Person:Lewis Walker (3)

  • HLewis Walker1666 - 1728
  • WMary Morris1667 - 1747
m. 22 Apr 1693
  1. Daniel Walker1694 - 1772
  2. Joseph Walker1697 -
  3. Hannah Walker1699 -
  4. Enoch Walker1701 -
  5. Abel Walker1703 - 1761
  6. Isaac Walker1705 - 1755
Facts and Events
Name Lewis Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1666 Merionethshire, Wales
Marriage 22 Apr 1693 Radnor, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Mary Morris
Death? 23 Oct 1728 Radnor, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States


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Lewis Walker, a Welsh Quaker from Merionethshire, Wales, settled in the Chester Valley, near Radnor, Chester County, about 1692 His descendants are detailed in Source:Streets, 1896. As of October 2009 no YDNA results have been reported for this lineage. Lewis married Mary Morris soon after arrival in the new world. Streets suggested they met aboard ship. In any case the couple initially settled at Radnor outside of Philadelphia. Lewis would later acquire land in the "Chester Valley".
Lewis and Mary would have five sons (Daniel, Joseph, Enoch, Abel and Isaac), and two daughters, (Elizabeth and Hannah). The majority of his children and grandchildren remained in the general Radnor-Chester Valley area. His property in Chester Valley passed in part to his eldest son Daniel, and youngest son Isaac. Here Daniel established a forge, which became known as "The Valley Forge". George Washington's Continental Army would enter winter quarters here in 1777-1778.
About 1747 Abel would relocate with his family to Winchester Virginia. One of Able's son's (Isaac) is said to have moved to North Carolina, but where exactly has not been determined. [1]
One of the children of Isaac, son of Lewis, moved to York County, PA shortly before the Revolution.


Note: DOD for Lewis Walker, is probably 1728 based on his will date as given by Source:Streets, 1896 (not the impossibly late 1772 as currently shown in this graphic.)Graphic needs to be updated with correct DOD for Lewis Walker

  1. More work on this is needed. there may be additional data on this point in Streets, 1896.