Person:Thomas White (133)

Thomas Boothby White
b.18 Nov 1824 Lincolnshire, England
m. 14 May 1812
  1. William S WhiteAbt 1813 - 1880
  2. Helen White1814 - 1815
  3. George Patchett WhiteAbt 1815 - 1864
  4. Eleanor WhiteAbt 1815 - Bef 1878
  5. Eliza Brown WhiteAbt 1816 - 1873
  6. Martha White1819 - 1819
  7. Susan White1820 -
  8. Samuel White1821 - 1868
  9. Michael White1822 - Bef 1898
  10. Thomas Boothby White1824 - 1895
  11. Mary Ann White1826 - 1826
  12. Mary Ann White1827 - 1911
  13. Charles White1828 - 1828
  14. Elizabeth White1829 - Bef 1851
  15. Ann Maria White1831 - 1899
  16. Jane White1833 - 1833
  17. John Joseph White1834 - 1906
  18. Charlotte White1838 - 1838
m. 24 Dec 1853
  1. Frances Elizabeth White1854 - 1904
  2. Susanna White1856 - 1935
  3. John White1858 - 1858
  4. George Patchett White1859 - 1928
  5. James Langdale White1862 - 1938
  6. Thomas Boothby White1864 - 1943
  7. Martha Ann Jane White1866 - 1949
  8. Edward Francis White1870 - 1930
  9. Robert Henry White1872 - 1953
  10. Alexander White1875 - 1876
  11. Myrtle White1878 - 1970
  12. Herbert Hill White1880 - 1943
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][22] Thomas Boothby White
Alt Name[19] Boothby _____
Gender Male
Birth[14][1][15][16] 18 Nov 1824 Lincolnshire, England
Baptism[6][17] 21 Nov 1824 Ludborough, Lincolnshire, England
Immigration[1] 1844 Came from England to settle in Beaver Valley, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. They sailed from Hull, England on March 14, 1844 and spent four years in the Gore of Toronto before settling in Collingwood Township, Ontario.
Census[16] 11 Jan 1851 Collingwood, Grey, Canada West, United Province of Canada
Marriage 24 Dec 1853 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canadato Martha H Smith
Census[15] 4 Apr 1881 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Other Sep 1881 According to E. Frank White's manuscript about his family, his mother Martha and father, Thomas B White travelled by boat across the Great Lakes from Collingwood, ON to Chicago, IL. They "were away some weeks visiting a lot of Mother's relatives around Winnebago, Rockford, and Independence, Illinois. They both enjoyed the trip very much and Mother must have gathered specimens of fossils every place she went, for she brought many home with her. They were there at the time of the funeral of President James A. Garfield and attended one of the funerals, many of which were held throught the country."
Note - President Garfield died Sept 19, 1881 after being shot on July 2 of that year.
with Martha H Smith
Census[18] 15 Apr 1891 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Death[9][14][20] 29 Oct 1895 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Burial[14][21][23] Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery, Thornbury, Grey, Ontario, CanadaThomas Boothby White headstone


OCTOBER 31, 1895


A TRAGIC END : One of the broadest thinkers and most highly respected men that Collingwood Township has been proud to claim for many years, passed quietly and painlessly away on Tuesday night under circumstances that were most sad and startling.

 Mr. Thomas B. White of the Tenth Concession, while with a number of ratepayers were discussing at Lougheed's schoolhouse the advisability of an appeal in the Holladay case, was stricken down without a moments warning. He had been ably and most forcibly advocating no appeal and it is thought that the excitement occasioned by an interrogation on the statement that he had made, was the cause of his sudden death. He had taken his seat and while Mr. Hartman was making the closing speech of the evening the latter gentleman noticed a peculiar change in Mr. White's appearance and at the same time, a fainting fit. Without another word, Mr. Hartman was at the old man's side and as he dropped over, let him gently down to the floor where everything that could possibly be done to restore consciousness was tried but without effect, for the heart had soon ceased its action and the soul of the grand old man passed from its clay tenement. For a time hope was in the breast of every man present that the spark of life might not yet have gone out, and Dr. Large was sent for in posthaste. When he arrived, however, the body was becoming cold, and heart failure had claimed another victim.
 Too much can not be said in praise of the subject of our sketch. He was always true to his convictions, honest in every dealing with his fellowmen, possessed a brainy intellect and was honoured by all who knew him.
  It is needless to say that the startling event created a profound impression on all  present in the face of the boisterous, exciting meeting that was all but closed. The vote had not yet been taken and never will be, for who would dare disturb the quiet dead with such a paltry matter?
  We hear occasionally of old statesmen, when in the course of great debate, so exciting their husbanded strength and power for the particular event, that a similar fate ensues, and are not much surprised, but to think that these uncalled for meetings, to please the whim of certain parties, should produce such results, pains to the very centre of our systems.
  Our warmest and most heartfelt sympathy goes out to the wife and family in their deep affliction. Deceased was in his 71st year.

WHITE-On Tuesday, 29th inst., Thomas B. White, LOT 19, CON.10, C'wood Twp., aged 70 years, 11 months, 14 days

Image Gallery
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    Thomas Boothby (White) spouse Martha Smith, born 11-18-1824, married 12-24-1853, died 10-29-1895

  2. T.B. White's Family Record (March 19, 1869) copied by Rick Moffat
    Page 1.

    Thomas Boothby White, B. Nov. 18, 1824, M. Martha Smith, Dec. 24, 1853. Marked to note that he came to Canada in 1844.

  3. E.F. White, Jr. Copy of Rhoda Johnston's Records
    Page 2.

    Thomas Boothby White, born Nov. 18, 1824 Ludborough, Lincolnshire, England.

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    Census Returns -- 1851 & 1861; Page 311 & 313
    Early settler of Tenth Line, came in 1848.; Pages 49 and 214, 215
    T.B. White was an officer of the Patrons of Industry in Collingwood Township in 1885.; Page 271
    In 1864 William Hewgill hired Thomas B. White, Sr., builder and carpenter, and assisted by John Hutchinson, he built a house which is still standing.; Page 185

  5. David Bolling, 1841 Census -- Lincoln, Recipient: Rick Moffat

    Boothby White, 15, M. Servant, Y (born in county) -- recorded with Richard White family, possibly an Uncle.

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    Baptism 21 Nov 1824 Thomas Boothby, Michael & Mary Ann White, Labourer, C. Thorold, Curate

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    Thomas Boothby White born Nov. 18, 1824 (my father); Page 2
    Thomas B. White died Oct. 29/95 aged 70 yrs 11 mos. 14 days; Page 3
    Thomas Boothby White, born Nov. 18, 1824 in Ludborough, Lincolnshire, Old England.; Page 4

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    Thomas Boothby White -- Sr. our grandpa. T.B.W. died October 29, 1895

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  11. Photo of gravestone & Obituary, in Barbara (White) Flett -- July 26, 2000.
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    T.B. White Died Oct. 29, 1895 Aged 70 yrs 11 mo & 10 D -- Native of Ludborough Lincolnshire Eng.-- It is the Lord let Him do what seemeth good

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    White, Thomas B., M(ale), Age 56, Country of Birth England, Religion Ch Eng, Origin English, Occupation Farmer, M(arried);

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    Census Place: Collingwood, Grey East, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375897 NAC C-13261 Dist 155 SubDist B Div 3

    Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace
    Thomas B. WHITE M M 56 English England Occ: Farmer Religion: Church of England
    Martha H. WHITE F M 46 English USA Religion: Church of England
    Susan WHITE F 23 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    James B. WHITE M 18 English O <Ontario> Occ: Farmer; Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Thomas B. WHITE M 16 English O <Ontario> Occ: Farmer; Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Ann M.J. WHITE F 14 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Edward F. WHITE M 11 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Robert H. WHITE M 8 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Myrtle WHITE F 3 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    Herbert H. WHITE M <1 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    Born: Jul; 10/12

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    Name: Thomas White
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1824
    Birthplace: England
    Province: Canada West (Ontario)
    District: Grey County
    District Number: 11
    Sub-District: Collingwood
    Sub-District Number: 86
    Page: 11
    Line: 35
    Roll: C_11723
    Schedule: A

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    Christening: 21 NOV 1824 Ludborough, Lincoln, England
    Mother: MARY ANN
    Source Information:
    Batch No.: C026272

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    Name: Thomas B White
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Married
    Age: 67
    Birth Year: abt 1824
    Birthplace: England
    Relation to Head of House: Head
    Religion: Church of England
    French Canadian: No
    Father's Birth Place: England
    Mother's Birth Place: England
    Province: Ontario
    District Number: 67
    District: Grey East
    Subdistrict: Collingwood
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Thomas B White 67
    Martha White 56
    Marth A White 24
    Edward F White 21
    Robert M White 18
    Myrtle White 12
    Herbet H White 10

  19. Willm throop household, in Lincolnshire, England. 1841 Census Returns of England and Wales

    Name: Brothby White [I read Boothby]
    Age: 15
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1826
    Gender: Male
    Where born: Lincolnshire, England
    Civil Parish: Ludborough
    Hundred: Ludborough
    County/Island: Lincolnshire
    Country: England
    Registration district: Louth
    Sub registration district: Tetney
    Household Members: Name Age
    Charlotte Throop 15
    Mary Throop 55
    Willm Throop 60
    Willm Throop Junr. 20 ...
    Boothby White 15

  20. Death - T B White, in Loughead, Jopie; Alfreda (Margaret "Alfreda" Hunt) Veenstra; and Ontario Genealogical Society. Bruce & Grey Branch. Meaford & Collingwood papers, index to births, marriages & deaths. (Owen Sound)
    Page 88, 1 Nov 1895.

    Clarksburg Oct 30 Mr T B White died last evening at a public meeting also in 8-11-95 -- in his 71st year.

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    See the above MySource page for the full text of this memoir.

  23. Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery, in Canada GenWeb Cemetery Project: Ontario.

    Thomas Boothby White
    Photos courtesy of Bonnie Lee Breadner & Myrna White {2012}
    Indexed by Bonnie Lee Breadner

    T.B. White
    Oct. 29th 1895
    70 Yrs 11 Mo & 10 D
    Native of Ludborough
    Lincolnshire, Eng.
    It is the Lord Let Him Do What Seemeth Good