Person:Mary Pollard (23)

Mary Jane Pollard
m. 25 Mar 1822
  1. Luallin G Pollard1823 - bet 1866 - 1870
  2. Mary Jane Pollard1824 - 1860
  3. Casper Parham Pollard1826 - Aft 1890
  4. A Docia Nash Pollard1827 - 1852
  5. Nancy Pollard1829 -
  6. Lattamore M Pollard1831 - 1913
  7. John R Pollard1832 - 1863
  8. Margaret Crofs Pollard1834 - 1873
  9. Barbara M Pollard1836 - 1914
  10. Mariah Harrison Pollard1839 - 1841
  11. Emily Pollard1841 - 1923
  12. Wiley Baxter Pollard1845 - 1922
  • HJames W Woodabt 1825 -
  • WMary Jane Pollard1824 - 1860
m. Abt 1853
Facts and Events
Name Mary Jane Pollard
Gender Female
Birth[6][7] 25 Jul 1824 Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Census[1] 1850 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Marriage Abt 1853 Cherokee, Alabama, United Statesto James W Wood
Census[2] 1860 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Death? Dec 1860 Denton, Texas, United States
Census[3] 1870 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Census[4] 1880 Denton, Texas, United States

Biography of Mary Jane Pollard

Mary Jane Pollard was born in Greenville, South Carolina on 25 July 1824, according to the John W Pollard family Bible. She was the second child born to John W and Barbara Pollard. She was brought to Cherokee County, Alabama as a young girl with the rest of the family. Her sister, Docia, married James W Wood about 1850 and had two children. Docia died on 20 Sept 1852 perhaps related to the birth of her second son, Adashia Pollard. James and Mary Jane then married and Mary Jane raised the two children of her sister, as well as having eight children of her own.

Sometime between the 1870 and 1880 Federal Census, the Wood family decided to move from Cherokee County, Alabama to Denton County, Texas. It is believed that Mary died in Denton, Texas.

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Image Gallery
  1. Cherokee, Alabama, United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule, M432_3, P102B.

    John Pollard, b abt 1801, South Carolina, District 27, Mechanic
    John Pollard, M. age 29, b. SC; Barbara Pollard, F., age 47, b. SC; Ludllen Pollard, M, age 26, b SC, Agr; Mary Pollard, F., age 25, b. SC; Nancy Pollard, F., age 20, b. SC; Lattimony Pollard, M. age 19, b. SC, Agr.; John Pollard, M. age 18, b. SC, Agr; Margaret Pollard, F. age 16, b. SC; Barbara Pollard, F. age 14, b. SC; Emily Pollard, F. age 9, b. AL; Wiley Pollard, M. age 5, b. AL.

  2. Cherokee, Alabama, United States. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule, M653_5, P319.

    Jas W Wood, b. abt 1828, Georgia, Division 1, Blacksmith, Value of Real Estate, $300, Value of Personal Property $1,000.
    Jas W Wood, M, age 32, b. Al; Mary J Wood, F, age 32, b. SC; Jas A Wood, M, age 9, b. AL, Adashia Wood, M, age 8, b. AL; Wm P Wood, age 6, b. Al; Exekiel M Wood, M age 4, b. AL; Lumpher Wood, M, age 3, b. AL; Danl Wood, M age 1, b AL.

  3. Cherokee, Alabama, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule, M953_7, Page 257B.

    J. W. Wood, B. Abt 1825, Township 10 Range 9, Cherokee, Alabama
    J. W. Wood, M, age. 45, b. Georgia, Mary J Wood, F, age 43, b. SC; James A Wood, M, age 18, b. AL; Adosia M Wood, M. age 17, b AL; William P Wood, M age 15, b. AL; Ezekiel M Wood, M. age 14, B AL; Wilson L P Wood, M. age 14, b. AL; John D Wood, M Age 11, b AL; Jefferson F Wood, M, age 9, b. AL; Wiley W Wood, M. age 6, b. AL; Alonzo Wood, M. age 5, b AL; Mary Wood, F. age 2, b AL.

  4. Denton, Texas, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Roll 1300, Page 59A.

    James W Wood, b. abt 1827, Georgia, Precint w, Denton, Texas, Farming
    James W. Wood, M. age, 53, b. GA; Mary J Wood, F. age 53, b. SC; James A Wood, M age 29, b. Al; John B. Wood, M. age 21, b. Al; Jefferson F. Wood, M. age 18. b. AL; Wiley Wood, M. age 16, b. AL; Alanzo, M. age 15, b. AL; Mary Wood, F. age 13, b. AL.

  5.   The two older children are believed to be those born of her sister, A. Docia Nash. who died in 1852.
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