Person:Michael Stumph (2)

Hans Michael Stumph, of the South Branch, Potomac River
d.Bef. 8 March 1768 Hampshire County, Virginia
m. 12 APR 1693
  1. Hans Jorg Stumph1694-1715 -
  2. Johann Valentin Stumph1696 -
  3. Anna Maria Stumph1698 -
  4. Anna Catherina Stumph1700 -
  5. Anna Barbara Stumph1701/02 -
  6. Hans Peter Stumph1703/04 -
  7. Hans Michael Stumph, of the South Branch, Potomac River1709 - Bef 1768
  • HHans Michael Stumph, of the South Branch, Potomac River1709 - Bef 1768
  • WAnna Catharina Neff1716 - 1794
m. 10 Sep 1739
  1. Maria Catherine Stump1741 - Bef 1816
  2. Michael Stump, II1744 - 1799
  3. George Stump1745 - 1805
  4. Leonard Stump1749 - Abt 1849
  5. Elizabeth Stump1752 - AFT 1815
  6. Mary Magdaline Stump1754 - 1841
Facts and Events
Name Hans Michael Stumph, of the South Branch, Potomac River
Alt Name Michael Stump
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Mar 1709 Ederbach Hesson, Darmstadt, Germany
Marriage 10 Sep 1739 Tulpehochen Church, Heidelberg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Anna Catharina Neff
Death? Bef. 8 March 1768 Hampshire County, Virginia

Michael Stumph (Stump) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Virginia

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Vol. 2:

  • G-227: Michael Stump of Hampshire County, 366 acres in Hampshire County. Surv. Mr. James Genn. Lot No. 3 on South Fork of South Branch of Potomack river. 8 Sept. 1749. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, pg. 34]. [Note: it is interesting that this record indicates this land is in Hampshire County as Hampshire was formed from part of Frederick County in 1753, some four years later].
  • G-247: Michael Stump of Frederick County, 510 acres. Surv. Mr. James Genn. No 12 in Plat on South Fork of Wappacomo or Great South Branch of Potomack River. 3 Aug. 1749. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, pg. 35].

Will of Michael Stumph

Michael's will is recorded in Hampshire County W V. It was dated July 2, 1767 and was probated March 8, 1768.

In the name of God Amen, I Michael Stump of the South Fork of the South Branch of potowmack in the County of Hampshire in the colliny of Virginia being in a perfect state of health at present but considering the uncertainty of it and that it is necessary for all men while they have the happiness to enjoy their sences and memory perfect to settle and dispose of their affairs in manner as may prevent any dispute of or law suits after their death amongst their friends and relatives therefore to prevent the same as much as possible in my own family think proper to dispose of my estate in manner following viz.
First I give to my beloved wife Catherine the one third part of the plantation whereon I now live together with its profits and appertainences also her third part of whatever Personal Estate I die possessed of. I also give unto each of my three Daughters the sum of fifty pounds currancy in lieu of lands given to their respective brothers as below will appear and that my Estate may not be divided and squandered away I direct the same to be only appraised and not sould
Item I give and divise to my Eldest son Michael the Plantation whereon he now lives containing four hundred acres known by the name of Lot Number Two to him and his heirs for ever.
Item I give and devise to my Second son George the plantation on Lot No. thirteen joyning to the lower part of the Plantation whereon I now live containing four Hundred Acres to him and his Heirs for Ever. Also I give unto him the said George and his heirs for Ever the Plantation whereon I now live Except for a full third to his Mother During her Life as aforesaid.
Item I give my Son Leonard A Plantation on Lot NO. three Joyning to the land given to my son Michael Containing near four Hundred acres to and his heirs for Ever.
Item I give to my Grandson Michael, the son of Michael aforesaid twenty Pounds Currancy to be Left in the hands of my wife and aplyed towards the Schooling of Said Child.
Item and as for my Personal Estate and Negroes I bequeath in manner Following that is to say I give to my son George one Negroe Named Sampson.
Item I also give to my son Leonard one Negroe Named Dick and all the residue of my Personal Estate not before mentioned with one Negroe Named Sam to be Equaly Divided Between my said Children Except the twenty Pounds left to my grandson which said twenty pounds to be Deducted or taken off his Fathers Share of my Estate and to be aplyed to the use aforesaid.
And lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my said Wife Catherine (sic) and my son George Executrix and Executor of this my will hereby Revoking and making Void all Former Wills Declaring this and no other to be my last True Will and Testament
In Witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and Seal this Second Day of July 1767.
Michael Stump
Signed and Sealed and Published by the Testator in the Presence of us.
Felix Seymour
( illegible)
At a Court held for Hampshire County on the 8th Day of March 1768. This Last Will and Testament of Michael Stump, dec'd was presented in court by Catherine Stump and George Stump the executors therein named proved by the Oaths of Felix Seymour and Leonard Hiet two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of the said executors who made Oath according to Law Certificate is granted him for obtaining a Probate thereof in due form giving security whereupon they together with he said Felix Seymour Leonard Hiet and Martin Chol their Securities entered into and acknowledged Bond in the Penalty of Five Thousand Pounds for their due and faithful Administration of the said Decedents Estate and Performance of his will.
Teste: Gabriel Jones CoClr"

Records of Michael Stumph in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1746. - (49) Daniel Richeson, Michael Stump and Benj. Hardin, to view road petition of Richard Crunk.
  • Page 99.--15th February, 1748. Jonathan Cobourn s bond as administrator of James Cobourn, with sureties John Dobikin and Michael Stump.
  • Page 77.--29th April, 1748. Johannes Bogard's appraisement by Michael Harnis, Michael Stump, James Simpson. Money due by Jacob Bogard.
  • Page 215.--6th November, 1749. John Woolf's appraisement by Michael Harnis, Michael Stump, James Simpson. Note of Peter Hart. Note of Nicholas Snider. Sale to Ellis Seller.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 15, 1752. - (361) James Simpson and Michael Stump, overseers, with Jeremiah Osburn, Geo. Osburn, Mones Alkier, Heorndkis Corlock, John, Jacob and Wm. Westfall, Michael Stumph, Henry Harris, Henry Shipler, and Philip Moore--view and mark and keep in repair, on petition of inhabitants of the South Branch, a road from their wagon road up the So. Fork to Peter Reed's Mill.
  • Page 306.--10th December, 1757. Christian Doscher's (Dosher, Dorcher appraisement, by Michael Stump, Leonard Neave, Peter Horse. Due by Charles Wilson, Christian Crosc. Due Wm. Darline, John Welton, Anthony Reager.
  • Page 307.--3d December, 1757. Vendue (of Christian Doscher) held at Michael Stump's, on South Fork in Hampshire County, by Anthonv Reager, Peter Thorn, administrators of Christian Dousher--To Peter Heath, Thos. Crawford, Tobias Thorn, Michael Oxer, Lazarus Thorn, Philip Moore, Jr., Jno. Welton, Henry Couchman, Simon Hornback, Philpole Yeokham, Abraham Wise, Jno. Cock, Adam Rutherback, Harmus Hook, Conrad Moore, Thomas Singleton, Martin Job, James Hornback, Adam Harpole, Jonathan Coburn, Leonard Knave, Thos. Parsons, Sr., Nicholas Smith, Gaisper Reed, Michael Earsest, Sr., James Taff, Henry Miars, Ruda Bozard, Wm. Jennings, Jno. Varrill, James Parsons. Solom Hedges, Windle Miller, Peter Hive, Henry Shipler, Peter Andrew, Stophel Hoofman, Thos. Crawford, Benj. Scott, Andrew Byarly, Mary Smith, Henry Mook, Philip Hupp, John Mason.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 15, 1758 - (87) Michael Stump, Leonard Knave, Peter Howe and Harman Shook--appraisers of Christian Tosher.

Information on Michael Stumph

The following passage from the same source notes the existence of the two different Michael Stumps:

March 31, 1748: Virginia Historical Magazine, contains the diary entries of a Moravian minister, a Brother Gottschalk, while in the South Fork area on this date. This dated entry says,

Then I visited several families more and lodged with Michal Stumpf. The Virginia Historical Index by Swem, p. 824, has this entry: "Stumps (Stumpf) Michael, 12V68."

  • The name Capon in the title Capon Valley by Maud Pugh may be derived from the North or Cacapehon Mountain adjacent to the Cacapon (Cacapehon) stream which is several miles to the east of the South Fork stream.

Footnote (2), page 55, vol. 12, of the Virginia Historical Magazine states:

The first part of the journeys of these Moravian missionaries was always the same. From Bethlehem, by way of Lebanon, Lancaster, York (all in Pennsylvania), Frederick and Hagerstown (in Maryland) to the Potomac. Sketch-maps showing the traveled route of these missionaries are on the next pages. It is noted on the maps that the Moravian Brethren's travels from Bethlehem to Lebanon led them through the Tulpehocken and Heidelberg Townships in the then northern part of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The probability is almost a certainty that the Moravian missionary knew of the Michael Stump in northern Lancaster County either from his own or other recorded Brethren's travels. The missionary's diary entry is a record establishing the correct spelling of the Virginia Michael Stump Sr.'s surname under which he arrived in the colonies as an immigrant in order to differentiate the two families with the same names. The context of his diary would not then be in conflict with other probable recorded entries for the duplicate names of the Michael Stumps at different locations in the Pennsylvania and Virginia colonies. The preceding 1734 entry concerning a Christopher Stump indicates that his fifteenth child was named Michael Stump and the locale of the Christopher Stump was in Heidelberg Township in northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The September 10, 1739, entry noted the marriage of Michael Stump in Tulpehocken Twp of northern Lancaster County to a Anna Catrarina Neff. Subsequent dated entries will list the last will and testament of this Christopher as testator and the son Michael as a legatee in the will. This is one of two documents which permits a separation to be made between the two identical named Michael Stumps in Pennsylvania and Virginia. The separation is necessary to trace a specific named individual as an immigrant to the port of debarkation here in the colonies at that time. That is, assuming the person was not a subject of the British crown who were exempt from registration as an immigrant at the port of arrival such as in the Pennsylvania Colony.

From the Neff Genealogy Homepage (

NEFF, ANNA CATHERINA [C3]: Married Hans Michael STUMPF abt. 1740. Their son Michael Stumpf married a Sarah HUGHES. Children: Michael Stumpf Jr. m. Magdalena RICHARDS; Jesse Stumpf m. Susan .....; Leonard Stumpf m. Mary MORROW; Elizabeth Stumpf m. Isaac N. WHITECOTTON abt. 1797 at Moorefield, Hardy Co., VA (WV); George Stumpf; Sarah Stumpf m. Jacob SIMONS. Would like the date and source for Elizabeth Stump's marriage to Isaac Whitecotton. Willing to share information. Irene Cooter, Port Angeles, WA, 5-97 Contact: NEFF NEWS, PO Box 212 DFN, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550-0212

[Ed. note: Anna Catherina Neff m. Hans Micheael Stumpf on 10 Sept 1739 at Tulpehochen Ch., Lancaster Co., PA, Heidelberg Twp.]

From Family Tree Maker Home Page of Robert-C-King:

160. Michael Stump Sr, born March 17, 1708/09 in Eberbach,Hessen-Darmstadt,Germanies; died 1768 in Hampshire County, Va, USA. He was the son of 320. Hans Peter Stumpff and 321. Rudinger. He married 161. Catherine 1740.

     161. Catherine, died 1794. 

Notes for Michael Stump Sr:

SOURCE: MICHAEL STUMP SR OF VIRGINIA 1709-1768 BY THURMAN STUMP MCCLAIN PRINTING PARSONS WV. Michael Stump 1. was born in Germany in 1709 and died in Hampshire county, VA. (WV.) in 1767/68. He married Catherine in Germany. Catherine was born in Germany. Died in 1794 in Hampshire county, VA. (WV.). Thurman R. Stump's " Micheal Stump Sr. of Virginia 1709-1768" states, "...Micheal Srenior was born in Eberbach am Neckar in the principality of Hessen -Darmstadt of the Germanies. " The marriage record and records of the children's births have not been found to date. The likelihood of ever finding them seems to be a remote thingat best. An unsuccessful search for them was concluded re- cently." In volumn ten of the records of the Pennsylvania Folklore Society: " Date of entry at Philadelphia, September 30, 1743- Ship Phenix. Hans Micheal Stumpf, wife Maria Catherine, and one child, born October 22, 1741 named Maria Catherine, in Germany." Note that the original spelling of the family name was "Stumpf",Micheal had a first name (Hans) and Catherine had a first name, (Maria) although Virginia records omit these names. Traditional family history says that George Washington either suggested or agreed to the shorter version of the name. Possibly, Washington helped the family to Anglicize their names. Appparently, Michael and others had an agreement with Lord Fairfax, because the family was living on Stump Run, a tributary of the South Branch of the South Fork of the Potomac River Long before George Washington surveyed the "Manor of Wappacomo" for Lord Fairfax in 1748. The Stump family home was in a developing country and the county changed as the years passed. Originally, they lived in Spottsylvania County, then Orange County was organized, followed by Frederick County. In 1753, Hampshire County Virginia was formed and included their holding. Finally , Hardy County was formed in 1785. On June 20, early Stumps are found in four counties and two states. The earliest official record mentioning Michael is: " Augusta County, June 18, 1746-Daniel Richardson, Michael Stump and Benjamin Harden to review road petition of Richard Crunk." Reverend L. Schnell a Moravian missionary, noted in his diary: " March 19-30, 1747 Then I visited several other families more and lodged with Michael Stumpf." George Washington surveyed Wappacomo Manor for George Fairfax in 1748. A quotation from Washington's diary for March 1748: " Tues. 29 " This morning went out and surveyed five hundred acres of land, and went down to Michael Stump's on ye S. Fork of ye Branch, on our way shot two wild turkeys." " Wednesday 30th" " This morning began our intended business of laying of lots. We began at ye boundary line of ye northern10 miles above Stumps. The courses and distances of ye several lots layed off on ye So. Fork of Wappacomo, began March 30 lot ye list Peter Road." " Thursday 31st" " Early this morning one of our men went out with ye gun and soon returned with two wild turkeys. We then went to our camping place at Stumps." " Sat. 2nd" " Last night was a blowing and rainy night, our straw catch'd a fire that we were laying upon and was luckily preserv'd by one of our men awaking when it was ablaze. We run off our lots this day, which reached below Stumps. Lot 10, Michael Caleb Liverson; Lot ye 11th Leonard Nave; Lot 12th Michael Stump." Michael's land grant is dated September 8, 1749 and is signed by Lord Fairfax.

Will of Catharine Stump widow of Michael Stump 1st (deceased)

In the name of God. Amen. I, Catharine Stump, of Hampshire County and state of VA, blessed by God, do this fourth day of Dec.1783 - make and publish this my last will and testament, in manner following, that is to say all living apparel that I have in my name to be equally divided between Catharine Brake, Elizabeth Welton and Magdaline Yokum. Likewise, all the household furniture and wooden ware that is in my name, to be divided as above unto the said girls, and if any horses or cattle be left at my death, to be divided equally amongst my five children, that is to say Michael and Leonard and three girls - and if any cash be left, to be equally divided amongst the above named five. That is to say Michael and Leonard and the three girls, but each of my daughters and their children to have their share of the money without the husband having any right or claim of any that they make use of it for their own nwcessary use, without their husbands having any right or demand upon the same, and especially that Jacob Brake have none of this is my will concerning the money and likewise that you make an equal and just divide amongst yourselves, without any dispute or wrangle and whoever buries me, let them make their charge and let that be paid first. In wit- ness whereof I the said Catharine Stump have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

                             Catharine Stump 

Signed , sealed and delivered by said Catharine Stump as her last will and test- ament in the presence of us who were present at the signing and sealing of the same.

     Witness: John Hayes 
           Catharine Hayes her (X) Mark 

Will Book No. 1, Page 91 Hardy County, WV

This is our first record of any of the names of Michael Stump Sr.'s family. The wife's surname before marriage remains unknown to the date this is written. There were six known children in the family:

Michael, Jr. m. Sarah Hughes
Catherine m. Jacob Brake
George m. Elizabeth Massy
Elizabeth m. Felix Welton
Leonard m. 1773 Catherine See
Mary Magdalena m. 1782 Jacob Yoakham

(mother's will) Additional data about some of the family members has been compiled in a manuscript titled The Stumps, Descent of the Four Michaels by Paul Hardman, Charleston, West Virginia, October 19, 1940. A copy of the writing is in the Department of Archives and History, State of West Virginia, Charleston, West Virginia.

From Family Tree Maker Home Page of Lessa M Alkire: (

Notes for SARAH ELIZABETH STUMP: !RESIDENCE: "Hardy Co Family History to 1990", P-42 has family history for Michael STUMP I stating he Married Maria Catherine NEFF in Germany, came to America 30 Sep 1743 aboard ship Phoenix to Philadelphia and then to Hardy Co, WV listing 6 children.

Colonial Census 1607-1789 lists: Stumpf, Hans Michael PA Philadelphia Philadelphia 1743 Stumpf, Michael PA Philadelphia Philadelphia 1773 Stump, Michael VA Hampshire 1782 Stump, Leonard VA Hampshire 1782

There were four generations of Michael Stump's in her family This Michael Stumph has been confused with Michael Stump that migrated to Hamshire County, Virginia. The following source notes the confusion among some researchers:

A Christopher Stump of northern Lancaster County in Pennsylvania had three sons named George, Leonard, and Michael according to the order of their births. Michael's son was also named Michael (Jr.). The Virginia Colony's Michael Stump had sons named Michael, George, and Leonard in the order of their birth again and this Michael, Jr., had a son who was the Michael 3rd, or III. There were one pair of Michael Sr. and Jr. in the colony of Pennsylvania and another pair of Michaels Senior and Junior in the colony of Virginia at the same time.