Person:Michael Lawler (3)

Michael Lawler
b.Est. 1700-1715
  • HMichael LawlerEst 1700-1715 -
  • WMary UnknownBef 1706 -
m. Bef. June 1747
Facts and Events
Name Michael Lawler
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1700-1715
Marriage Bef. June 1747 possibly Orange County, Virginiato Mary Unknown

Michael Lawler was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Deed Book 2-317: 11 August 1749, Michael Lawler & Mary his wife, Thomas of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co., to Thomas Kennerley, Joseph Bloodworth, Mary Bloodworth, Mary Margaret Kennerly, William Russell. Devised to his wife, Mary, after her death to Mary Margaret Kennerly, wife of Thomas. Mary Bloodworth, widow, has married Michael (Lawler). 100 acres purchased by Joseph from Russell, 27 May 1742. 300 acres patented to Joseph 1 August 1745. Teste John Roberts Jr., William Duncan, Archibald, William and Susanna Woods, James Kennerley. (III:275)

Acquisiton of Land in Culpeper County, VA

  • Pages 212-213 - 22 June 1751 - Michael Lawler - 52 acres adjacent to Mr. Francis Slaughter of Culpepper County, in fork of Gourd Vine Run, 22 June 1751 [From Laws of Virginia (Hening's Statutes)]
  • Pages 271-74. - 15 Sept. 1763. James Compton, Esqr., of the Kingdom of Great Britain, to Michael Lawler of Bronfield Parish, Culpeper County. For 41.16 pounds - current money. 418 acres in the little fork of Rappahonnock River... at the Longford on the river side ... corner to Roberts and Lawler... on a branch ... on the east side Aaron's Mountain ... in Munzingo's line... being part of 10,000 acres granted to James Compton by the Right Honorable Thomas Fairfax, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Records of Michael Lawler in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - JUNE, 1747. - Michael Lawler vs. James Armstrong and Thomas Letch.--Michael and Mary, his wife, lately called Mary Bloodworth. Debt on bond dated 22d March, 1743, to Mary while she was sole and unmarried. Writ issued 1746, 26th November. Receipt signed Mary Bloodworth, July 29, 1744. Receipt signed Michael Lawler, 23d May, 1745.
  • Page 485.--Commonwealth to Robert Eastham, James Pendelton and Wm. Green of Culpeper, to take privy execution of Mary, wife of Michael Lawyer as to deed Michael Lawler to Thomas Kennerley of Culpeper, for land where Joseph Bloodworth lives. Executed May 11th, 1751.
  • Vol. 2 - Allison vs. Kennedy--Special verdict. Mentions patent to William Russell in year 1740. William Russell owned land in Beverley Manor prior to 1740. In 1742, 27th May, William conveyed his lands to Joseph Bloodworth, Joseph's will, dated 3d October, 1743, wife, Mary Bloodworth, devise to Mary Margaret Kennerley, wife of Thomas Kennerley. After Joseph's death, widow Mary married Michael Lawler. Thomas and Mary Margaret sold land to James Kennerley, but died before making deed, and Thomas, eldest son and heir; John Kennerley and Mary, his wife, conveyed the land to James. James Kennerley died, June, 1797. Survey was made for Russell, 1739. 1796 (A to M).

Records of Michael Lawler in Culpeper County, VA

  • 1758 -
To Valentine Sevear for provisions - £3.10.8
Benjamin Davis, do. - £2.12.4
John Strother, do. - £1.8
Joseph James do. for Indians, - £2.1.4
David Johnston, do. - £0.15.
Valentine Sevear, for horse hire, - £0.15.
Michael Lawler, for provisions, £2.0.10
Richard Covington, for horse hire - £1.17.6

[Source: Laws of Virginia, ]

  • 1764 Culpeper County Rent Rolls - Michael Lawler.
  • K-331: 1 May 1781, Gift, Willm. Duncan of Brumfield Parish, to son James Duncan, 330 acres on south side of North River of Gourdvine River, "being the whole of the tract of land on which I now live (and part of a tract which I purchased of Benjamin and Joseph Cottman)" on bank of Mill Run, Charles Mazengo's line, corner Michael Lawler, lower corner of James Marsh and Jas. Duncan's upper corner. Wit. William Hughes, William Browning. Note at side: James shall not "disturb or hinder me from occupying any part of the above premises as also shall not possess himself of the mansion house during my natural life."