Person:Milas Nix (1)

Milas (Mily) [Millie] NIX
b.21 Jan 1879
d.8 Jan 1963
m. 3 Jan 1867
  1. Zemily A. [Zem] Nix1869 - 1930
  2. Leondus [Lee] NIX1872 - 1937
  3. John Wesley NIX1874 - 1951
  4. Milas (Mily) [Millie] NIX1879 - 1963
  5. Luiga (?see Louiza DOBBS) NIX1881 - 1956
  • HJohn F. SAULS1879 - 1950
  • WMilas (Mily) [Millie] NIX1879 - 1963
m. 13 Apr 1899
  1. Charles SAULS1902 - 1905
  2. Velma SAULSAbt 1910 - 1986
Facts and Events
Name Milas (Mily) [Millie] NIX
Gender Female
Birth? 21 Jan 1879
Marriage 13 Apr 1899 Alabamato John F. SAULS
Death? 8 Jan 1963
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Husband: John F. Sauls Father:���� � � Mother:���� Wife: Milas "Mily" Nix Father:���Thomas Nix � � Mother:���Dicy Ellen Hopper Marriage Date: 13 Apr 1899 Marriage Place: Al. Children: � Download original file

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Dalton,millie was my great,great aunt.If Iam not mistaken the Sauls name that you have is the same one my family is giving me.From my understanding they have two daughters that at least one of them is still alive.There names are mae hall and meg peters her husband would be aubrey peters.Millie had a brother named John Nix.I would like information on him. I� would also like the name of Millie's father,that would be my great,great,great grandfather.This particular John Nix married a woman with the last name of Lori.I� know these Sauls� in Attalla really well,I guess I could talk to them and get some information on that marriage. thanks alot for your help ,please continue to send information.This is new to me and I'm finding it to be very interesting.Becky

Dalton, I talked to one of the Sauls today.We are talking about the same Millie. My great, great grandmother�Louiza also had a brother John, another brother Lee a sister named Zem and a sister� named Millie. From my understanding, their father died and their mother raised them herself .I'm sure there are more siblings but people can't remember them all.I was told that John Nix was a farmer and a preacher and had only one eye. Have you heard any of this?John Nix also has a son or a great grandson named NJ Nix he is still alive in Crossville Alabama .I tried to contact him today,but Idid not get an answer.Maybe he can remember some of the dates. I'm kind of afraid how some of these people are going to act when you call and ask them questions.Does any of this information help you put any of this together? Becky

�Full Context of Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920 Viewing records 55372-55372 of 149224 Matches ��<< Previous 10 |�Next 10>> Spouse 1: John F. Sauls Spouse 2: Millie Nix Marriage Date: 13 Apr 1899 Marriage Place: Etowah Surety/Bond Date: � Performed By: Minister of the Gospel Surety/Perf. Name: M. F. Owen OSPage: 440 Comment: �

This child was born well over a year after Thomas B. died. I think that there is a chance that Dicey and her children moved in with John Henry and his family, after Thomas B. died. As a results the actual parents for all of the children could beecome confused. Possible that this child was acually the daughter of John Henry and his wife, Eunice Adeline Inmon. That explianation would clear up several questions.

�Alabama Deaths, 1908-59 Viewing records 1-5 of 5 Matches ��� Name Death Date Death County Volume Certificate Role Comment Page # Sex Race � John Sauls 17 Sep 1916 Barbour 1 592 1 � � � � John Sauls 21 Nov 1918 DeKalb 36 � 2 � 493 � � John Sauls 13 Sep 1920 DeKalb 35 � 2 � 17460 � � John D Sauls 22 Nov 1950 Etowah 44 21947 5 � � � � John W Sauls

1900 Census, Alabama, Etowah, Clear Creek, 9 of 18 <ancestry. con> NIX, Dicie, Head, W,F, Jan 1847? 53. Wd., 5, 5, Ala,SC,SC NIX,Luiga, Daughter, W,F,Jan 1881,18 S, Ala, Ala, Ala NIX,Sherman,Grandson, W, M,Aug, 1899, 9/12, S, Ala, Ala, Ala

Note that she says 5 children born, 5 living, I have not been able to find Dicey in the 1910 Census.

Search�>�Census�>�U.S. Census� >�1930 U.S. Federal Census >�Alabama >�DeKalb >�Lathamville >�District�25 , residence 115, Family 117,

Apparently the husband , John F. SAULS died before the cenus taker got to the house, and Milie appeared at the home of her son Bill?. The image is not real good but parts are readable.

Sauls, Bill?, Head, M, Wm , 23, M, 21, Al, Al, Al, Farmer,

         , Ludie, Wife, F, W, 18, M, 16, Al, Al, Al, none
         , Helen? L., daughter, F, W, 1 4/12, S, Al, Al, Al, none
         , Milie, Mother, F, W, 50, Wd, Al, Al, Al, none
         , Magnes?, Sister, F, W, 15, S, Al, Al, Al, farm laborer, 

A copy of the death certificate provided by Elizabeth Mintz on 4 April 2005.

Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Short Creek > District 156, image 6 of 25. line 51, 251/251, Sauls, John T. Head, W, M, Nov, 187624, M, 1, AL, AL, AL, Day **otons

      , Milliy C., wife, W, F, Jan, Jan 1879, 21, M, 1, AL, AL, AL, 

> U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Short Creek > District 156, image 6 of 25, line 57, 251/251, Sauls, John F. (Franklin?) Head, W, M, Nov, 1876, 24,>Creek > Ala, Ala, Ala,

       , Meley C., Wife, W, F, Jan or June, 1879, 21, M, 1, 0/0, Ala, Ala, Ala,