I have been interested in genealogy since I was 14 years old due in part to a pack-rat grandma who had the basis of several paternal lines. From there the passion swelled. Werelate is a terrific opportunity for me to post my findings and have others collaborate with me. I look forward to more interaction as word spreads about this site.

Blessed with the geographical opportunity to visit the Allen County Public Library as often as time permits, I have advantages that many family searchers do not have. That is truly a remarkable facility and I encourage anyone who has not been there to plan a trip. You will be amazed at what a marvel ACPL is.

A bit about me - I am a high school English and social studies teacher with a B. of ED in English and comprehensive social studies, an MAT in Education, and various other post-graduate credits in my fields.

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I have been the President of the Williams County Genealogical Society for many years and have written numerous articles on genealogy and local history in our county. I am currently the Newsletter Editor. Here are some links to several articles I have written:

I became interested in the early divorces of Williams County, Ohio so I researched and printed a spreedsheet with the listing of divorces from 1830-1886 period and wrote a Divorce Primer.

Next I wrote stories about the various divorces that I had found within the divorce records and other sources.

I was intrigued with the murder of Arthur Brown, a young man of the 1890's, who was unfortunately killed by four other young men of the Bryan area. I titled that book, "Native Sons Gone Wrong".

I found a very interesting book on men of the Williams County area which was entitled, "Commemorative Biographical Record of Northwest Ohio" and made a user friendly index.

Many families have "Black Sheep" about whom they know or want to forget; I have written several articles on Williams County mischief-makers.

William Gamber was a graduate of Gorham Fayette High School, the school where I teach. It was thought that his remains from a WWII aircraft accident would be authenticated so I worked on a history of his family with the hope these remains would be his. They were not.

Dr. Paul Siple is a famous Montpelier, OH connection to the world but no one that I found had done any research to his family. Follow this link for insight.

In our library holdings at the Williams County Public Library in Bryan, OH, there is a loose-leaf notebook full of obits for West Unity area residents; I made a user-friendly compilation of these obits for researchers.