Person:Lewis Walker (9)

Lewis Walker
m. 30 April 1727
  1. Isaac Walker1727 -
  2. Mary Walker1730 -
  3. Elizabeth Walker1732 - 1783
  4. Abel Walker1735 - 1801
  5. Sarah Walker1736 -
  6. Lewis Walker1739 - 1815
  7. Sinah Walker1741 -
  8. Mordecai Walker1742 - 1830
  9. Ebenezer Walker1745 - 1814
Facts and Events
Name Lewis Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1739
Death? 1815


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Lewis Walker was the brother of ELizabeth Walker who married William Jolliff. Lewis was the executor of her will. From Chalkley's Chronicles:

Ashby vs. Ashby--O. S. 152; N. S. 53--Bill, 1807. Sarah White, widow of Alexr. White, was formerly widow of John Hite of Berkeley County. In 1792 Alexander Ashby's (of Frederick) grandfather, Robert Ashby, died testate. Alexander was son of Enock, who died, leaving children, viz: Robert, Charlotte (m. Charles Burns), Anna (m. Thomas Walters), Molly (m. James L. Gibbs), Dolly (m. Jno. Walters), Alexander, George, Benjamin, John M., Francis, Willoughby, and Sally, last four being infants. Benjamin lives in Kentucky. Bill reviewed Buchanan vs. Jolliffe's executors. Bill, 25th May, 1805. Parties are complainant, viz: Lewis Walker, executor of Elizabeth Jolliffe, who was executrix of Wm. Jolliffe, against Mary Hite, Alexr. P. Buchanan and Sarah, his wife. Theoderick B. Lee and Catharine, his wife; William; Anne and Patty Gibbs; Mathew Frame and Mossie, his wife, representatives of James Gibbs, deceased. Alexr. P. Buchanan married Sarah, daughter of John Hite, Jr. Robert Ashhy's will of Fauquire County, dated 2d June, 1790. Proved in Fauquier, 27th February, 1792. Sons, Benjamin; Benjamin's son, William Ashby (infant); son, Enoch, and his sons Robert, and Alexander and his wife, Sally; daughter, Ann Farrow; grandson, Bayliss Ashby; granddaughter, Molly Fargauson; daughter, Winifred Piper; grandsons, Martin and Thomas, sons of Nimrod; daughter, Molly Ashell (?); son, John; granddaughter, Lucinda Ashby; grandson, Benjamin Farrow; grandson, Nimrod Ashby. Elizabeth Jolliffe died August, 1783; her son, Amos Jolliffe. Benjamin Ashby, aged 63, deposes in Frederick, 9th March, 1810; is elder brother of Enoch Ashby. Lucy Dyson, aged 52, deposes ditto. William Ash, aged 38, deposes 1st July, 1809. Edward Shacklett, aged 51, deposes 1st July, 1809. Robert Ashby, when he died, was aged 70 or 80 years.
Jolliffe's Executors vs. Hite, et als.--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Bill, 18th December, 1794. March, 1797, James Gibbs made defendant, and in April, 1798, abates as to him and revived as against his representatives. Complainant is Lewis Walker, executor of last will of Elizabeth Jollif, who was executor of William Jollif. Bill states, in February, 1771, Henry McCabe, William Gibbs, James Kirk, John Hite, Jr., Jacob and John Hite gave their bond to Elizabeth Joliffe, executrix of Wm. Joliffe, for £1,800. John Hite, Jr., died 177_, testate, John Hite's (Jr.) son, Jacob Obannion. Hite died 17__ without issue and his estate descended and devised to his sisters, Mary Hite, Sarah Buchanan and Katherine Lee. Bill is to compel payment by sale of Hite's lands. Defendants are, viz: Mary Hite, Pitt Buchanan and Sarah, his wife, Theoderick Bland Lee and Katherine, his wife. William Gibbs left James Gibbs, his eldest son and heir, then an infant, who took possession of part of the property sold by orator's testatrix to William Gibbs and John Hite, Jr., in Frederick County. James died intestate about 1797, unmarried, leaving William, Anne, Patty Gibbs, Mathew Frame and Massie, his wife, his heirs. Answer states Jacob Obannion Hite, son and heir of John Hite, Jr., died leaving Mary, Sarah and Catherine, his daughters. James Gibbs was alive 13th June, 1796. Will of John Hite of Berkeley County. Wife, Sarah; son, Jacob Obannion. (John's father "has been unfortunately killed by the hands of violence, and it is probable he has left no will; proposes division between his son and John's brothers and sisters of that large tract of land lying in the Indian country in South Carolina, being part of an undivided tract held by father under a deed from the Chereokee Nation to Richard Pearis, the said Pearis's Indian son and testator's father.) Daughter, Mary; sister, Mary; sister, Elizabeth. Children, Jacob Obannion, Mary, Catherine, and an infant unbaptized. Dated 25th October, 1776. Recorded in Berkeley, 18th March, 1777. Deed 9th November, 1776, by Henry McCabe and James Kirk of Alexandria to William Gibbs and John Hite, Jr. Recorded in Frederick, 4th March, 1777.