Person:Matthew Kincaid (3)

Matthew Kincaid
b.est 1743-1748 prob. Virginia
d.bef. 19 November 1776
m. est. 1743-1748
  1. Matthew Kincaidest 1743-1748 - bef 1776
  2. Robert KincaidBEF 1746 -
  3. William KincaidBET 1749 AND 1760 -
  4. John Kincaid, Jr.Bef 1750 -
  5. Andrew KincaidBef 1750 -
  6. Isabella KincaidBET 1750 AND 1757 -
  7. James KincaidBef 1751 -
m. bef. 1765
  1. David Kincaidabt 1760-1763 - aft 1821
  2. Elizabeth Kincaid1765-1774 -
  3. Mary Ann Kincaid1765-1774 -
  4. Sarah Kincaid1765-1774 -
  5. John Kincaidest 1765 -
Facts and Events
Name Matthew Kincaid
Alt Name Matthew Kinkead
Gender Male
Birth? est 1743-1748 prob. Virginia
Marriage bef. 1765 to Elizabeth McTeer
Death? bef. 19 November 1776 [Will Proven]

Matthew Kincaid was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 383.--20th August, 1771. John ( ) Kinkead and Elizabeth ( ) to Mathew Kinkead, his son, £40, 230 acres on Great Calfpasture, said Andrew's corner. Delivered: David Kinkead, August, 1784.

Will Abstract

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 445.--2d June, 1775. Mathew Kinkead's will, farmer--To wife, Elizabeth; to daughters; to children, infants; to eldest son, David, the upper plantation; to son, John, the lower plantation, infant; to child wife now bears; to daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, Mary Anne. Executors, wife and William McTeer. Teste: William Kinkead, John Hodge, Saml. Lockridge. Proved, 19th November, 1776, by Wm. Kinkead. 19th November, 1776 (?), further proved by John Hodge and Lockridge. Elizabeth qualifies.


From post:

From: "Sue Liedtke" <> To: <> Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 1:56 PM Subject: [KINCAID] Mathew/son of John the Weaver

This started out as a note to Barb but thought I would send this to the list.

I found the Albemarle Co. land for Mathew and will give it with several other Alb deeds with the same people mentioned. To create a time line I will make reference to the Augusta land deals in ( ). GCP is Great Calf Pasture and the Little Calf Pasture are in Augusta Co. Christian Creek is in Beverly Manor, Augusta Co.

The question is: How many Johns, Andrews, Matthews, and Thomases are involved.

(1745 Orange Co. Patton & Lewis to John the Clerk. David Kincaid is witness. The next day John the Clerk mortgages the land to David Kincaid)

(1754 John the Weaver buys 1/2 the GCP land above from John the Clerk. Deed is delivered to Thomas Kincaid 1761)

(1763 Robert/Anna Helena buy Christian Creek land)

In 1764 a John Kincaid and Andrew Kincaid each bought land from Wm Grayson adj. Wm Grayson, Samuel Tincher, Hughs. John & Andrew determined the line dividing their land.

May 11, 1764 Richard Stockton sells land to David Kincaid wit: Thos, Matt & John Kinkhead

May 25, 1764 David/Winnifred lease above land to son John wit: Thos, Matt Kinkhead.

(1764 Andrew Kincaid Sr. and Jr buy land Cub Creek Lunenburg Co)

July 5, 1765 Andrew Wood to Thomas Kincaid, son of John, both of Albemarle Co. 211a on E & N of Armours Mt wit: Joseph Kincaid, Thomas Kincaid and Jean Kincaid.

July 25, 1765 Andrew Woods to Jean Kincaid, widow of James Kincaid, on both sides of branch east of Armours Mt. neighbors John Roads, David Glen, James Glen, Wm Gregg wit: Joseph Kincaid, Thos (John's son), Thos (James' son)

Sept 17, 1765 James & Patience Glen to Mathew Kincaid all of Albemarle 182a near Armours Mt. neighbors David Glen, Thomas Kincaid.

(1765 Andrew/Mary Kincaid buy land Little Calf Pasture)

(1766 Robert/Anna Helena sell part of Christian Creek land to Mathew. Deed delivered to Thomas Kinkead, Aug 1770)

1768 John Kincaid (no wife. I have copy of deed) sold land bought in 1764 from Grayson to Abner Wood.

1769 Andrew and his wife Mary sold land bought from Grayson to Thomas Smith Sr. witnesses: John Smith, Thos Coffee, Benj. Coffee, Thomas Smith.

(1767 Robert/Anna Helena morgage rest of Christian Creek land to Andrew Lockridge. Andrew surrenders tract back to Robert in 1768. Teste: William McClenahan & John Graham)

(1770 Robert/Anna Helena sell rest of Christian Creek land to Andrew/Mary. John the Weaver sells part of GCP land to Andrew/Jean & John/Margaret. Thomas/Hannah buy land from Samuel Tincher/George Campbell of Albemarle Co head of GCP. Andrew/Jean sell land patented 1768 above Tincher to Thomas Kincaid. Andrew Jr of Augusta Co. sells Cub Creek Land)

(1771 Mathew/Elizabeth (Dennis says Elizabeth is on deed) sold Christian Creek land to his father, John/Elizabeth who immediately sell to John Jr/Ann. John the Weaver/Elizabeth sell rest of GCP land to sons Mathew & James. Andrew/Isabella of Charlotte Co. sell Cub Creek land)

1771 Jean Kincaid sold 207a to son Thomas c Chas Lambert, Chas. Roads.

Nov 26,1771 Thomas, son of John, and wife Hannah to Benj. Coffee NE of Amours Mt. John Patrick's line wit: John Coffee, John Garland, Nat'l Garland.

(1772 John Jr/Ann sell Christian Creek land)

(1773 Andrew/Mary sell Christian Creek land)

March 8 1773 Mathew Kincaid of Augusta Co.(no wife named in abstract but actual deed may have wife) to Claudius Buster N side Michums River adj. David Glen and on widow Kincaid's corner to oak in Thomas Kincaid's line witness: Benj. Coffee, John Coffee, Chas. Patrick, Abner Wood.

(1775 John/Elizabeth sell to Matthew Kinkead land on GCP sold by John/Elizabeth to James Kincaid. Conveyed by James back to John who now conveys to Matthew wit: Wm Mateer, James Bratton, Thomas Kincaid, John Kinkead, Elizabeth Kinkead).

(1776 Andrew/Jean sell GCP land bought from John the Weaver to William Wright)

(1776 Thomas/Hannah sell land conveyed by Tincher at head GCP and land conveyed by Andrew Kincaid to Thomas to Tulley Davitt

(1777 Andrew/Mary sell land Little Calf Pasture to Rebecca Black)

1779 Thomas and wife Mary 207a sold land to Samuel Muse adj. John Winkfield, Charles Road, Lambert, Jean Kinkead.

(1785 John/Margaret sell GCP land bought from John the Weaver)

Sue Liedtke

Name: John Kinkead Date: Oct 17, 1754 Location: Augusta Co., VA Property: 530 acres on Calf Pasture; corner William Preston's land. Notes: This land record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley. Remarks: 54. Part of 1061 acres conveyed to John Kinkead by James Patton and John Lewis 17 Jul 1745, recorded in Orange. Delivered to Thos Kinkead Aug 1770. Description: Witness