Person:Michael Arbogast (2)

Michael Arbogast
m. BEF 1730
  1. Balthazar ArbogastABT 1730 -
  2. Michael Arbogast, Sr.1734 - 1812
  3. George ArbogastABT 1736 -
  4. John ArbogastABT 1738 -
m. 1758
  1. Adam Arbogast1759 - 1852
  2. David Arbogast1761 - 1833
  3. John C. Arbogast1762 - abt 1820/1
  4. Michael Arbogast, Jr.1764 - 1825
  5. Mary Elizabeth Arbogastabt 1766 - 1794
  6. Dorothy 'Dolly' Arbogast1769 -
  7. Peter Arbogast1770 - 1842
  8. Henry Arbogast1770 - 1844
  9. George Arbogast1772 - 1844
Facts and Events
Name Michael Arbogast
Gender Male
Birth? 1734 Cologne, Germany
Marriage 1758 Pendleton County, Virginiato Mary Elizabeth Samuels
Death? 27 August 1812 Pendleton County, Virginia
Alt Death? 27 AUG 1812 Crabbottom, Highland County, Virginia

Michael Arbogast was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 117 - Michael Armoenst, 59 acres, South Branch of the Potomac. Adjoining John Gun. November 5, 1768. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 42].
  • Page 197 - Michael Armocust, 98 acres, South Branch of Potomac. Adjoining Barnet Lance. April 7, 1772. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 71].
  • Page 267.-(undated, appears to be abt. May 1773) - 130 acres on head of South Branch of Potowmack, patented to Michael Arbocust.
  • Page 242 - Michael Armicost, 315 acres, branch of South Branch of Potomac. Adjoining George Neighley, Sickinfoot. April 11, 1774. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 85].
  • Page 242 - Michael Armocust, 174 acres, branch of the South Branch of Potomac. Adjoining Abraham Smith, Cunningham. April 13, 1774. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 86].
  • Page 90.--17th August, 1779. Abraham Smith and Sarah, of Rockingham, to Michael Armingcost, on Crab Apple Waters on head of the South Branch of Potomack, Lynche's line. Teste: William Booney, Jonathan Shipman.

Records of Michael Arbogast in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • AUGUST 22, 1770. - (117) Barnett Lynch, Michael Arbocoast and Peter Flesher naturalized.
  • Page 535.--18th August, 1772. John Shull's bond (with Michael Abecost. Leonard Seeman) as administrator of Sebastian Neigley.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage in Augusta County - 1785, _____ __--By Saml. Shannon, V. D. M.: James Mulinx and Mary Arbocast. (Mary was Michael's daughter).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1785--July 4, David Arbogast and Elizabeth Fleisher, daughter of Peter Flaisher, of Augusta County. (David was Michael's son).
  • Page 402.--Appraisement of Barnet Lance's estate by Peter Hull, Jno. Gum, Sr.; Michael Armengash. Recorded, 20th September, 1791.
  • Vol. 1 - DISTRICT COURT EXECUTIONS. SEPTEMBER, 1794 (A to J). - List of wolf scalps, beginning 1774: To James Loskey, Joseph Newton, William Porter, Levin Benson, William Rhea, Peter Hoover: 1777, December 16, to John Clemons, George Baxter; 1778, May 21, to Jacob Barrier, Thomas Cartmell, John McEwin, Thomas Mynes, Jonathan Hicklin, Anthony Huston; 1784, November, to John Snider, George Puffenberry, Isaac Mayze. Joseph Newton, Henry Every, Samuel Haws; 1785, March, to John Owfull; November, to Wm. Lansdale, Henry Casebolt, Henry Gragg, Moses Moore, Senior and Junior, and Jacob Elsworth, Wm. Bennett and John Armogast; 1787, December, to Thomas Galfour, Thomas Frennen and Michael Arbecost; 1788, December, to James Brindle and William Nottigam; 1789, December, to John Portlock; and Levin Nicholas; 1790, December, to William Portlock, William M. Jordan and Sylvanus Odle; 1791, December, to Hugh Keenon, Fred Troughbough, Jonathan Inchremiger (?); 1792, December, in all 106,900 pounds tobacco.

Information on Michael Arbogast

From "A Standard History of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio", by Benjamin F. Prince, pg. 182:

Michael Arbogast (1734-1812) moved to what is now West Virginia, Pendleton County, in 1752. He was naturalized in Augusta County, Virginia, August 22, 1770, and served in the Second Battalion, Augusta County Cavalry troops, under Capt. Peter Hull of Pendleton or Highland County during the Yorktown campaign. The history of Highland County records that he owned 1,037 acres of land in 1800. The following list may not include all of his children: Adam (1760), married Margaret Hull; David, married, July 4, 1785, Elizabeth Fleisher; Mary, married in 1785 James Mullenax; John (a lieutenant in 1794) married Hannah Davis; George, married in 1791 Catharine Yeager; Michael, Jr., who died in 1813, married Barbara Buzzard; Henry, who died in 1844, married Sophia Wade and, second, Elizabeth Seyfert; Peter (1770-1842), married Sarah Henderson (1781-1850), and was a twin brother of Henry.

From "Historical Sketches of Pocohontas County", William T. Price:

The Arbogast relationship is identified to a marked degree with the history of our Pocahontas people, and justly claims recognition in these short and simple annals. So far as known, the original progenitor of the Arbogasts in Pendleton and Pocahontas was Michael Arbogast, who must have been one of the original pioneers of what is now Highland County, in "Indian Times." He settled there some time previous to 1758. Fort Seybert on South Branch, about twelve miles northeast of Franklin, was the chief place of refuge for all the pioneers in that section when there was danger of being pillaged, slain, or carried into captivity by raiding parties of Indians, led for the most part by Killbuck. Captain Seybert is reported to have made the remark, when his fort was taken in 1758, that if the Arbogasts had been there he could have held the place in spite of the Indians.
Michael Arbogast had seven sons: Adam, George, Henry, John, Michael, David, and Peter,--the two last named were twins. The sons, excepting John, were all very powerful and stalwart in their physique, and were often more than two hundred pounds in weight.