Person:Matthew Patton (8)

Matthew Patton, of Craig's Creek and Johnson County, NC
  • HMatthew Patton, of Craig's Creek and Johnson County, NC1726 - 1803
  • WElizabeth Mooreest 1718-1720 - 1807
m. May 1751
  1. Thomas Patton1752 -
  2. Samuel Patton1755 - 1822
  3. Solomon PattonABT 1757 - 1813
  4. Rebecca PattonABT 1761 -
Facts and Events
Name Matthew Patton, of Craig's Creek and Johnson County, NC
Gender Male
Birth? 1726
Marriage May 1751 Craig's Creek, Augusta, Virginia, United Statesto Elizabeth Moore
Death? 03 Mar 1803 Wilkes County, Georgia

Matthew Patton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Some researchers have claimed that Matthew Patton was a son of the Immigrant Col. James Patton, but there appears to be no factual sources to back up this claim. Col. James Patton in his will written 1 September 1750 only named his two daughters, Margaret Patton, who married Col. John Buchanan; and Mary Patton, who married Capt. William Thompson of Spring Hill. There is also no mention of Matthew Patton in the many land records that Col. James Patton left behind after his death in 1755, that (if it were true) Matthew as sole male heir would have had to have played a part in settling. Matthew was likely related (possibly a cousin or nephew) to Col. Patton, but he was most likely not his son.

Early Land Records in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 152.--17th December, 1753. Same (From James Patton) to Mathew Patton, 266 acres by patent 3d November. 1750, on Craig's Creek. Teste: Robert Williams.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 502.--25th April, 1767. Mathew Patton, of Johnson County, North Carolina, to William Rowland, £63, 266 acres by deed from Col. James Patton, 17th December, 1753, on Craig's Creek. Teste: Patt Sharkey. Sent to Wm. Rowland, 1793 (1773 ?). (Note: this record may provide evidence that this Matthew Patton was a possible (but not proven) son of Col. James Patton. More research necessary).

Information on Matthew Patton

25. MATTHEW (BORDEN)5 PATTON (JAMES (LYNN)4, HENRY (PATTEN)3, HENRY (UNKNOWN)2, WILLIAM1) was born 1726 in August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia, and died March 03, 1803 in Wilkes Co., Georgia. He married ELIZABETH BARBER May 1751 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

Notes for MATTHEW (BORDEN) PATTON: Our Fitchett, Harbison, Nix, Wescott and Related Families 12670 total entries, last updated Sun Sep 16 20:54:29 2001 All questions, comments or suggestions regarding information on this page should be addressed to: Don Fitchett <> ID: I3701 Name: Matthew PATTON Sex: M 1 Birth: 1726 in Augusta Co., VA 2 Death: 3 MAR 1803 in Wilkes Co., GA Ancestral File #: 5KN1-QB Change Date: 28 MAY 2000

Father: James PATTON b: ABT 1692 in Newton Limvaddy, Londonderry, Ireland Mother: Mary BORDEN b: bet 1708-1732

Marriage 1 Elizabeth MOORE Married: MAY 1751 in Augusta Co., VA Children Thomas PATTON b: ABT 1752 Samuel PATTON b: 1755 in Augusta Co., Virginia Solomon PATTON b: ABT 1757 in Augusta Co., VA Rebecca PATTON b: ABT 1761

Sources: Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Title: Ancestral File (R) Publication: Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998 Repository: Family History Library, 35 N West Temple StreetSalt Lake City, UT 84150 USA Text: Infdormation provided by "Barbara McKnight":

Matthew Patton drew his will in Oglethorp Co., Georgia on April 20 1799 and named as executors: Christopher Orr (who married Martha Watkins) and George Barber (his step-son) with William Henderson. It was probated in 1806. His wife preeded him in that she was not mentioned in the will

More About MATTHEW (BORDEN) PATTON: Will: April 20, 1799, Oglethorp Co., Georgia


Chapter One Captain GEORGE BARBER p. 1 - 10

The parents of Captain George Barber were George and Elizabeth Barber of Augusta County, Virginia. The elder George died 1750 in that colony, and one of the appraisers of his estate in Augusta County was Robert Williams, the uncle of Margaret Watkins, Margaret later to become the bride of Capt. George Barber. Elizabeth, widow of the elder George Barber, married a man by the name of Patton in May of 1751 on Craig's Creek. Robert Watkins (Father of Margaret), the elder George Barber, and Matthew Patton all lived near each other on Craig's Creek in 1745.[1]1

Matthew Patton was the step-father of Capt. George Barber. He lived next to the Watkins family in Johnston County, North Carolina in 1767, and lived next to Capt. George Barber and Reese Watkins in Wilkes County, Georgia. Matthew Patton died in Wilkes County, Georgia in 1806, and two of the executors of his will were Capt. George Barber and Christopher Orr. Matthew Patton had been a witness to the will of Christopher's father, Robert Orr, in Johnston County, North Carolina in 1779.[2]2 This same Christopher had married Martha, the daughter of Reese Watkins. Reese Watkins was the older brother of Margaret Watkins.[3]3

George Barber was born about 1743, probably in Augusta County, Virginia. He had an older brother named [4]Plier. George married Margaret Watkins in December 1766 or early 1767. This date is determined because Margaret signed a deed in Bedford County, Virginia, 6 November 1766, as Margaret Watkins.[5]4 Also their oldest son, William Barber, served in the American Revolution.[6]5

Margaret Watkins was born about 1743 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, the youngest child and only daughter of Robert Watkins and his wife Margaret, and the only granddaughter of Cadawalader Watkins, who immigrated to America from Wales before 1704. The descendants of Cadawalader Watkins have been traced in the book Reese Kelso Watkins, his Ancestry and his Descendants, by Frank B. Russell, 1973.

CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT OF VIRGINIA; Vol 2, pp 390 - 399 Eliz. Barber on Craig's Creek, married to one Patton, (1751, May),

Children of MATTHEW PATTON and ELIZABETH BARBER are: i. THOMAS (BARBER)6 PATTON, b. Abt. 1752, August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia; m. CATHERINE UNKNOWN.

Notes for THOMAS (BARBER) PATTON: Huff and Gore Family Trees 374 total entries, last updated Fri Jun 23 11:45:33 2000 All questions, comments or suggestions regarding information on this page should be addressed to: Donna Whit <> ID: I311 Name: Thomas PATTON Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1752

Father: Matthew PATTON b: ABT. 1730 in Northern Ireland or Agusta, GA Mother: Elizabeth BARBER

Marriage 1 CATHERINE

43. ii. SAMUEL (BARBER) PATTON, b. 1755, August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia; d. May 10, 1822, Oglethorp Co., Georgia. 44. iii. SOLOMON (BARBER) PATTON, b. Abt. 1757, August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia; d. June 1813, Wilkes Co., Georgia. iv. REBECCA (BARBER) PATTON, b. Abt. 1761, August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia; m. WILLIAM WINFRE

Notes for REBECCA (BARBER) PATTON: Huff and Gore Family Trees Entries: 374 Updated: Fri Jun 23 11:45:33 2000 Contact: Donna Whit < ID: I313 Name: Rebekah PATTON Sex: F Birth: ABT. 1758 in Wilkes County, GA

Father: Matthew PATTON b: ABT. 1730 in Northern Ireland or Agusta, GA Mother: Elizabeth BARBER

Marriage 1 William WINFREY