Person:Matthew Wilson (8)

Matthew Wilson
d.bef. December 1795 Botetourt County, Virginia
m. Abt. 1724
  1. Nathaniel WilsonABT 1724 - 1818
  2. Sarah WilsonABT 1726 -
  3. Rebecca 'Rebekah' WilsonABT 1728 - 1820
  4. Samuel Wilsonest 1730 -
  5. Matthew Wilsonabt 1735 - bef 1795
  6. Martha WilsonABT 1736 -
  7. Elizabeth WilsonABT 1738 -
  8. Rhoda WilsonABT 1740 -
  • HMatthew Wilsonabt 1735 - bef 1795
  • WMary Unknownabt 1739 -
m. abt. 1759/61
  1. John Steele Wilsonabt 1762 -
  2. Samuel Wilsonabt 1764 -
  3. Matthew Wilsonabt 1766 -
  4. Jannet 'Jenny' Wilsonabt 1768 -
  5. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Wilsonabt 1770 -
  6. Mary 'Polly' Wilsonabt 1772 -
  7. Sarah 'Sally' Wilsonabt 1774 -
  8. Nancy Wilsonabt 1776 -
  9. Col. Thomas Wilson1777 - 1823
Facts and Events
Name Matthew Wilson
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1735 of Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1759/61 of Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Unknown
Death? bef. December 1795 Botetourt County, Virginia

Matthew Wilson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Matthew Wilson

Wilson, Matthew. Will probated December 1795. Names wife Mary and children: Thomas, John Steele (of Kentucky), Samuel, Matthew (of Kentucky), Jenny, Betsy, Polly, Sally and Nancy. [Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 65].


From "Botetourt County, Virginia Heritage", by S. Grose, pg. 246:

Matthew Wilson was the son of Thomas and Martha Wilson of Augusta County. Thomas Wilson left his sons, Matthew and Samuel 200 acres of land in Botetourt in his will dated 1773.
In 1778, Matthew Wilson bought 250 acres of land from David and Katherine Harbison on Looneys Mill Creek and then acquired 92 acres of land in the same area of Botetourt County, 13 March 1779. Matthew was an active Presbyterian who in April of 1781 was selected, with others. by elders of Sinking Spring and Spreading Spring congregations, to nominate Edward Crawford as minister of the church. In VIRGINIA PUBLIC CLAIMS he is recognized for providing supplies and serving as a driver in 1782. He served as Botetourt County Sheriff from 1778-1792. In 1793 Matthew Wilson took the oath of Justice of the Peace. That same year he built a grist mill on his land.
Matthew Wilson's will was in 1795 in Fincastle. He left his widow, Mary, sons Thomas, John Steele, and Samuel and Matthew Wilson and daughters Jannet, Polly, Sally, Betsy and Nancy, all minors at the time of their father's death.
After the death of Matthew and the settling of the estate, some of his children married in Botetourt County. Thomas Wilson married Mary Edmondson, 19 May 1797; Jannet (Jean) Wilson married William Edmiston in April 1799; Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilson married Robert Steele on 13 Sept. 1803, Elizabeth and Robert married in Tennessee and she moved on to Pike County, Missouri where she died in 1843. Samuel married Priscilla Fleming, daughter of Col. W.M. and Ann Fleming on 18 Feb. 1806.
The sons Samuel, Matthew and John S. moved to Lauderdale County, Alabama about 1818 where they acquired considerable land and became prominent citizens of that county. John Steele Wilson was murdered in a notorius crime after the civil war in Lauderdale County by a gang of outlaws.
Polly, Sally and Nancy married in Kentucky. Thomas Wilson was the only son to remain in Botetourt County, where he died in 1826.
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