Person:Luiga Nix (1)

Luiga (?see Louiza DOBBS) NIX
d.7 Jan 1956
m. 3 Jan 1867
  1. Zemily A. [Zem] Nix1869 - 1930
  2. Leondus [Lee] NIX1872 - 1937
  3. John Wesley NIX1874 - 1951
  4. Milas (Mily) [Millie] NIX1879 - 1963
  5. Luiga (?see Louiza DOBBS) NIX1881 - 1956
  • WLuiga (?see Louiza DOBBS) NIX1881 - 1956
m. 15 Nov 1902
  1. Elsie DOBBS1901 - 1989
Facts and Events
Name Luiga (?see Louiza DOBBS) NIX
Gender Female
Birth? Jan 1881 Clear Creek, Etowah County, Alabama
Marriage to John Willian JOHNSON
Marriage 15 Nov 1902 to Unknown
Death? 7 Jan 1956
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1900 Census, Alabama, Etowah, Clear Creek, 9 of 18 <ancestry. con> NIX, Dicie, Head, W,F, Jan 1847? 53. Wd., 5, 5, Ala,SC,SC NIX,Luiga, Daughter, W,F,Jan 1881,18 S, Ala, Ala, Ala NIX,Sherman,Grandson, W, M,Aug, 1899, 9/12, S, Ala, Ala, Ala

Note that she says 5 children born, 5 living, I have not been able to find Dicey in the 1910 Census.

X-From_: Mon Jun 17 14:35:23 2002 Reply-To: "Becky McGee" <> From: "Becky McGee" <> To: <> Cc: <> Subject: FAMILY Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 15:34:42 -0400 X-Priority: 3

Hey Dalton, My name is Rebecca Dobbs.Louiza Nix is my great,great grandmother.I would like to know who my great,great grandfather really is. Her son, Sherm"my great grandfather,"had ten children.His father is suppose to be John W Dobbs.�John spoke with some of my family before he passed and he said he never even knew a woman named�Louiza Nix.While she was pregnant with Sherm she married JW�Johnson,she also had a daughter.The daughter,Elsie( who married a Roden from Sand mountain) was also soppose to belong to Jonh W Dobbs.Some of those ten children are still alive and I�stay in touch with four of them.Do you have any information on the marriage between Louiza and John?How are related to this particular branch of the family?If you are interested, I'm sure I can get some information from my family.My mom and dad are first cousins so they have the same grandparents,Sherm and his wife Dora(Kilgore) Dobbs.In reality we may not even be Dobbs at all.I would like to know,because there is a terrible rumor about how Sherm and Elsie really got here. Mail me back and let me know what all you know. Thanks,�Rebecca Dobbs McGee���

1910 Federal census residence #4, Familu #4, line 18, Johnson, John W. Head, M, W,, 24, M(1), 7, Al, Al, Al, general farm,

              , Eliza Wife, F, W, 27, M(2), 7, 2, 2, Al, Al, Al,

Dobbs, Sherman, Step Son, M, W, 10, s, Al, Al, Al,

            , Elsie, Step Daughter, F, W, 8, S, Al, Al, Al,

NIX, Dicie, Mother -in-Law., F, W, 60, Wd., 6, 5, Al, Al, Al,

My analysis, 1 Oct 2004:

Johnson, John W. I have his name as John William Johnson b. 8 Jan 1847 which agrees with a age of 24. M(1) I assume to mean his first marriage. Married 7 years would mean that they married in 1903 when he was 17.

Eliza, wife. I have every name in the book for this lady, but there is no doubt that they are all the same person. She has age 27, but I think she was 28 or 29 in 1910. 2 born 2 alive would mean that Sherman and Elsie were her oly two children and that she had no children by John W. Johnson. Which agrees with my current records.

Sherman was born 1899-1900

Elsie was born 1901-1902

Dicie, age 60 was born 1850, which we know to not be true, whe was born 8 Jan 1847, which would make her 64, not a big difference. She has listed 6 children born with 5 living. We know that her first born, Zemily A. Nix died so that means that I do not have one of the living children, I only have John Frank, Lee, Mily, and Louiza which is the same as Eliza. But like every thing else about this family things are not what they seem. In 1900 she list 5 children born and 5 living, I do not think it is very possible that she had an additional child between 1900 and 1910. So where do we go from here?? Maybe in 1900 she forgot about her first born , Zemily who died early. I think that DeKalb County, is a good place to look for Dicey Ellen's grave. Which would mean thaat she is not buried at SAULS and the stone there is only in memory of the entire family and may not indicate that they are all buried there.