Person:Martin Hawkins (3)

Dr. Martin Luther Hawkins
b.18 Apr 1795 Harford Co, MD
m. c1790
  1. Elizabeth Hawkins1791 - 1857
  2. Dr. Martin Luther Hawkins1795 - 1864
  3. William Hawkins, Jr.1797 - aft 1870
  4. Hosea Hawkins1800 - 1880
  5. Mary Ann Hawkins1800 - aft 1853
  6. Martha Hawkins1801 - 1886
  7. David Bell Hawkins1811 - 1864
  • HDr. Martin Luther Hawkins1795 - 1864
  • WMary Sharp1789 - 1858
m. c1822
  1. William S. Hawkins1824 - 1827
m. 7 June 1859
  1. James Sharp Hawkins1860 - 1925
  2. Mary Jane Hawkins1862 - 1947
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Martin Luther Hawkins
Gender Male
Birth? 18 Apr 1795 Harford Co, MD
Marriage c1822 PAto Mary Sharp
Marriage 7 June 1859 Allegheny Co, PAto Esther "Hetty" Smith
Death? 22 June 1864 Salem Crossroads, Westmoreland Co, PA@69Y
Occupation? Physician; Dispensed Medicine from Home
Religion? Presbyterian
Burial? Pine Creek Cemetery, O'Hara Twp, Allegheny Co, PA

Introducing Dr. Martin Luther Hawkins of Harford Co, MD________

Presbyterian Banner, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA, Wednesday, August 10, 1864 Page: 3

DIED—Jun 22d, 1864, at his residence In Westmoreland County, Pa., Mr. MARTIN L. HAWKINS, aged 69 years and 2 months..

The deceased was born in Maryland, April 18th, 1795. At the age of twenty-three he became a member of the Pine Creek Presbyterian Church, then under the pastoral care of Rev. Joseph Stockton. Soon after his marriage he removed to Mercer County, and subsequently to Beaver County. where he was chosen and ordained a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church of Slippery Rock. In 1840. he came to Sharpsburg, and in the following year was installed a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church of that place in which capacity be served with much acceptance for upwards of twenty years. About a year ago he purchased. a farm near Salem Cross Road., Westmoreland County, where he resided until his death. The disease was paralysis, under which he iingered for several weeks.

Mr. Hawkins was an earnest Christian, a devoted follower of Christ., a faithful servant of his Master, and one of whom it might be truly said, he “ adorned the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.”

Martin Luther Hawkins was the son of William D. and Anne Hawkins. His birthdate ranges from 1790-1798 even though the Hawkins Family Bible says he died at the age of 68Y in 1864. If that is true then he would have been born in 1796. In the 1830 North Sewickley Twp, Beaver Co, PA census he’s listed between 30-40 years of age (b. 1790-1800); in 1840 North Sewickley Twp, Beaver Co, PA Census he is listed as between 40-50 years of age (b. 1790-1800); in 1850 federal census from Sharpsburg he is 54 born in Maryland (b. 1796); in 1860 federal census from Sharpsburg he is 62 born in PA(b. 1798). His tombstone inscription shows he died at age of 69Y (b. 1795 if died in 1864; b. 1792 if died in 1861, which despite what the Bible says, the tombstone looks like death in 1861. Compound this with the facts from tombstones that both Martin Luther and his father died on the same month and day-June 22. (See above for his newly discovered obituary on 2 Jan 2009.)

The old Pine Creek Cemetery c 1816 is located in Fox Chapel Borough at the 3-way intersection of Dorseyville Road, Squaw Run Road and Poplar Drive. At one time it was called Robinson Cemetery for the school that was located next to it. The former church theron was known locally as Point ViewChapel. This cemetery was read in 1987 by Sherri Ihrman and Diane Nichols. M. L. Hawkins’ tombstone there is listed as 1861/1864 @69Y; Mary w/o ML is 1789-1858; William D. Esquire is 1856 @92Y; Ann w/o Wm. is 1860 @80Y

M.L. HAWKINS DIED June 22, 1864 AGED 69 Years

1830 North Seweckley Twp, Beaver Co, PA Federal Census Roll 165 p307

Martin Hawkins 1m 10-15 1m 30-40 2f 5-10 1f 10-15 1f 40-50

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 2 Oct 1901 (Wednesday)

The centennial anniversary of the founding of the Slipperyrock Presbyterian Church was celebrated Thursday. The first permanent organization of this congregation was affected in Sept 1801 and the passing of 100 years marked an event in the history of the church that was celebrated in a manner commensurate with the importance of the occasion.

The Slipperyrock Church has through its entire life exercised a most important influence upon the community. Located in Wayne Township, 3 miles east of Ellwood City, it is the center of a district, which was settled by study pioneers.

A historian says that the first to settle in this immediate vicinity were 8 persons who came from Fayette County in 1796. They were William and Benjamin Cunningham, Abel Hennon, Robert and Samuel Gaston, William Cairnes, Charles Morrow, and John Moore. Only a portion of these, however, settled in what is now Wayne Township.

Some others who settled here in 1800 or before it were Joseph hennon, Hugh Wilson, Abram McCurdy, John Newton, and Moses Matheny. The greater part of the land in Wayne Township was in the Chewton district and was divided into 400 acre tracts. Each settler on a tract was entitled to half of it for settling.

In 1799 Elisha McCurdy and Joseph Stockton came on their first preaching tour through the new settlement and they were the first Presbyterian ministers who traversed these hills and village. In 1809 Revs McCurdy, McPhersin and Marquis visited different parts of the region, holding services.

Among the first ministers who settled permanently in this region was Thomas E. Hughes who located in Greensburg (now Darlington) in 1799. In 1800 Rev William Wick settled as pastor of the churches of Neshannock and Hopewell. Another early minister was Samuel Tait.

We are unable to give a complete list of the original members. However sone of them were as follows: Jesse Bell, William Cairns and wife, Joseph hennon and wife, William Cunningham and wife, Jonathan Peffard and wife, Jacob Van Gorder and wife, Andrew Elliott and wife, Isaac Col and wife.

At a meeting of Erie Presbytery in Sept 1802 the united congregations of Slipperyrock and Lower Neshannock (New Castle) reported that they were able to support a minister. April 12, 1803, Rev Alexander Cook accepted a call to the two charges. He was ordained June 22, 1803. On this occasion Rev John Boyd preached the sermon and Rev Thomas Hayes presided and gave the charge. At this time Slipperyrock was stronger in numbers than New Castle so that Rev Cook took up his abode here. Rev Cook had not been here long until a log church was built on this hilltop. The church was located just in front or west of the monument of Mrs. Martha Cunningham.

Mr. Cook’s pastorate was over six years in length. At a meeting of Erie Presbytery held at Plaingrove, March 6, 1816, he was dismissed to Presbytery of Hartford. November 30, 1828, he went to organize a church at Columbiana County, Ohio and the next morning was found dead in bed.

Slipperyrock was without a pastor for a little over a year. On April 10 Rev Robert Sample was ordained the second pastor of Slipperyrock and New Castle. The salary he received from both churches was $300. On half of this was paid by each church. The larger part of it was in oats, wheat, potatoes, wood, wool, and provisions. Even with all these different kinds of currency it seems the people would get a little behind with their pastor. In his duty it was the custom to have two sermons on Sunday, with one hour between for lunch and smoking. The smoking was not confined to the masculine gender and so the ladies joined in the smoke between sermons.

An important event in the pastorate of Rev Sample was the building of a new church. The congregation worshipped in the log church until 1825 at which time a frame building was erected. It stood parallel with the present church. It stood until 1863 at which time the present structure was erected. Mr. Sample remained with the congregation until 1835 when the church at New Castle felt able to support a minister full time and Mr. Sample took charge of the New Castle Church.

A word regarding the session of Slipperyrock Church would now be in place. The first elders or at least the first we find on record were Jesse Bell, William Cairnes, Joseph Hennon and Jonathan Peffard. In addition to these there were ordained Oct 25, 1812 Isaac Cole and Andrew Elliott. In May 1818 Donald McGregor was added; May 1822 Benjamin Cunningham and William Morton were ordained to the eldership. William Morton was a member of the state legislature from this county; Andrew Elliott was known as the “John” of the session. He had a deep sense of piety and was a mild, gentle man. In February 1839 John Bell, Joseph Cunningham, Daniel Cole, and Martin L. Hawkins were admitted to the roll; in March 1850, Benjamin Cunningham, John Ward, and Jacob Van Gorder. In February 1866, Eljah T. Matheny and John Glasser were ordained ruling elders. These two men are senior members of the present session.

1840 North Sewickley Twp, Beaver Co, PA

Martin Hauckens 0100101/0011001

this translates to mean: M under 5 0 M 5-10 1 M 10-15 0 M 15-20 0 M 20-30 1 M 30-40 0 M 40-50 1 F under 5 0 F 5-10 0 F 10-15 1 F 15-20 1 F 20-30 0 F 30-40 0 F 40-50 1

1850 Sharpsburg, Allegheny Co, PA Federal Census h/h 156/168 Hawkins, Martin L 54 MD pharmacy Mary 61 PA, Stroud, Francis 17 PA laborer, Everhart, Mary 9 PA, Williams, Elizabeth 22 (b1828) OH can’t read or write, Cooley, Sherman 5 PA

Son Martin L. Hawkins received $20 plus 112 acres in Mercer Co, PA known as donation tract #736 to which he already had the deed from his father’s will of 1853. He was a witness of the will of James Sharp(e) on 11 Mar 1861 in Sharpsburg, Allegheny Co, PA. James was his brother-in-law or the brother to Martin’s first wife, Mary Sharp.

Historical Sketch of the Sharpsburg Presbyterian Church (PA), online at Historic Pittsburgh, PA ML Hawkins was ruling elder of Sharpsburg Presbyterian Church and died in 1864.

Allegheny Co, PA Probate Records p612 #381 - James Sharp of Sharpsburg Wife - Isabella Sharp Ch - John Sharp, Ellen Clark Exec - wife Isabella, son John and dau Ellen Wit - ML Hawkins, GT Gillion Dated 4 Mar 1861; recorded 26 Mar 1861


James Sharp, Will of Allegheny Co, PA Will Book 9 p612 #381 In the name of all mighty God I james Sharpe of Sharpsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA ....make my last will and testament: I be buried according to the wishes of my famil All my just debts be paid I appoint my beloved wife Isabella and son John Sharp and daughter Mrs. Eliza Clarke to be my executors; written 11 Mar 1861 in the presence of M L Hawkins and G F Gilliam

Dr. Martin L. Hawkins was a witness to his neighbor's will as follows:

Allegheny Co, PA Probate Records p449 #283 - John Colwell of Boro of Sharpsburg, carpenter Wife - Sarah Colwell Mentions not to be buried in Presbyterian Burying Ground in Sharpsburg Exec - wife Sarah Wit - AG Neff, ML Hawkins Dated 7 Oct 1858; recorded 2 May 1860

In 1858 and 1859 Martin L. Hawkins was involved as an alternate delegate to the Presbyterian Synod Conference as found in several newspaper articles. (See Below)

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