Family:Thomas Nix and Dicey Hopper (1)

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Marriage? 3 Jan 1867 Blount County, AlabamaY
21 Jan 1879
8 Jan 1963
7 Jan 1956
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Cited in Alabama Marriage Recored 1800-1920 Signed as Thomas Nix and Dicey E. Hopper: 3 Jan 1867: Blount County, Alabama. Should view the full record for additional information..

Full Context of Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920 Viewing records 10397-10397 of 149224 Matches ��<< Previous 10 |�Next 10>> Spouse 1: Thomas Nix Spouse 2: Dicey E. Hopper Marriage Date: 03 Jan 1867 Marriage Place: Blount Surety/Bond Date: � Performed By: Justice of Peace Surety/Perf. Name: P. S. Ingle OSPage: 11 Comment: �

1867 Jan 3 Blount County Alabama Book-----, p 11; Thomas Nix to Dicey E.Hopper [son of Tyree Nix].

Spouse 1: Thomas Nix Spouse 2: Dicey E. Hopper Marriage Date: 03 Jan 1867 Marriage Place: Blount Surety/Bond Date: � Performed By: Justice of Peace Surety/Perf. Name: P. S. Ingle OSPage: 11 Comment: �

Dalton, I talked to one of the Sauls today.We are talking about the same Millie. My great, great grandmother�Louiza also had a brother John, another brother Lee a sister named Zem and a sister� named Millie. From my understanding, their father died and their mother raised them herself .I'm sure there are more siblings but people can't remember them all.I was told that John Nix was a farmer and a preacher and had only one eye. Have you heard any of this?John Nix also has a son or a great grandson named NJ Nix he is still alive in Crossville Alabama .I tried to contact him today,but I did not get an answer. Maybe he can remember some of the dates. I'm kind of afraid how some of these people are going to act when you call and ask them questions.Does any of this information help you put any of this together? Becky

abama Marriages, 1800-1920 Viewing records 1-1 of 1 Matches ��� Spouse 1 Spouse 2 Marriage Date Marriage Place Full View � Thomas Nix Dicey E. Hopper 03 Jan 1867 Blount View Full Record

Early Blount County Marriages (1820 - 1892)

Background: Not long after Blount County became organized in 1818, area marriages began to be recorded by the newly formed governing authority in Blountsville. Blount County is fortunate because, unlike some county courthouses across the state, Blountsville and later Oneonta never experienced a catastrophic fire which burned most of their records. While the Blount County courthouse has never had a fire, some of the marriage records are missing. One of the marriage books was "borrowed" from the court house and never returned. This book covered the time period between 1845 and 1852. From most accounts the book was taken sometime during the 1930s. The whereabouts of that book remains one of Blount County's great genealogical mysteries.

Other researchers should be mentioned by way of thanks in making this information available. They include Blount County Historian and Records Clerk Warren Weaver, as well as Lottie Painter Hudson and Carolina Nigg for their countless hours work in reviewing and compiling the original data from the marriage books.

The researcher should keep in mind in many cases the names are spelled phonetically. Be sure and check all possible spelling variations to locate your ancestor.

The arrangement convention adopted here is a name followed by a semicolon, another name and semicolon, and then the date the two were married. The date given is usually the date the marriage occurred. Most of the time, marriage bonds and licenses were obtained and dated a few days before the actual marriage was solemnized. It was the responsibility of person performing the ceremony to report to the Probate Judge's office the date the ceremony occurred. In a few cases, when for one reason or another the date of the marriage ceremony was not recorded, the date offered here is the date the bond was signed, or the date the license was obtained from the Probate Judge's office. Each name occurs twice in the index; the groom is listed first in one, and another entry is offered with the bride's name listed first. That way the index can be used to locate either grooms or their brides.

Other genealogical information, not recorded here, can be obtained from looking at the actual document. The earliest Blount County marriage licenses were actually marriage bonds entered into by the groom and co-signed by another person. Often, the groom signed the marriage bond with a good friend, such as today's equivalent of a "best man," or else a relative such as his father, his brother, his brother-in-law, or even his future father-in-law. Additionally, some marriage ceremonies were performed by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or a Minister of the Gospel (MG) who also just happened to be a close family member. The researcher can use this list to prepare and save time on his next personal visit to the courthouse to review those particulars. Because of possibility of mistakes in the long journey this data made from original marriage book to digital form, the actual document should be considered the ultimate authority. Use this index as a reference. (Book and page number from the original marriage books are not presented here).

For a fee, the court house archives can print a copy of the marriage bond or license from their records. I'm not sure what the going rate is for copies, but you can write the court house at:

Warren Weaver Blount County Records Clerk and Archivist P.O. Box 45 Oneonta, Alabama 35121


Blount County, Alabama Marriages 1820 - 1892 (Blue type indicates African American)

Nix, Horatio; Boone, Lucinda; 10 Jun 1861

Nix, James H.; Stephens, Jane A.; Jan 22 1880

Nix, Jennings; Ellison, Temperance; 20 Nov 1857

Nix, John D.K.; Thompson, Lucy T.; Dec 25 1879

Nix, Letty M.; Bynum, Andrew J.; 15 Nov 1866

Nix, Mary A.; Hopper, Janes; 24 Feb 1867

Nix, Miles J.; Freeman, Sarah E.; Feb 9 1882

Nix, Thomas; Hopper, Dicey E.; 3 Jan 1867

1880 Federsl Census, Alabama, Etowah County, Other Townships, District 63, image 25 of 28, Township 11 Range 4 , Beats 11 and 15, Page 22, supervisors dist #1, ED #65, enumerated on 28th day of June 1880, by William A. Murphree,

Line 35 Residence 190, family 200,

NIX, Dicy, W, F, 31? , keeping house, Ala, Not known, Ga,
       , Zembly A., W. F, 10, daughter, Al, Al, Al, 
       , :Leondus, W, M,6, son, Al, Al, Al, 
       , John W, M, 5, son, Al, Al, Al, 
       , Mily, W, F, 1, daughter, Al, Al, Al, 

This census would make John born 1875, not 1871 as I now have it.

next page image #26, residence 193, family 203

Washburn, James, W, M, 31, farmer, Al, Tenn, Ala,

                 , Orlena, W, F, 30, wife, keeping house, Ala, NC, SC, 
                 , Laura,W, F, 8, daughter, Al, Al, Al, 
                 , Minnie, W, F, 5, daughter, Al, Al, Al, 
                 , Malik, iW, M, 1, Son, Al, Al, Al,