acres, added to tithables. John Buchanan, threeothers, and 489 acres, adde d to tithables. Wm. Crow, four others, addedto tithables. Moses Williams, George Bigham, Jame s Hugart, FrancisGardner, and John Askin, added to tithables.

Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 1, p.120 Page (335) Wm.Elliott, provisions. John Fi nley, provisions. Mary Trimble, relict ofJohn Trimble, for horse of John's impressed and prov isions. Wm.Armstrong, provisions. Henry Criswell, horse impressed. Samuel Wilson,provisions a nd horse impressed. John Miller, provisions. David Doage,provisions. Ralph Laverty, provision s. Thos. Beard, provisions. JohnTrimble, provisions. Nathan Gilliland, carriage of "flower. " JohnMcClary, provisions.

Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 1, p.172 Page (99) NathanGilliland is about to remo ve out of County.

Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 1, p.444 Nathan Gillilanddeposes, 22d August, 1765 , that John Graham, in the Calfpasture, hired anorphan boy named Thomas May, eight years, aga in.

The Gilliland name or MacGill'fhaolain in our gaelic language comes fromScotland and Irelan d our true home. The variations of the name Gillilandas follows: MacGill'fhaolain , Mcgill'ol ane , Macgillelane , Gilliand ,Gilleland , Gilland , MacGill'fhaolain means " son of servan t " theMacGill'fhaolain clan were followers of a Saint Fillan ( Fhaolain ) . Theword Gill i n archaic form means royalty ( Of the land ). Note the word"Gill" not Gille two different mea nings. The Gilliland orMacGill'fhaolain clan lived in the middle of Scotland. Over the yearsd ifferent lines of the family change the spelling of there name to makepronunciation simple . Also some families could not spell so it madesigning there name less stressful. The Gillil and's have survived manywars and many cultures trying to take or change there ways and custom s.

St. Fillan (Fhaolain, Foelan) was the son of St. Kentigerna and Feriach.was also known as Foe lan.

He became an abbot near St. Andrews in 8th Century Scotland. He retiredand built a church a t Glendochart in Perthshire.

Gille is an ancient Gaelic prefix meaning steward, disciple, follower, orson of . the surname s Gilliland, Gilfillian, Gilleland, McClelland,MacLelland, Leland, Whelan and Phelan all mea n disciple of St. Fillan(which means "little wolf.") The root word is Mac-Giolla-Fhaolain(Gae lic). The Gillilands and the MacLellands, along with the MacRaes,were the arms bearers (warri ors) for the McKenzie Clan in Rosshire foreight centuries. (American Surnames, Elsdon Smith , Chilton Co, 1969