Person:Myrtle White (5)

Myrtle White
m. 24 Dec 1853
  1. Frances Elizabeth White1854 - 1904
  2. Susanna White1856 - 1935
  3. John White1858 - 1858
  4. George Patchett White1859 - 1928
  5. James Langdale White1862 - 1938
  6. Thomas Boothby White1864 - 1943
  7. Martha Ann Jane White1866 - 1949
  8. Edward Francis White1870 - 1930
  9. Robert Henry White1872 - 1953
  10. Alexander White1875 - 1876
  11. Myrtle White1878 - 1970
  12. Herbert Hill White1880 - 1943
m. 11 Aug 1909
  1. Janet Langdale Moffat1911 - 2007
  2. Annie Elizabeth Moffat1912 - 2005
  3. Clara Myrtle Moffat1914 - 1914
  4. Herbert Alfred Moffat1918 - 1996
  5. Dr. Graeme Francis Moffat1921 - 2006
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] Myrtle White
Gender Female
Birth? 7 May 1878 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Alt Birth[8][9][10][11][12] 7 May 1878 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, CanadaBeaver Valley Farm
Residence[16] 1907 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United Statesthe Southwest corner of Summit Ave and Eighth St.
Occupation? 1908 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaMatron of the YWCA.
Marriage 11 Aug 1909 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canadato Alfred Moffat
Residence? 1947 Asquith, Saskatchewan, CanadaAfter her son Graeme graduated from the Vet college, she moved to Asquith to live with him. She had a small house next door to the house where Graeme and Estelle lived after their marriage.
Other? 1958 Saskatchewan, CanadaIn 1958, her niece, Gladys Sparling came to live with Grandma. Myrt's memory was slipping and she could no longer live alone. We have slides of Grandma and Gladys at Waskesiu in July 1958. By December 1961, Gladys returned to Ontario.
Baptism[17] 21 Jun 1962 Asquith, Saskatchewan, CanadaAsquith Baptist Church
Other? From 1963 to 1970 In about 1963, Grandma sold her home in Asquith and alternately lived with Aunt Janet in Carlyle, SK, or with Aunt Annie on the farm near Hagersville, ON. Some time between 1966 and 1970, she moved into the seniors home in Estevan.
Death[14] 17 May 1970 Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Burial[15] 20 May 1970 Frobisher Resthaven Cemetery, Frobisher, Saskatchewan, Canada

Read the story of Buster S18 on the linked source page. He was the family school horse. Myrtle probably wrote this sometime in the 1930's, hoping to generate a little income by having it published in the Western Producer or some similar periodical. It was never published.

Image Gallery
  1. Family Tree, in White Family Tree (G Clare White)
    Page A-2.

    Myrtle (White) spouse Alfred Moffat, born 5-7-1878, married 8-11-1909

  2. Memorial Card -- Myrtle Moffat
  3. Family tree, in E.F. White, Jr. Copy of Rhoda Johnston's Records
    Page 2.

    Myrtle (White) -- b. May 7, 1878 Beaver Valley farm m. Alfred Moffat, Frobisher Saskatchewan, Aug. 11, 1909.

  4. Family tree, in Heather (Best) Mattinson with annotations by Janet (Moffat) Hume -- 1996
    Page 9, 1996.
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    Page 316.

    Myrtle Moffat

  7. Family Tree, in Family Tree of White Family copied by Myrtle (White) Moffat 1936

    Myrtle Moffat -- May 7th, 1878

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    Page 14 Family 132.

    ON SIMCOE (North/Nord) (#114) Subdistrict: Collingwood (Town/Ville) B-5

    2 132 White Martha F Head W Jan 14 1835 66 US 1857 or 1847? EnglishCanadian Methodist
    3 132 White Robt H M Son S Nov 10 1872 28 Ont English CanadianMethodist Engineer
    4 132 White Myrtle F Daughter S May 7 1878 22 Ont English CanadianMethodist

  9. 9.0 9.1 Thomas B White household, in 1881 Canadian Census, LDS CD, Transcriptions. (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT84150-3400, 2001)
    Page 66 Family 330, 4 Apr 1881.

    Census Place: Collingwood, Grey East, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375897 NAC C-13261 Dist 155 SubDist B Div 3

    Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace
    Thomas B. WHITE M M 56 English England Occ: Farmer Religion: Church ofEngland
    Martha H. WHITE F M 46 English USA Religion: Church of England
    Susan WHITE F 23 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    James B. WHITE M 18 English O <Ontario> Occ: Farmer; Going To SchoolReligion: Church of England
    Thomas B. WHITE M 16 English O <Ontario> Occ: Farmer; Going To SchoolReligion: Church of England
    Ann M.J. WHITE F 14 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion:Church of England
    Edward F. WHITE M 11 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion:Church of England
    Robert H. WHITE M 8 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion:Church of England
    Myrtle WHITE F 3 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    Herbert H. WHITE M <1 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    Born: Jul; 10/12

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    page 14, 5 Jun 1911.

    Saskatchewan 207/ Assinaboia / 4 Townships 1

    8 129 Moffat Alf M Head M Oct 1887 33 Durham Scotch Canadian PresbyFarmer
    9 129 Moffat Myrtle F Wife M May 1887 33 Gray English CanadianPresby
    10 129 Moffat Jennett F Daughter S May 1911 4 wks Sask ScotchCanadian Presby

  11. 11.0 11.1 Myrtle White, in Ontario, Canada. Ontario Canada Births 1869-ongoing. (Toronto, Ontario: Archives of Ontario)

    Name: Myrtle Boothby White [document image does not show "Boothby"]

    Name: Myrtle Boothby White
    Date of Birth: 7 May 1878
    Gender: Female
    Birth County: Grey
    Father's name: Thomas Boothby White
    Mother's name: Marsh H Smith [Marth(a) H Smith]
    Roll Number: MS929_32

  12. 12.0 12.1 Thomas B White household, in Grey, Ontario, Canada. 1891 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada)
    6 Apr 1891.

    Name:Myrtle White
    Marital Status:Single
    Birth Year:abt 1879
    Relation to Head of House:Daughter
    Religion:Church of England
    French Canadian:No
    Father's Birth Place:England
    Mother's Birth Place:United States
    District Number:67
    District:Grey East
    Neighbors:View others on page
    Household Members:
    Thomas B White67
    Martha White56
    Marth A White24
    Edward F White21
    Robert M White18
    Myrtle White12
    Herbet H White10

  13.   Alfred Moffat household, in Assiniboia (census division), Saskatchewan, Canada. 1916 Census of Canada, Prairie Provinces. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada)
    1 Jun 1916.

    Name:Hirtle Moffat [I read Mirtle]
    Marital Status:Married
    Est. Birth Year:1879
    Home in 1916:09, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
    Relation to Head of Household:Wife
    Household Members:
    Alfred Moffat37
    Hirtle Moffat37
    Janet L Moffat5
    Annie E Moffat3
    Robert H White42

  14. Family Tree, in T B White's Family Record with annotations by Phyllis Sine
    Page 2.

    Myrtle (White) d. May 20/70 (this is actually the date of her burial.)

  15. Gravestone, in Rick Moffat. Frobisher Resthaven Cemetery Video.

    Video of the stone on July 7, 2002 - Myrtle Moffat 1878 - 1970

  16. Family History, in White, E. Frank. White Family (Memoir) transcription. (1 Sep 1926).

    See the above MySource page for the full text of this memoir.

  17. Bible - Myrtle Moffat, Family Info: White and Moffat Families, Present Owner: Rick Moffat

    Jun 12, 1962 - presented by Asquith Baptist Church and Sunday School

    They heated the baptistry water by running a hot water hose from the parsonage next door to the church. Since Grandma was about 84, they did not want her to receive a chill.

  18.   Moffat, Myrtle nee White. Buster - A True Story. (unpublished).

    Visit this source page to read a story written by Myrtle.