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Thomas Boothby White
m. 24 Dec 1853
  1. Frances Elizabeth White1854 - 1904
  2. Susanna White1856 - 1935
  3. John White1858 - 1858
  4. George Patchett White1859 - 1928
  5. James Langdale White1862 - 1938
  6. Thomas Boothby White1864 - 1943
  7. Martha Ann Jane White1866 - 1949
  8. Edward Francis White1870 - 1930
  9. Robert Henry White1872 - 1953
  10. Alexander White1875 - 1876
  11. Myrtle White1878 - 1970
  12. Herbert Hill White1880 - 1943
m. 13 Oct 1890
  1. Leona Olive White1891 - 1892
  2. Muriel Jean White1894 - 1967
  3. Christina Viola White1899 - 1899
  4. Ross Lambert White1900 - 1908
  5. Thomas Boothby Leslie White1902 - 1950
  6. Marion Gavina White1904 - 1993
  7. George Clare White1905 - 1986
  8. Karl McKinley White1907 - 1961
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Thomas Boothby White
Alt Name[14] Tom _____
Gender Male
Birth[7][8][9][10][13] 17 Jul 1864 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Alt Birth[6] 17 Jul 1865 Ontario, Canada
Marriage 13 Oct 1890 Clarksburg, Grey, Ontario, Canadain Collingwood Township
to Harriet Maria Lambert
Census[6] 31 Mar 1901 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Census[8] 5 Jun 1911 Collingwood, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Death[9][11][12][13] 29 Oct 1943 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Funeral[11][12] 31 Oct 1943 The funeral was held from his former residence.
Burial[4][9][12][13] 1 Nov 1943 Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery, Thornbury, Grey, Ontario, CanadaThomas B White & Harriet Lambert and family headstone

Narrative by George CLARE White in March, 1979 S1.

My father was a lumberman all his life. He was also an excellent machinist and had good understanding of steel. One of his avocations was "boss-man" at many barn raisings on the Blue Mountain and in the Beaver Valley. He was a meticulous bookkeeper. He was an avid speckled trout fisherman and hunter of deer and bear. His party hunted each fall near Point au Baril, Parry Sound District, travelling by boat between there and Thornbury.

Dad went to Clarksburg about 1887 (23 years old) as manager of the planing mill there and started a hoop (for apple barrels) business in partnership with a brother-in-law, William F. Johnston. They moved the business to Kolapore in 1889 and started manufacturing in 1890. About the same time they purchased a sawmill from Peter Stoutenburg and had a complete operation - logging, sawmill and hoop stave and headings factory. (Peter Stoutenburq is the one who nicknamed me Teddy Bush Bear). Mother and Father were married in 1890 and lived in one of the two homes on the property. My four sisters, three brothers and I were born in that home. Both houses are occupied and look much the same after almost 90 years. The only trace of the business is one small foundation.

In 1891, another brother-in-law, John Johnston (brothers married "White" sisters) joined the firm of Johnston, White & Co. In 1895 Uncle Will became a silent partner and in 1903 sold his one-third interest to Dad. Rhoda Johnston McLellan recorded in January, 1969 as follows:

"The soft elm trees of which the hoops were made grew to be very large, 5 to 6 feet in diameter and many of them would cut 3 l2ft. 1ogs.'-- "soft elm logs were cut into planks 9ft. long, 2 inches thick and put into vats of live steam for 36 hours -- moved to the cutting machine. This was a big heavy machine with superstructure holding a great knife 9ft. long which swung slightly from. R, to L, etc." "There was a lot of timber cut such as maple, hemlock, soft elm, rock elm, beach and birch. Uncle Tom (T. B. White) was always the sawyer." The lumber, etc. was all teamed 11 miles down the Mountain to Thornbury. That is how I got to Thornbury when we moved. Someone put 8~year old me on a passing lumber wagon. No.1 hard maple lumber was sold for as low as $7.00 per thousand board feet, loaded on railroad cars at Thornbury. The firm's most profitable year produced a profit of about $3,000.00 after a salary of $1,200.00 each to Uncle John and Dad.

The business was sold in 1912 (?) and the partnership dissolved. One of the assets was a 50% leasehold interest in 10 square miles of virgin timber in central southern British Columbia. Dad had a 2/3rds interest. The leases were let lapse many years later. Dad's share of the annual timber dues was at least double his income.

The Johnston's moved to Saskatchewan and we to Parry Sound in 1912-13. Mother was in hospital due to a massive paralytic stroke -- her whole left side. Muriel took her place and taught music as well. After six years, Marion took over and continued until her marriage. Both did far more than their share for Dad and their three brothers.

Dad continued lumbering in Parry Sound and he and my brother Leslie later acquired a wood turning business - Parry Sound Wood Turners Limited. Leslie's widow Vera and their son Robert carry on the business.

Barbara (White) Flett sent me an electronic copy of the following:


THORNBURY-CLARKSBURG -Correspondent-W. R. Fawcett

                     Phone 71,Thornbury


THORNBURY,Nov.3-The funeral of the late Thomas Boothby White, who passed away at his home in Parry Sound on Oct.29, was held on Monday. The Rev. Thomas Lindsay, rector of St. George's Anglican Church, conducted the burial service and interment was made in the family plot in the Union Cemetery. The pallbearers were Thomas W. Eastland, Harry Sparling, George and William M. J. McAteer, Wilfred Wilson and David Parks.

Deceased, who spent his entire life in the lumber and sawmill business, was well known by the trade throughout the province. In 1890,he was a member of the firm Johnston, White and Company, which erected and operated a sawmill in Kolapore. He managed this mill until 1913, when it was dismantled and Mr. White moved with his family to Parry Sound where he managed The Wood Turners Ltd. for many years. His death came as a shock to his relatives and friends as he had always enjoyed good health. For a short time he was manager of the Thornbury Planing Mill and held a number of shares of the Georgian Bay Fruit Growers.

Deceased was born in Collingwood, July 17,1864,the son of Thomas Boothby White and Martha Smith. In 1890 he was married to Harriet Maria Lambert, who passed away in 1923. Three sons and two daughters survive: Leslie and Karl of Parry Sound, Clare of Toronto, Muriel of Capreol and Marion, Mrs. R. P. Emes, of Parry Sound. One brother, Robert, of Frobisher, Saskatchewan, and two sisters, Mrs. A. Moffat of Frobisher, Saskatchewan, and Mrs. Clifford Sine, Gananoque, also survive, besides nine grandchildren.

WHITE, Thomas Boothby--At Parry Sound, Ontario, on Friday, October 29, 1943, Thomas Boothby White, in his 80th year, beloved husband of the late Harriet M. Lambert, dear father of Muriel, Leslie, Marion, Clare and Karl.

Funeral service at the late residence, Sunday at nine p.m. Interment at the Union Cemetery, Clarksburg and Thornbury, Ontario, Monday afternoon on the arrival of C.N.R. train.




       died               10-31-1943  (Note that data above indicates he died 10-29-1943 -- RGM)
Image Gallery
  1. White Family Tree (G Clare White)
    Page A-2 & A-3.

    Thomas Boothby (White) spouse Harriet M. Lambert, born 7-17-1864, married 10-13-1890, died 10-31-1943

  2. E.F. White, Jr. Copy of Rhoda Johnston's Records
    Page 2* 4.

    Thomas Boothby (White) -- b. July 17, 1864 Collingwood, d. 1943 (?) Parry Sound
    Thomas Boothby White, Jr. -- b. July 17, 1864 d. July 1943 (?), m. Harriet M. Lambert, Oct. 1890. She died March 19, 1923.

  3. T B White's Family Record with annotations by Phyllis Sine
    Page 2.

    Confrmed 1943 year of death for Thomas Boothby (White) Jr.

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    Thomas B. White born July 17, 1864 Died Oct. 29, 1943

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    12 65 White Hattie M F Wife M Nov 8 1867 34 Ont English Canad(ian) M(ethodist)
    13 65 White Muriel Jean F Daughter S Jan 20 1894 7 Ont English Canad(ian) M(ethodist)
    14 65 White Ross L M Son S Oct 15 1900 under one year Ont English Canad(ian) M(ethodist)
    15 65 Belts Wm M Servant W 35 Ont English Canad(ian) M(ethodist)
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    Martha H. WHITE F M 46 English USA Religion: Church of England
    Susan WHITE F 23 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    James B. WHITE M 18 English O <Ontario> Occ: Farmer; Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Thomas B. WHITE M 16 English O <Ontario> Occ: Farmer; Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Ann M.J. WHITE F 14 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Edward F. WHITE M 11 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Robert H. WHITE M 8 English O <Ontario> Occ: Going To School Religion: Church of England
    Myrtle WHITE F 3 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
    Herbert H. WHITE M <1 English O <Ontario> Religion: Church of England
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    14 139 White Harriet M F Wife M Nov 1866 44 O English Canadian Methodist
    15 139 White Muriel F Daughter S Jan 1894 17 O English Canadian Methodist
    16 139 White Leslie T B M Son S Jun 1902 8 O English Canadian Methodist
    17 139 White Marion G F Daughter S Jun 1904 6 O English Canadian Methodist
    18 139 White George Clare M Son S Sep 1905 5 O English Canadian Methodist
    19 139 White Karl McK M Son S Jun 1907 3 O English Canadian Methodist

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  10. Barbara (White) Flett -- Update on Family.

    Thomas Boothby White -b.July 17,1864 in Collingwood Township,Grey County Upper Canada,British North America.-d.October 29,1943 in Parry Sound, Ontario,Canada.

  11. 11.0 11.1 Barbara (White) Flett -- Update on Family -- Corrections.

    My grandfather ,Thomas Boothby White Jr.,died on October 29,1943.He was buried on October 31,1943. His father ,Thomas Boothby White ,Sr. also died on October 29,1895.

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