Person:Margaret Walker (1)

Margaret Walker
b.Est 1754
d.Abt 1818
m. 20 Mar 1734
  1. John Walker, IVEst 1735 - Abt 1817
  2. Catherine "Hetty" WalkerEst 1737 - Aft 1770
  3. Susanna Walker1739 -
  4. Martha WalkerEst 1741 -
  5. Ann WalkerEst 1743 - Aft 1784
  6. Mary WalkerEst 1745 - 1792
  7. Samuel WalkerEst 1747 - 1778
  8. Margaret WalkerEst 1754 - Abt 1818
  9. Jane WalkerEst 1756 - 1806
  1. Samuel Snoddy1776 -
  2. Ann Snoddy1778 -
  3. John Snoddy1780 -
  4. Isabell Snoddy1782 -
  5. Margaret Snoddy1786 -
  6. Nancy Snoddy1788 -
  7. Elizabeth Snoddy1790 -
  8. Joseph Walker Snoddy1793 - 1853
  9. James Snoddy1796 -
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Walker
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1754
Marriage to Col John Snoddy
Death? Abt 1818


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YDNA. Walker

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Families Old Chester Old Augusta Germanna
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This article is for Margaret Walker daughter of John Walker III and Ann Houston of the Wigton Walker line, as described by Source:White, 1902.


Margaret's DOB is high conjectural, as are those of all of the children of John Walker and Ann Houston[2] The 1742 DOB commonly given implies that she was born about 8 years after the marriage of her parents. Where she was born is also conjectural. White implies that the Walkers left the Nottingham Lots in Cecil County, MD, about 1738. Land and court records suggest that John may have remained in the area until well after this date. In anycase, if it is assumed that she married at about age 20, then we would guess that this took place about 1752, at which time her parents were living in Old Augusta in Virginia (or at least owned land there). More likely she married somewhat after this date. Her parents removed to Orange County NC by 1756. They are known to have owned land along Moon Creek in modern Caswell County, but apparently did not live on this property. Where exactly they lived is unclear, but other kinsmen seem to be centered a bit further south. Kinsmen of Margaret's mother, Ann Houston lived in what is now Iredell County. A Samuel Snoddy lived in this area as well. Samuel had a brother John, but this John is believed to have been died well previous to Margaret's marriage to a John Snoddy. Its possible her husband was a son of either Samuel or John Snoddy.

In anycase, the ages of Margarets children suggest that she married John Snoddy by 1775. At this time Margaret's father was living on Sinking Creek in Southwest Virginia, near Dungannon, and not far from Castle's Woods where John Snoddy owned land. John left the Castle's Woods for Kentucky, at this time, but soon returned due to Indian hostilities. He would later relocate permanently to Kentucky, dying in 1814 in Madison County.


  1. Birth year estimated based on birth years of her children.
  2. Ancestry World Trees give a range of 1735 to 1757 as of 1 July 2011. The most commonly cited DOBs are 1742-1743.