MySource:RGMoffat/White Family (Memoir) transcription

MySource White Family (Memoir) transcription
Author White, E. Frank
Place Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Ludborough, Lincolnshire, England
Winnebago (township), Winnebago, Illinois, United States
Dearborn, Indiana, United States
Year range -
Surname Brown
Publication information
Publication 1 Sep 1926
White, E. Frank. White Family (Memoir) transcription. (1 Sep 1926).
Name RGMoffat Personal Papers


I have two versions of E. Frank White’s memoir entitled “The White Family.”

One is a duplicate copy of a type written manuscript on 8 ½ by 11 paper. It appears to me that it is the earlier version. In the following transcription, I have largely followed the formatting, spelling and punctuation of this version. One page was not duplicated completely, and lost about 1” on the right hand margin. I have filled in the missing text, within square brackets [ ]. I’m not sure of the source of this version, although I probably received it from Martha Thornton or my Aunt Janet Hume, who had a number of my Grandmother Myrtle’s papers and photos.

The second version is actually the first that came into my possession. I phoned E. Frank White Jr. in San Diego in 1991. He replied with a short letter, and a type written manuscript, on 8 ½ by 14 (legal size) paper. This copy has a few handwritten corrections and notes.

In his memoir, Frank Sr. refers to several other “books” describing other periods of his life. I suspect that these are long lost, which is a pity.

Rick Moffat Jan 31, 2005

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