Person:Nathan Crawford (1)

Nathan Crawford
b.abt. 1750 Ireland
Facts and Events
Name Nathan Crawford
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1750 Ireland
Marriage 1777 prob. Virginiato Jean Sittlington
Death? 1819 Bath County, Virginia

Nathan Crawford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Nathan Crawford

Pg. 262 - Will of Nathan Crawford, Feb. 12. 1819
Wit: W. Sitlington, James Hughart and John Hughart
Probated August 1819 Court
Exec: John Lewis of the Cowpasture and son William
Beq: to beloved wife Jane "a decent and comfortable living on my plantation in the mansion house" for life, with services of Negro woman Jude, and one-seventh of the personal estate
to son William, Negro boy Prince until he is 25, then he goes to William's son Nathan; one seventh of personal estate
to son Samuel 150 acres on Spring Creek in GReenbrier Co., Negro boy Lewis, my clock, my cooper's and carpenter's tools, and one-seventh of the personal estate and Negro boy Bird
to son Andrew the home plantation with its appurtenances, Negro boy Adam and one-seventh of the personal estate
to daughter Mary, Negro Hannah and, when his wife dies, Jude, a horse of her choosing with saddle, "a decent living on my plantation" while single and one-seventh of the personal estate
to daughter Elizabeth, Negroes Lucy and Lila till they are 25, then they go to her two oldest children, and one-seventh of the personal estate
provision is made if any of the children die
to daughter Martha, Negro girl Rachel and boy Jack, a horse, one-seventh of the personal estate, and a "decent subsistence" at home while single
to Samuel Crawford, son of William, Negro girl Sarah
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 96].

Pg. 271 - Inventory - Nathan Crawford
Submitted Oct. 2, 1819 by E. Williams, Andrew Sitlington, John Dickinson, William Crawford, exec.
slaves Jude, Rachel, Hannah, Lucy, Prince, Lewis, Bird, Jack, Lila, ADam and Sharlott; cattle 19 including one dry cow, pigs 28, horses 6, sheep 17, geese 9, 10 open head barrels, 10 cags and barrels, tools, 2 sets blowing tools, 3 beegums, farm implements, apple mill, cooper's, household furniture, cupboard furniture, 3 pr. wool shears, 1 lot of books, 31 lb. wool and sheet, 2 wheels and reel, "the deceased's clothes", scales and weights."
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 97].

Pg. 280 - Sale of estate of Nathan Crawford
Submitted Dec. 13, 1819 by William Crawford and John Lewis
Buyers: Clem Swearingen, William and Andrew Crawford, Otho Williams, Richard Cook, John D. EWin, James Bratton, John Dickinson, Andrew, William and Robert Sitlington, Elisha Williams, John Slown, George Francisco, Adam Porter, John Blakinship, Polly Crawford, Patsy Crawford, William Gillaspie, William Farrow, Samuel Gay, James Mussen, Levi Cook, Samuel Williams, John McClung, Burger Mays, John Mays, John Lewis
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 97].