Person:Mildred Walker (6)

Mildred 'Milly' Walker
m. 1741
  1. Mary Walker1742 - 1824
  2. John Walker1744 - 1809
  3. Susan Thornton Walker1746 - 1808
  4. Thomas Walker1747 - 1798
  5. Lucy Walker1751 -
  6. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Walker1753 -
  7. Mildred 'Milly' Walker1755 -
  8. Sarah Walker1758 -
  9. Martha Walker1760 -
  10. Reuben Walker1762 - 1765
  11. Hon. Francis Walker1764 - 1806
  12. Peachy Walker1767 -
  • H.  Joseph Hornsby (add)
  • WMildred 'Milly' Walker1755 -
m. abt. 1775
Facts and Events
Name Mildred 'Milly' Walker
Gender Female
Birth? 5 June, 1755 Castle Hill, Albemarle County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1775 to Joseph Hornsby (add)


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Chalkley's Chronilces

Patsy Sims vs. Burgess--O. S. 192; N. S. 68--Bill, 1809. Oratrix is Patsy Sims by her guardian, Hudson Martin, Jr., of Nelson County. Her father, John A. Syms, died many years ago intestate, leaving oratrix, only child, and widow Jane, then residing in Hanover. Jane married Edward Burgess and removed to Kenawha County, who sold John Syms's land in Hanover to Robert Snead. In April last, Patsey was 16 years old. Jane Burgess was originally Jane Anderson. Patsey was born after her father's death, who only lived 18 months to 2 years after marriage. Mildred Walker deposes in Louisa: Betsey Anderson was her aunt, and Jane and John Sims were her cousins. Sims was drowned and was son of David Sims and brother of Benj. Sims, also of Mathew Sims. Betty Anderson was aunt of Jane. Will of Elizabeth Anderson, 5th October, 1796. Proved 15th March, 1797, in Hanover. Will of Henry Anderson of Hanover. Sons, William, Stephen, Charles, Michael; daughters, Lecelia, Jane, Sarah; brother, Robert. Dated 10th September, 1783. Proved in Hanover, 3d February, 1785.