Person:Martha Gay (5)

m. 25 SEP 1729
  1. John GayABT 1734 - bef 1760
  2. Elizabeth GayABT 1735 - 1785
  3. Jennet GayEst 1736-1740 - Bef 1809
  4. Martha GayABT 1741 -
  5. Sarah GayABT 1744 - 1822
  6. Ann GayABT 1745 - AFT 1788
  7. Rebecca GayABT 1747 - AFT 1810
m. BEF 1773
  1. Martha GillespieBEF 1773 - 1846
  2. Mary GillespieBEF 1775 -
  3. Ann GillespieBEF 1779 -
  4. Nancy Gillespie1781 -
  5. Patty 'Polley' GillespieABT 1782 - AFT 1802
Facts and Events
Name Martha Gay
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1741 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania or Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage BEF 1773 Rockbridge County, Virginiato John Gillespie

Martha Gay was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Martha Gay

There appears to be some confusion regarding the identity of the spouse of Martha Gay. In her father and mother's wills, her sister Rebecca is supposedly listed as "Rebecca Gilespie", but this is partially a transcription error (of her father's will), and an oversight in her mother's will. Martha's sister Rebecca married 1st, a James Thompson, not a Gillespie.

In her sister Elizabeth's will, she is listed correctly as "Martha Gillespie", however, later in this will, her husband is incorrectly listed first as "Hugh Gillespie", instead of John, but this appears to have been corrected later in the will, listing "brother-in-law John Gilespie:

  • Page 471.--10th May, 1785. Elizabeth Guy's will--To sister, Rebecca Thompson; to sister Rebecca's daughter, Margaret; to sister Rebecca's 2 youngest daughters; to sister, Martha Gillespy; to sister Martha's oldest daughter, Mary; to sister Martha's daughter, Ann; to nephew, Henry Guy; to niece, Martha Galespy, daughter of Hugh Gillespy; to nephew, Samuel Foger; to nephews, John and Henry Thompson, infants; to brother-in-law, John Gillespy; to Robert Guy; to Archibald Guy. Executors, John Gillespy, James Bleake, James Windon. Apprentice John Windon to be set free. Proved, 21st June, 1785, by James Windon and Samuel Gillespy. Executors qualify.
Note: it should also be noted that there was no Hugh Gilespie in any other records in Augusta County. This clearly should have read as "to niece, Martha Galespy, daughter of John Gilespie, not Hugh.

Information on Martha Gay

9. MARTHA3 GAY (HENRY2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1741 in Lancaster Co., PA or Augusta Co., VA. She married JOHN GILLESPY Bef. 1779 in Rockbridge Co., VA, son of JAMES GILLESPIE and JENNET UNKNOWN. He was born Abt. 1740, and died Aft. 1785.

More About JOHN GILLESPY and MARTHA GAY: Marriage: Bef. 1779, Rockbridge Co., VA

Children of MARTHA GAY and JOHN GILLESPY are: 19. i. MARY4 GILLESPY, b. Bef. 1779.

 ii.   ANN GILLESPY, b. Bef. 1779; m. JOSEPH MCCOSKEY. 
 iii.   MARTHA GILLESPY, b. Bef. 1779; m. JOSEPH MCCROSKEY, 25 Mar 1790, Augusta Co. VA. 

Marriage: 25 Mar 1790, Augusta Co. VA

 iv.   PATSY GILLESPY, b. Abt. 1782, Augusta Co. VA; d. Aft. 1802; m. JAMES FRAZIER, 23 Feb 1802, Bath Co. VA. 

Marriage: 23 Feb 1802, Bath Co. VA