Person:Lewis Neill (1)

Lewis Neill, of Frederick County, VA
m. 3 JAN 1693/94
  1. Rebecca Neill1695 -
  2. Thomas Neill1697 - 1711
  3. Samuel Neill1698/99 - 1700
  4. John Neill, of Frederick County, VA1701 - 1750
  5. Joseph Neill1706 -
  6. William Neill1711 - 1769
  7. Lewis Neill, of Frederick County, VAABT 1714 - 1775
m. ABT 1737
  1. Ann Neill1737/38 - 1826
  2. William Neill1740 - 1786
  3. John Neill1744 - 1797
  4. Lewis Neill1747 - 1841
  5. Thomas Neill1750 -
  6. Abraham Neill1753 -
  7. Rebecca Neill1756 -
  8. Joseph Neill1757 -
Facts and Events
Name Lewis Neill, of Frederick County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1714 Lurgan, Shankill Parish, County Armagh, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1737 to Lydia Hollingsworth
Death[1] 1775 Frederick Co. Va
Religion[1] Quaker
Residence[2] Virginia

Lewis Neill was one of the Early Settlers of Orange, Augusta and Frederick County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 121-24. 2-3 Oct. 1738. Rees Smith of Orange County to John and Lewis Neile of same. Lease and release; for ₤32.10.- currentl money. 150 acres on the west side of Sharrendo River and on Opeckon Creek at a mouth of a valley above a pine hill about half a mile above a new waggon roade marked from the waggon road to go to Jost Hite's... (signed) Rees Smith. Wit: Morgan an, William Smith, John Beals Juner. 22 March 1738 [1739]. Acknowledged by Rees Smith. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3 Dorman, pg. 9].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John and Lewis Neill received a patent for 400 acres "west side Blue Ridge, on a branch of South River called Boon (Boone's) Run, on 1 December 1740, as listed in the records below.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 88.--8th May, 1746. Lewis Neal (Neil) and Lydia, his wife; John Neal (Neil) and Ann, his wife, of the County of Frederick, to William Burk, £22 current money Virginia; 400 acres on west side Blue Ridge, on a branch of South River called Boon Run. Signed by all. Ann's mark. Witnesses, W. Russell, James Porteus, John Newport. Proved, 3d May, 1746, by all witnesses.

Records of Lewis Neill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 203.-(undated, appears to be abt. 1753-1753)-Gabriel Jones and Lewis Neil, of Frederick, executors of Wm. McMachen, late of same place, Gent., to William Beard, 400 acres on Cub Run of So. River Shanando, west side Peaked Mountain, patent to Wm., 12th January, 1746. Wm. died testate.
  • Page 43.--5th January, 1754. William Burk's will--Sons, John and William, tract purchased of John and Lewis Neal; son, Thomas, tract purchased of George Hayl, and entry adjoining called Long Meadow, 400 acres; daughter, Catherine Burk, alias McCommus; daughter, Judea Burk (infant), tract at mouth of Naked Creek. Judea is to be under care of Mrs Matteson. Thomas is to be under care of Mr. John Matteson. Testator's (?) Thomas' (?) interest in estate of David McCommus. Son William to learn trade of blacksmith. Sister Bridget Burk, living out of this Colony. Executors, John Matterson and Gabriel Jones. Teste: Nicholas Null, Thos. Smith, Daniel Remy. Proved, 16th May, 1754, by all witnesses.
  • Page 292.--2d May, 1760. John McDaniel, of Orange County, North Carolina, to Stephen Greerrod, £30, 180 acres on Boon's Run of Shanando, part of 400 acres surveyed for Lewis and Jno. Neal and transferred to Burk. Acknowledged by John, 2d May, 1765. Delivered: Stephen, 20th January, 1761.
  • Page 163.--2d November, 1768. Thomas ( ) Burk and Clearey ( ) to Conrad Peterfish, £14, 177 acres on Dry River, branch of Shanandore, patented to said Burk, line of land patented for John and Lewis Neall. Teste: Joseph Hannah, Robert ( ) Frazor. David Frazor.
  • Page 263.--20th March. 1769. John Burk to Henry Armontrout, 40 shillings, 3-1/4 acres, part of 400 acres patented to John and Lewis Neal, 1st December, 1740, and by them conveyed to William Burk, deceased, and descended to John by William's will, on Boon's Run of Shanandore. Teste: John Couts, George Eliot. Delivered: John Pence by Mr. Armentrout's order, 3d November, 1786.
  • Page 384.--20th June, 1769. John Burk to Nicholas Alstot, £200, 163 acres, part of 400 patented to Lewis and John Neal, 1st December, 1740, and by them conveyed to William Burk, deceased, and by him devised to said John; corner Steven Conrod. Delivered: Peter Conrod. 21st April. 1784.
  • Page 126.--16th March, 1773. John Burk to Nicholas Allstot, part of 400 acres patented to Lewis and John Neill, 1st December, 1740, and by them conveyed to William Burk, deceased, father of said John Burk. Delivered: Peter Conrod, 21st April, 1784.

Information on Lewis Neill

Records of Lewis and Lydia's family can be found in record s of Hopewell meeting in Winchester, Frederick County, VA.

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    1776, 6, 13. John, Frederick Co., Va.; marry at Hopewell, Ann REES, widow Henry, Frederick Co., Va., daughter Lewis Neill